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  1. One step closer to new season 👍🏻
  2. Must admit had to laugh, Lacazette screaming is everything that is wrong with football at moment. He was up and running fine a minute later so was obviously trying to get ref to book/send off opponent. Big fan of Lacazette but that for me was poor.
  3. Yeh seen that, brilliant watch 👍🏻 Love how he hustled his Sheffield Utd team at ten pin bowling as well 🤣
  4. Warnock used to be a qualified referee as well so its always great to hear his point of view.
  5. Problems always start from poor leadership from the top. He was a poor ref himself.
  6. 100% I blame both but Xhaka could have done anything but what he did, even just hoof it over top of him and out for a throw in.
  7. Warnock instead of Mike Riley in charge of refs, that would sort them out.
  8. Xhaka wanted it though like he always does and then proved straight away why he is not very popular with the Arsenal fans by making another error, the mistakes from him are bad enough but main reason I am not a fan of him is he slows our play down so much that by time he decides on what to do next opposition are set up and kills our attacks.
  9. Time for bans to get thrown about to get rid of diving, can't keep letting them get away with it at all levels. 1 game ban then if get caught again in same season 2 game ban and keep going like that.
  10. Plus defenders know about the proximity ruling so when close leave their arms out on purpose to make themselves bigger knowing it won't get called because refs are weak to give it. We should have won today by 3 or 4 goals but poor finishing and of course Xhaka's mistake killed us again. Really hopeful of a clear out in summer and bring a few more in, were apparently in for 5 or 6 already so hopefully they can be done deals straight away so Arteta has full pre season to work with them.
  11. Should have been out of sight but Xhaka the self proclaimed playmaker gifts another goal to opposition. When I look at how to improve a team, I look at our players and see if any team above us would sign them and Xhaka fits that bill perfectly. Nobody would want him so hopefully in summer he is top of list to be shipped out and bring in better. Onto second half.
  12. YrksGunner

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I think once all adults have had the vaccine then government have no option but to allow things to open up like the current roadmap (some delays if needed), Hopefully soon enough hospital admissions will be right down and covid deaths will be less than deaths of other causes.
  13. YrksGunner

    Football Manager 2021 - Discussion Thread

    I generally only play this on my mobile now as free time to play full version is limited with work and having son at weekends etc. Will start a new save soon so will either start with Arsenal or down in non league.
  14. It's matchday and already awake, 12 games of the season to go so might as well try and finish the season well. Burnley at Turf Moor always a tough game but if we play with a good tempo and move ball quick then I am confident we come away with the three points.