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  1. From 3-4 minutes to 6-7minutes. 1 or 2 songs on Spotify. Could make it shorter to save money and water too…
  2. No idea what a courgette is sounds like a made up word. zucchinis are good though
  3. I’ve slept with someone 25 years older than me. Some experience that.
  4. I have seen some that I think are borderline dodgy such as a 17/18 year old dating someone in their mid to late 20s…. Other than that whatever
  5. I transitioned to non alcoholic beer during my longest steak (only 3 months) and found that helped. Recently, I just have a mineral water or water if I’m thirsty. Had a couple of beers since the last stretch. But have found having a replacement drink lined up helps in social situations.
  6. Thought I would finally log back in to acknowledge the fans after another trophy. "We couldn't have done it without you. From relegation spots to top 6, it's been a wild ride. Thank you for staying loyal. Glory HUNTED."
  7. My bad re: staff. Happy to admit any mistakes I’ve made. Definitely apologise there.
  8. I don’t think I ever said that you need to do your research. I said people in general. I don’t think your post shows a lack of understanding I just said I would rather read Brian’s posts. That’s hit your privileged nerve. Typical yank. Take some deep breathes. There’s been no direct attack on you. I just stated I would rather read Brian’s posts. Not sure why that upset you so much. Go pledge your allegiance and come back a better man.
  9. Starts from an early age the discrimination without people realising it im sure. Brian, maybe leave this thread for a bit mate. I can’t see how this is helping you right now?
  10. If Brian is diagnosed ASD, then the term narcissistic is a little harsh, considering those with ASD see the world differently to those without it. People need to educate themselves. How about people just say hi or not?
  11. I disagree. Can’t see how having Brian here is an issue. Jokes about autism though is low.
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