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  1. Sticking with Salzburg please
  2. Braintree Aberystwyth Fluminense PSG RB Leipzig Inter Brighton Cardiff Twente
  3. Saint Albans Internacional DR Congo Tranmere Sheffield Wednesday Linfield Holstein Kiel Colorado Rapids
  4. Grimsby Atletico Madrid Chelsea Bayer Leverkusen Werder Bremen Middlesbrough Bohemians West Ham Villarreal My game of choice is for Marine FC to beat Atherton Colleries in FA Cup qualification on Saturday.
  5. I work in a members club. Might as well be a brothel though! I agree one hundred percent.
  6. We have one customer in particular who keeps tabs on everything. He's sound enough, but once he's clocked onto something, he makes sure it circulates like wildfire as gossip. He cottoned on to something going on between us a couple of months ago, and before I knew it we were both hearing rumours about the two of us from everywhere. She's quite a private girl, so the fact it's escalated and not became old news yet is bound to make her cautious sadly.
  7. Genuinely mate! That's what it feels like at times though.
  8. Found out on Sunday that this girl I like, the same one from before, is sceptical of dating me because of some of our more arsehole-like customers, who would start spreading rumours and jibe her. I knew that this would happen, which is disheartening, and the girl obviously has feelings. Who told me this? My work colleagues, who've all told her to ignore them and to go with her instinct. I thought them telling customers to tone it down was to not let me in on what's been said behind-the-scenes, but it turns out I've been being helped all this time.
  9. Inter Milan Seville Monterrey West Brom Manchester City RB Leipzig Tottenham Royal Antwerp (DP)
  10. I'll move to Salzburg please.
  11. Friday 17th September, 2021 Newcastle 1-2 Leeds, 20.00 Saturday 18th September, 2021 Wolves 2-1 Brentford, 12.30 Burnley 1-2 Arsenal Liverpool 1-0 Crystal Palace Man City 3-1 Southampton Norwich 2-0 Watford Aston Villa 1-3 Everton, 17.30 Sunday 19th September, 2021 Brighton 0-2 Leicester, 14.00 West Ham 1-3 Man Utd, 14.00 Tottenham 2-2 Chelsea, 16.30
  12. Villarreal (doesn't matter that I missed it) Real Madrid Napoli DC United Almeria Tranmere Bastia Leverkusen Twente
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