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  1. Not just the duck that was peking out then.
  2. Nyck for being so good that he didn't need to see out the rest of the season.
  3. I wouldn't call fighting with police trying to do their job "wholesome". Hoping those that fought with the security services were given the jail time that they deserve.
  4. The dog is genetically aggressive, the argument about training them is from an ignorant viewpoint.
  5. Should be banned and there's not even a discussion.
  6. Things That Didn't Happen - 23/09 Edition.
  7. Tsunoda is surely only there from a merchandising point of view, he's a dreadful driver.
  8. How is it 10 years already?! I remember him signing, jeez.
  9. Wolves are shite, shakeup time. Whoever Everton is playing! Brentford.
  10. I've probably missed around 5 races in a row now. Zzz.
  11. ETH is in the discussion, but I think he's safe for now in the sense that United have got so many clusterfucks to deal with that he's low on the priority list. Heckingbottom is apparently close, which is bizarre but this is football. Another who is probably close but shouldn't be is the lad that's running Luton (absolutely no idea what his name is or what he looks like). Dyche will get time yet at Everton, as us being shite is to be expected. Can't think of anyone terribly at risk yet tbh other than the two already mentioned. Edit: Just checked the table, didn't realise that Burnley were 0-0-3. Think Kompany will get less time in the sense that he and Burnley were expected to be the promoted side that comfortably stayed up. If he keeps losing, he will 100% go.
  12. Look away Robertson, Jeezy peeps. Total control from England, Scotland won't be happy with that in their own backyard. Could easily be 3 or 4 if things continue - second gear for England so far.
  13. It was obvious Stan won with how much he was promoting it
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