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  1. Happy with the result and not surprised in the slightest but I'm absolutely amazed at the side he started and finished with. ETH should have been resting for me.
  2. Devil


    That's our thing in our house.
  3. OrangeKrush trying his hardest not to mention Manchester United in every none United related thread....
  4. We will see. If we can get him for less than 30 million that's a bargain for a good player these days.
  5. This is clever business by United again, he does well we get him cheap in the summer. If he struggles he leaves. Same with Weghorst, this is their audtion.
  6. I like that, quality footballers wanting to play for us again for more than just money. ETH has changed the outlook of the club in a matter of months, you can have the money of the oil clubs but the reality is a top player would always choose a successful and decent Manchester United over the likes of the cash rich oil clubs like Newcastle.
  7. What are you expecting on transfer deadline day, it's an emergency and we need a player. Honestly why would we spend 20 million on Tielemans if he doesn't fit the long term plans of the manager. Sabitzer suits us here and now. If we end the season with one or two trophies nobody will care less if a player is on loan. At this point I don't know why I'm trying to apply logic to your ill thought out posts.
  8. Honestly I will be going there soon, an incredible piece of history. It's somewhere I feel I need to visit during my life time.
  9. Fair enough but Leicester are fighting relegation, I seriously doubt they'd weaken themselves even more.
  10. Maddison isn't a right winger, why on earth would you think that?
  11. His tackle on Eriksen was a joke. He's robbed a living during his career, he's even admitted he's not even into football. Hate players that make it and admit they couldn't care less about the game, its an insult to any kid with a dream.
  12. Honestly amazed at that line up. Why won't he rest Eriksen and Casemiro. He could have easily started Fred and Mainoo and still had enough to beat Reading.
  13. I was at Wembley the last time you beat us there, I can tell you that result hurt more than any I've ever witnessed. I'd rather we play you before a potential final.
  14. Devil


    Had Smith on points, wasn't arsed losing money because I don't like Eubank but that was generous odds considering Smith is a former world champion and been in with Canelo. Pretty disgusted in Eubanks excuses, he may have been slightly caught with and elbow but from the footage how would Smith have a clue.
  15. Providing we get through I'd like City in the next round. May as well get it out of the way early on in the competition rather have the pain of potentially losing a final.
  16. Trossard 20 million. An absolute steal that is. Annoys me when United don't go for obviously decent players for peanuts.
  17. Your manager stood outside your toilet whilst you were potentially taking a dump. Mate I don't know if you have an HR department but that isn't allowed, it's borderline harassment to be listened in on whilst using the toilet. Regardless of whether you were taking a dump or not. No way would I ever accept that sort of treatment. Reading back through the comments on here sometimes I don't know how lucky I am in my workplace.
  18. Devil

    2 year anniversary

    I can pal but only being here two years I'd say it would be pretty pointless. More interested to see how long you lot have been around, 10 years plus some of you. To be fair I've been a united forum that length of time but there are that many members I've never ever got to know any of them as much as you lot know eachother. I'd say you come across more a group of friends rather than forum members which is what makes it work so well.
  19. The result obviously determines the fans state of mind for both scenarios though doesn't it. Totally unacceptable obviously.
  20. I'm not long coming up to my two year anniversary on this forum, like most of my life it seems to have flied by. Thought it would be interesting to learn how long you've all been on the forum, and a few questions of where you were then and where you are now.. Age on sign up? Age now? Kids when you signed up? How many kids now? Married then? Married now? The first member you liked and respected? Your favourite member now? Where did you live when you first signed up (parents, friends etc..)? Where you at now? Life goals then? Life goals now? Member you most disliked then? Member you dislike now? Forum highlight in your time on the forum? Biggest world event that happened in the year that you signed up? Your football teams league position the year of your sign up? Their position now? Country you live on sign up? Country live now?
  21. Define dumb, what makes them dumb and why are they overestimating themselves... Personally something that grinds is people telling half a story or insinuating something without revealing the true identity
  22. At which point during this statement did you mention fans talking him up like a marquee signing. Flopped in the Premier league, that would suggest your basing your theory on his only spell in the Premier league.... his time at Burnley. So based on the exact same theory Anthony Gordon is a bad signing for Newcastle.... yet you say he's struggling for form in a struggling side.
  23. If that's how you want it I'm taking back my good natured offer of a goal. Isak has zero since Weghorst was available to play. 1-0
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