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  1. Pugwash

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    A Cockney Jock Tim lol
  2. Pugwash

    The Best Covers

    And this makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up Tremendous.
  3. Pugwash

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    John, you do know Rod Stewart is from London mate lol.
  4. Pugwash

    Metal and Rock

  5. Pugwash

    Metal and Rock

    A true classic from the original band
  6. Pugwash

    Metal and Rock

  7. Pugwash

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    Well, well, well, at last something we can agree on lol You tell me because I find that rather a feeble comment mate. If you are referring to me then I can assure you that you are so far off the mark it's truly laughable. The only reason I even mentioned it was because I had the audacity to call Motherwell spoilers when they played at Ibrox (a few weeks ago) compared to saying 'Ross County at least tried to play football' , to which you disagreed and gave some form of explanation more in defence of the way Motherwell played during that game with a view to getting some form of result. And please note I also mentioned 'supporters of other teams'. It was made very clear at the time that said method of playing by Rangers was ridiculed by all and sundry and wasn't good to watch - the point I made initially about Motherwell compared to Ross County (personal opinions and aw that). Just for clarification, I don't give a monkey's chuff as to how the scum media or supporters of other teams view how Rangers played, play or will play. I hope that clears it up for you.
  8. Pugwash

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    Do you actually read my posts and take in what I say ? Yep, I did that, not because it gives Rangers a better chance of winning because, to me, it is better on the eye to watch. Also I did reply to Rab : You might be better giving big Yogi a telephone call with your words of wisdom mate rather than trying to incorrectly pick holes in what I say. Of course, but remind me, were Rangers praised or slaughtered by the MSM and supporters of other clubs for (as they say) 'parking the bus' ?
  9. Pugwash

    Scottish Transfers & Rumours

    Aberdeen's Scott Wright has signed a pre contract to join Rangers although they will try to get him to Ibrox this month. Gers are also looking to get Bournemouth pair Jack Simpson & Nnamdi Ofoborh tied up.
  10. Pugwash

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    I'm not disputing that mate and I fully accept that any team's manager has to set out his stall as he deems fit. My post/s were made from a personal point of view on how I prefer to see the game played.
  11. Pugwash

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    If that's directed at me....I didn't say that, re-read my post again! Irrespective, why do you think it's an extremely odd turn of phrase? It can be construed as to be whatever form/method of football the individual desires. Personally, the phrase 'Playing football' means trying to play an attractive, passing, attacking, trying to score game. I would rather watch that than watch a team that has very little intention other than remain in their own half for the majority of the game.
  12. Pugwash

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    Aye it is but re-read my post. The game you highlight was last week whereas I said in my original post 'unlike the spoilers from Motherwell a few weeks ago', the game which was played on 19/12/20 aka 'a few weeks ago'.
  13. Pugwash

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    actually they didn't mate.....they were beaten 3-1.....
  14. Pugwash

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    It was lads, it was that. Big difference from last Sunday when we stuttered our way through the game. Yesterday ? What a response with some excellent football, excellent goals and a totally different attitude and absolutely brilliant to see Ryan Jack (future captain material imo) back AND scoring. Tell you what though. I take my hat off to big Yogi the Ross County manager and his players. At least they came to play football and gave it a go unlike the spoilers from Motherwell a few weeks ago. A 5-0 victory....great AND boosts the GD. We play Hibs at Easter Road on Wednesday and I do believe we'll see a lot more effort than what they put in yesterday when gubbed 3-0 by St Johnstone in the League Cup semi.