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  1. My head is saying Utd, Leicester and Chelsea, but my heart wants to see West Ham make the CL in place of Chelsea. don't know why maybe sentimentality with Moyes proving that united didn't give him time. Plus if there is a club that listen to the fans west ham seem to be that team in London. either way west ham i think will secure European football next season and deservedly so.
  2. I'd like to see United utilize a few fringe players like Amad, Shoretire and Hugill bring in Donny for Pogba that way we keep Pogba for the final. Defence i'd give Tuanzebe a run alongside Maguire. Roma 1 - 3 United
  3. Allow me to apologize i didn't know about the ninja emoji. I would also point out that United's success came through the changes Sir Alex brought with him from Aberdeen and made to the youth academy. Yes the club floated on the stock exchange to generate revenue but there was always a sense the club was ours and United are probably the only English club that can boast successive teams containing members from its academy. Sir Alex himself quoted as saying “I have always considered the player you produce better than the one you buy,” The fact is once you reach that success you have to keep adding to the team in order to maintain it, because it's not every year you get a class of 1992 come through the ranks. So the success, you add to year on year with sensible signings that take you further which is what lead to United buying Andrew Cole. Newcastle wasn't complaining at the record 7 million pound fee United paid for him in fact if memory serves me correct the club snatched the money from United's hand. Clubs at the top always buy from the lower clubs this happens it's dog eat dog. The inflation and sky-rocketting players wages etc has more to do with lack of agent control etc... and is an entirely different argument.
  4. No it isn't the above was examples of societal issues that until something seismic happened nothing was done by those in charge. until the poll tax riots nothing happened. Reaction led to a rethink which led to a lesser tax we now know as council tax. Strange-way's riot in the 1990's led to the government reforming the prisons etc... i don't need to go through the list my point being those in power already have it, only way to wrestle it back is to create a similar seismic event. it doesn't have to be violent. Simply boycotting the game for say two weeks no one spends money on the subscription tv's on shirts etc and it can go further especially if the same people then boycott the brands endorsing these teams because then it begins to hit the owners and those in power (Uefa, Fifa, EPL and The FA) firmly in the pocket. this also puts pressure on the clubs for change at the top because as history proves those in power a reactive not proactive. I would happily see my club relegated if it meant reform at the top of the game that gives fans some control. We cannot stand by and let our game get taken away by Billionaire owners who do know what these clubs mean to our communities.
  5. So basically you want to stem the money coming into these clubs so your own club can compete. 100 tax are you stark raving mad? Easy for a Newcastle fan to come out with that isn't it. Do you know the idea of competition? like it or not clubs like Man United are a global brand the business side is global why should they not use the income from that to better the squad making them more successful. I can't expect someone at a small time club like Newcastle to understand what it's like to have a global brand like that which United has but, I have watched united grow throughout the 80's when we won just a few fa cups. into the most decorated team in england. The global income that comes because of this success is just rewards. for you to suggest a 100% tax on overseas incomes stinks of a lack of knowledge on how football works and more so the success on the pitch to bank balance profits. I thought this was a serious topic however, this point has rather undermined that.
  6. Which is why this protest is not just about new owners, it's about fans taking back control hammering home the point to those who make the legislation, in the hope they get off their backsides and actually do something to protect our game. you telling me that if the government made legislation that forces clubs to become 51 percent fan owned or fan based. you wouldn't snap that up at Newcastle. Remember this a waterfall starts with only one drop of water. Seismic, thats what has to happen before those with the power act and that is what today's society is. and it's been this way for decades. Poll Tax Strangeways Riots LGBT rights BLM Protests Even back to Mrs Pankhurst and the suffragette movement. (9 times she was put in prison BTW whilst campaigning about something that is nowadays seen as the norm. Yet at the time she was seen as nothing more than a rebel, anti establishment. The history is laid out in front of us and we still as a society don't learn. Those in power will only react when there is something to react to. Unfortunately peaceful protest is fanciful at best the papers and media and the government called the ESL move a war on football their words. they can't use it when it suits them then backtrack when people take that literally. if we want change then we need to act and i'm not talking about violence and talking something seismic imagine if every football fan boycotted spending money on their clubs for just one week. the revenue lost the pressure the sponsors will put on the club to appease the fans would be immense. It won't happen though because today any form of protest is deemed offensive and society ain't equipped or as stoic as it's counterparts to stand up to these greedy money hungry owners and rule makers.
  7. Unfortunately it doesn't fit the narrative that the Police and the Media want to push.
  8. There a banner that floats round Old Trafford I'm sure as a Liverpool fan you've seen it BIG LETTERS for all to see BELIEVE. Ultimately when football was nearly stolen from us the government stepped up lets hope they give powers back to fans now through legislation and this fan review they are currently doing.
  9. Not if the government help by moving the clubs to a new ownership model akin to the German league. The ESL made the government take notice of how detached the fans have become hopefully this protest and postponement hammers home that exact point and drives through new legislation to help not only all the clubs but the fans too.
  10. Don't be so melodramatic, it's a football forum the whole point is people are expressing their opinions. When you post something we come back with reasoning which in the main is sound. You however, and well within your rights to, disagree with our reasoning and can't accept that society is blinkered when it comes to peaceful protest. Give me one good example where there has been revolution without anyone getting hurt? I'm not saying it shouldn't happen I'm say it won't happen. because those in power don't want to give it up hence you have to hit them where it hurts in there pocket. and if that means getting the game called off which will also make Sponsors take note of the fans mood. Then so be it. Josh just cause someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they think you are a shite poster. Opinions are like (_I_) holes everyone has them.
  11. So what we sit back and do nothing cause that will change what exactly? Revolution happens time and time again it can be unpleasant but if as fans we all want change and a say in what happens at the teams we support then surely we need something seismic to happen, doing nothing, will achieve nothing. Football needed this to happen to remind the so called powers that ultimately it is us the fans who plough our money into the game, we are the whole reason they exist and without, it's just nothing. As for the violent idiots that were hurling objects and hurting people of course no one condones that. Only other mindless idiots. However, we should not be upset that the supporters of the biggest club in England took a stand not just on man united but on all things corrupt at the heart of the nations beautiful game. I would welcome the German model of club ownership over here and i suspect so would a lot of other clubs including your own.
  12. you are right we do want them out but you cant make an omelette with first breaking a few eggs.
  13. To be fair they could of been citizen thugs trying to make the United protest worse than it is it was hardly a secret about the protests taking place.
  14. BBC Pundit are we really surprised?
  15. The problem you have is that had they just acted as you said lawfully people would not of been talking about it now. therefore it goes away and TBF if this was your club being subjugated to these shenanigans your opwn supporters would of done the same. as for breaking the law. when you get groups of protestors you will always get mindless idiots that push it that step further. Whilst im not condoning that it should not detract from the message and the impact that yesterdays protest had. the lawbreakers the police will deal with. whilst the implications of yesterdays postponed game. Well that falls at the feet of the two clubs. People have a right to voice there opinion. Unfortunately society only listens if it impacts them. we've been protesting for 15 years lawfully about the Glazers and nothing has been done. So when your calls for change fall on deaf ears some people not all and i am talking about a minority here decide to do something a little more dramatic than the norm to instigate the powers that be to sit up and take notice. As much as i am disappointed i didn't get to see my team smash the Scousers yesterday i am perfectly happy the fans got the message across to not only the Glazers but to Liverpool's Owners too. Hopefully this will go further and help other owners realise how important the fans are.