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  1. Is that fact checked Stan? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9410405/amp/Priti-Patel-targeted-social-media-smear-fake-news-spent-77-000-eyebrows.html
  2. Moon Monkey

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    Get it into you, be a real shame not to be savoured and enjoyed,
  3. Is Nicky rumoured to be heading to Celtic with Roy Keane?
  4. There was no discussion, you turned into Cathy Newman So you're saying this and you're saying that. With no reference to what I actually said, Show me where I made all those statements I asked for. Embarrassing.
  5. You been caught out Devil Dick? Caught out making false statements of fact? Can't back it up eh, funny that.
  6. None of those suggest he was Focusing on the Goalkeeper whilst pretending to look at the ball. Surely you understand words. Seems you and Devil Dick just can't stick to what is actually written I said he was going for the ball. He did make contact with the ball,
  7. I want you to highlight both, as you posted both as a statement of fact. I made neither statement. So it's over to you.
  8. Oh, sorry Deadlines man, did you require an answer to this above ^ Really? It's simply a ridiculous post, childlike and embarrassing, But since it was obviously a genuine question, then we will break it down So his eyes where on the keeper? Never said that! You have conconfusey words with Devil Dicks translations. He was attempting to smash the keeper? No, never said that either, this is simply bizarre. Gotcha? Basically you got nothing
  9. Where did I say he wasn't looking at the keeper? Also waiting on you showing me where is said, he's looking at the keeper? Where you not able to do that? Funny that eh? It's all becoming a bit like the Jordan Peterson/ Cathy Newman interview So you're saying this, or you're saying that, and failing. Again, Cathy Newman stuff Speculation That's possible and likely, dangerous play though with high feet, one at head level, you'd think they'd have a rule about that..... especially regarding head injury Needs looked at.
  10. Trolling who Stan? I'm answering the questions I'm being asked, I'm not following people around the forum trying to be disruptive But, this will be my last post on this thread then.
  11. Look there is no question mark this time, if you can show me were I said that? as that's a statement of fact. Dangerous play, he's going for the ball obviously, he must be aware of the Keepers position, he's off the ground with both feet one directed at the Keepers face, regardless of the ball, probably why he didn't go for a diving header. Red card. With Head injuries becoming high profile now, challenges like this need looked at. In my humble opinion
  12. Focusing on the goalkeeper? While PRETENDING to look at the ball? You want to show me were I suggested that?
  13. Possibley the stupidest point I have read, the type of response a teenager would make.
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