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  1. My bad re: staff. Happy to admit any mistakes I’ve made. Definitely apologise there.
  2. I don’t think I ever said that you need to do your research. I said people in general. I don’t think your post shows a lack of understanding I just said I would rather read Brian’s posts. That’s hit your privileged nerve. Typical yank. Take some deep breathes. There’s been no direct attack on you. I just stated I would rather read Brian’s posts. Not sure why that upset you so much. Go pledge your allegiance and come back a better man.
  3. Starts from an early age the discrimination without people realising it im sure. Brian, maybe leave this thread for a bit mate. I can’t see how this is helping you right now?
  4. If Brian is diagnosed ASD, then the term narcissistic is a little harsh, considering those with ASD see the world differently to those without it. People need to educate themselves. How about people just say hi or not?
  5. I disagree. Can’t see how having Brian here is an issue. Jokes about autism though is low.
  6. I’d rather read Brian’s posts than yours…
  7. Toinho

    Valentines day

    You rock blocker!
  8. Toinho

    Valentines day

    Usually get her something small (haha yes my penis) but I spent this Valentine’s Day in bed sick. So not very romantic at all.
  9. Just finished part 1 of season 4…
  10. Most likely there’s a form of life out there. Could be similar to ours, could be a bacteria, could this life look like what we often see depicted in media? Probably not? But also why not? Haha. I don’t think we will ever know though, as in certainly not our generation or the next fair few…
  11. Agreed but yeah here it is:
  12. Didn’t he get cleaned out by an ex 10-20 years ago? And lost most his wealth?
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