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  1. Aye, it was also a Hotel, you accessed it via the steps headed down, to the right of the steps that took you up to the bar, also remember The Sports bar, had a few in there, usually went over to The Grapes to start the day, Vera Duckworths bar. If you walked up Sir Matt Busby Way towards Cricket ground, when you got to the junction with Lou McCari's Chippy, it was on the corner opposite and diagonally...... we usually went to the Service Man's club pre match, at Trafford Bar metrolink, just over the road, the guy who owned/ran The Tollgate was a Citeh fan from memory, he actually sold our season tickets on a few occasions between our visits making a fiver mark up..... Sam Platts, a Railway mans Club and the pub thon boy Pete Boyle sings at got a few visits.... Yeah, that's were we would go now, a chilled vibe, more relaxed than Deansgate Locks. Sounds Brilliant
  2. Even going to Manchester has changed through the years, loads of places now closed, Walkabout was decent for cheap accommodation, good central location, Trafford Bar closed now too?..... also, The Bookbinders, fuck me, the craic in there.... Good Times, time mores on, I'm more likely to be in Eastern Europe following NI now, but Manchester holds great memories, great city, great people.
  3. Early 90s, young, decent music, plenty of good bars and clubs back then, United were on the rise
  4. Is that fact checked Stan? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9410405/amp/Priti-Patel-targeted-social-media-smear-fake-news-spent-77-000-eyebrows.html
  5. Last ten years has shown the Premier league to have more Champions, than a German league dominated by Bayern, worth pointing out, Spurs have never dominated in England, always also rans, This is why it's a stupid comparison by Merson, as you could argue its easier to Score for the German Champions year on year, than an average Spurs side, in a tougher league. Correct, I fail to see the point of that add on though.
  6. It is more competitive No one is papering over the facts, Lewandowski is a great player, stats are fantastic, I'm simply saying you can't compare the two, as we don't know how either would get on in the others club.
  7. You can't compare the two, one is playing for the top club in what has been a one sided German league The other in an average team in the Premier league, a league which is a lot more competitive Stupid comparison by Merson
  8. Moon Monkey

    Off Topic

    Get it into you, be a real shame not to be savoured and enjoyed,
  9. Beat 2-0 All in all, great performance, played well, took the game to Italy, thought we'd be doing well to get a draw, so no surprise at the defeat. Something to build on, play the US friendly on Sunday night, then raise the bar v Bulgaria on Wednesday Onwards and upwards.... GAWA!
  10. Bit more encouraging from NI, starting to play a bit, few chances being created
  11. Italians rolling about feigning injury
  12. Is Nicky rumoured to be heading to Celtic with Roy Keane?
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