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    Why are there seven bullet holes in it?
  2. I think they will get a takeover, it just depends on who it is as to whether Mazepin stays. If it's his father than obviously he will, but if it's from outside then I can see them moving the team in a different direction.
  3. What a glorious bit of banter that was, United meltdown due to the penalty only for Mark "I've been loyal to West Ham as nobody else would touch me with a barge pole" Noble to twat it against De Gea. Glorious stuff.
  4. Pretty sure I've said it on here before but anyone with a cardboard sign asking for a players shirt should be given a lifetime ban, fucking cringe shite behaviour that has slipped into the game lately - prawn sandwich shagging cunts.
  5. Bit of an overstatement . Probably the best character though. RIP.
  6. McGinn came off as a concussion sub, so both teams have 4 to use.
  7. Yeah it's true, I've got TalkSport on and they're breaking it, will put them on about -20 points too as they'll get a deduction for this, plus the FFP breaches.
  8. Sending thoughts to you @Eco. I'm sure all will be well .
  9. Whiskey

    Off Topic

    I know we're not in the same country, but there's loads of shit flying round the UK at the moment. Every other week someone seems to have contracted a new virus, it sucks balls. Keep yourself healthy bro.
  10. I do, although during the pandemic I'd sometimes leave my mask in my car and run back to get it whereas now I just risk it and go without. I'd say I'm 80/20 in terms of mask wearing as I don't mind them at all and wear them not just for Covid, but just so I don't catch anything else from scruffs around me.
  11. tHeY r uSeD 2 aStR0tUrF iTs n0T f@iR!!!
  12. Just knew certain members heads would fall off, fucking hell.
  13. Ah right sorry, didn't realise and injury meant silence on the matter.
  14. Yeah I've just watched it for myself, seen it a few times and it's not a scissor for me, arguably not a red either. Think it's one of those tackles that's suddenly an instant red due to the injury, which shouldn't be the case.
  15. Good to see the stewards acting on the incident too, justifiable penalty. Just don't think it'll really count for too much.
  16. I find him less of a tit than the mainstream media, so I use him as my commentary if I can't catch the game .
  17. Maybe just unlucky then , not watching the game so haven't seen the tackle. My commentary saying that it's a shocker, but might be off the mark.
  18. Hearing that Elliots leg is broken? Fucking awful news, looks such a young talent and has been amazing whenever I've seen him. Mark Goldbridge likening it to Son's challenge on Andre Gomes, which was abysmal too.
  19. Yeah that's why I thought too, just take the hit in one weekend.
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