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  1. Look, its a fact City give out false attendances. I won't be the first or last person to say this. You will often find that City quote a full stadium yet the TV cameras and the waves of empty blue seats tell a different story. Now I'm told it's season ticket holders that don't turn up, what confuses me with that claim is if that's the case do large sections of the stadium decide they are going to miss the same games? It's easy to pick figures off websites and claim they are facts, but the simple truth is only City fans believe they sell out that stadium. Even your manager has told the whole the media they don't fill the stadium.
  2. I don't believe any figures associated with Manchester City. So no I won't apologise. Have a nice day mate.
  3. I'm stating facts, I don't troll, I leave that to the professionals like you. 52 thousand average attendance my arse, there were tickets available all over the stadium yesterday an hour before the game. Someone posted a image of your ticket availability page off your club website. Your alleged average is as legit as your alleged wage bill. All fabricated for a reason. As for last night, unfortunately that's the only part of any of your posts that is factually true.
  4. Are City the only club with working class fans? Because I've been a season ticket holder and nearly everyone in the stadium was working class. Same at Liverpool, Leeds, Stockport, Wigan, Arsenal. Actually the same at every club, City fans using that as an excuse is pathetic. As for the various midweek reasons for an half empty stadium, United have had midweek fixtures in Europe for the last 30 years and always fill the stadium, traffic etc... more bollocks. I live in Manchester, I have a friend who lives in Leigh, he makes it to every City game midweek or not, its really not that difficult to get there. Final point day trippers, apparently City haven't got them, also laughable. How the hell do you know you don't have them? I bet you do. And if you do do you think they are making up the 20 thousand extra fans we have in our stadium over City. If I was a City fan I'd just admit it, were a club who's got rich and aren't actually a big club with a big support. Be far easier than churning out the same old tired excuses you do over and over again. As for the 5-1, we returned the favour and I also walked round school saying its 5 past Tracey.
  5. Funny you say that I've got some City supporting mates and they say that was their favourite period for away days etc... My old man also says the same about the season we spent down in the old division 2. Like you say grounds you never visit and you also take huge numbers. Personally I get where Pep was coming from but it wasn't something a manager should address as it felt like he was questioning the support. Its a fact City don't fill that stadium often, City fans hate it hence why every fan of other clubs enjoy hitting them with that fact. He knows the club isn't that big really, he knows the money pumped in is the only reason you are now competing at the top table of World football. He didn't need to ram it home so other clubs could would ridicule you more.
  6. Running isn't an issue now but I think I did the correct thing by taking up the gym and building muscle. Squats, deadlifts and whatever else I could do to build up the strength back in my knee, I kind of rebuilt myself over a 2 year period.
  7. Midtable is being kind, they were fighting relegation every season. City fans are up in arms because their own manager has basically called them out. You've got to love it.
  8. Having a few vodkas, been like a monk all week due to work commitments so I'm already feeling a bit pissed.
  9. 100% Mourinho will want to get off to a winning start with Roma.
  10. The picture doesn't really do it justice and if you feel around the left hand side of my upper shin you can actually feel the plate and screws.
  11. I've only just noticed this so sorry for the late reply. I didn't try and play football for about 3 years after, one because it was only amateur Saturday football and I felt it wasn't worth it and two because I was actually scared of anything going wrong again. The amount of physio involved on getting the leg functioning again was incredible. Eventually I could run but as anyone who's had a similar injury will tell you it's almost like your dragging your leg along with you. What I did do was get heavily into the weights and the gym, I basically bulked up muscle and rebuilt the strength in my knee with squats etc.. After 3 or 4 years I was asked by my ex manager to play for him on a Saturday, it was a disaster, my mobility had completely gone. I'd bulked up too much and my pace had gone due to the injury. I lasted about 7 games and told him I wasn't feeling it anymore and that I wasn't the same player due to the lack of pace. He actually agreed with me the injury had clearly effected me. Footballers have the best ops the best aftercare, I had a NHS op and a wooden bench for physio. I play five aside now but given I'm 39 my football days are over anyway so I try and play with my head rather than with speed.
  12. Devil


    My eldest daughter is leaving home to move to University on the 25th September so this will be our last weekend with our eldest daughter living with us for two years at least. I know she's going to have the time her life and hopefully fulfill her dream of a degree in Animation but I know I'm going to be in absolute bits when she goes. Crazy thing is she's been a cheeky git for years and she spends far too long in the bathroom which has drove me insane. Sad week ahead for me.
  13. Liverpool, City and Chelsea lose football matches as well you know. You're not unbeatable. I stand by my opinion, they played the pitch better than we did and that was to be expected given they play on the pitch week in, week out. It was a bad day at the office, it happens.
  14. Fair play to Young Boys, they deserved to win on the night. I always felt they had a huge advantage on the turf pitch and it proved too much when down to ten men. I've no doubt the loss of control and lunge from AWB can be attributed to the zip the ball gets on the surface. They played with a higher intensity on the surface and it paid off. Personally I don't believe it's fair play to allow a team an advantage of playing competitive football week in, week out on a turf. I even put Lingards scuffed pass down to the pitch. All in all it was a bad evening for United but we will all lose at some point in the season so it has to be taken on the chin.
  15. Townsend and Gray for a combined fee of less than 2 million. Nobody is laughing anymore. Rafa doing well with Everton, actually seems written he will be the man to do well for them.
  16. Saturday 18th September, 2021 Aberdeen 1 vs 1 St Johnstone Millwall 1 vs 0 Coventry Alaves 2 vs 1 Osasuna, 20.00 St Etienne 1 vs 2 Bordeaux, 20.00 Sunday 19th September, 2021 Real Salt Lake 0 vs 1 Seattle Sounders, 02.30 PSV 2 vs 1 Feyenoord, 13.30 Internacional 4 vs 0 Fortaleza, 15.00 Juventus 1 vs 1 AC Milan, 19.45 PSG 2 vs 1 Lyon, 19.45 Valencia 1 vs 3 Real Madrid, 20.00
  17. Devil

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    He certainly was.
  18. To be fair it's very rare when are games aren't televised anyway.
  19. Devil

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    It was brilliant John. Good day out, nice meal, major drink and then an evening at a quality festival.
  20. Devil

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    Me and and wife in Glasgow last night, went there for the Trnsmt festival to watch Liam Gallagher.
  21. We all know that's your tinder photo. Be honest would that photo now make you a catfish?
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