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  1. Game 73 - 27th minute Game 74 - 10th minute
  2. Have been playing FIFA on it since I got it. Poor battery life (although wasn't planning to take it out anyway) and can freeze from time to time, but do like it.
  3. Which club? Ebbsfleet United Expected league finish at the begin of the season? Expected to challenge for the title. League spot right now? 1st (only on goal difference) Best performance? Beating Welling 6-0. Utterly dominated the game from start to finish. Worst perfrormance? Hampton 3-0 Fleet. Game was over by half time. Best player, so far? Rakish Bingham has played very well. Been a far bigger asset to the team than I was anticipating. Best young player? Not had his best few weeks, but Ben Chapman (22/23) looks like a decent player. Player, who disappointed? Josh Gould. Perhaps a bit harsh (but hard to pick one to be fair as we're top) but was a loanee and looked the business in his first few games. Kind of fizzled out since. Overall mark? 8/10 Outlook on the season's second half and expected league finish now? Hard to say as we still have to play Dartford and Dorking (two of what I suspect will be our main title challengers) home and away, but I'd like to think that we'd take a title challenge right into the Spring months, particular with our bigger-than-average squad.
  4. Game 71 - 7th minute Game 72 - 65th minute
  5. Out of interest is it necessary to have watched the previous Marvel/Spiderman films to enjoy/appreciate this one? Not usually a huge film person but I've noticed it's on at a theatre about 10 minute walk from my house on a Saturday when we don't have a game so am tempted to go.
  6. Well that's nice to hear, and I know talking about too much bureaucracy is a bit angry-red-faced-bloke-on-Question-Time behaviour but when you see desk jobs that pay north of 70k p/a you can't help but wonder whether that could be better used.
  7. I can't help but wonder what a 'Director of Fairness' does and why it commands a 75k a year salary. I think it's right to question the necessity of these jobs considering it's taxpayers money that pays for it and, more importantly, it commands a salary roughly five times what a frontline nurse earns.
  8. I'm no Tory, but the amount of pointless desk jobs doesn't help (e.g. I recently saw a role advertised for 'Director of Fairness' at 75k a year, around 5 times what a nurse earns). If another party was in charge they'd just throw money at the issue, meaning there'd be more desk jobs like this and very little (if any) of the money would actually filter through to front line care, and the front line care workers. Firstly someone needs to either make these pointless desk jobs obsolete or, probably more doable, cap any HR, administrative, etc.. desk jobs at no more than £30,000 p/a (more than generous). Once this is done, then investment is key because significantly more of the money will be going to help those on the front line.
  9. Why should the employee get fined anything at all? Also would be interesting to see what happened if someone was stopped in the street and fined and they just chucked it in the bin and walked off.
  10. Saturday 25th December, 2021 Galatasaray 3-0 Antalyaspor Trabzonspor 2-1 Istanbul Basaksehir Sunday 26th December, 2021 Newcastle Jets 2-2 Western Sydney Wanderers Macarthur FC 1-4 Sydney FC Melbourne Victory 0-0 Western United Aberdeen 1-1 Dundee Cardiff P-P Coventry Middlesbrough 1-0 Nottm Forest Millwall 3-1 Swansea Fenerbahce 2-0 Yeni Matalyaspor
  11. As eluded to I'm pro-vaccine (indeed I haven't come across anyone who is hesitant about it), however the scapegoating of those who haven't got the vaccine is so widespread I'm surprised they haven't been blamed for our poor performances in the Ashes so far. I get that it can reduce transmission but vaccines don't stop people getting it, the idea of the vaccine is if you do get it, it either doesn't affect you or at worst is similar to a bad bout of flu or cold. As a result cases, which is being used as the reason for further restrictions, are always going to be at a reasonably high level even if, hypothetically, the whole population was vaccinated. Trouble is there's no opposition to it. Labour are pro-control of society so are always going to vote for more restrictions at every turn. It's in the media's interest to be pro-lockdown as it means that more people will be at home reading their articles, meaning they can earn more money from advertisers. I imagine this is why the only questioning of lockdown during this whole process has been along the lines of 'why didn't we lock down harder' or 'why didn't we lock down sooner'. That's why SAGE can go on TV and say unsubstantiated guff like 'if we'd locked down a week earlier we would've saved 20,000 lives' or similar and no interviewer will dare challenge them.
  12. Don't mean to sound too much of a cynic but some are going to wonder what the point was in getting the vaccine if more restrictions come in. It was promised it was the path to freedom, but suggestions of further restrictions show this isn't the case. Not going full Le Tiss here, I've had my first two and have booked in my third after Christmas, but if I'm going to get my third with restrictions either in or incoming, it will be the equivalent of me attending an interview to become Duncan Goodhew's barber.
  13. Game 69 - 43rd minute Game 70 - 20th minute
  14. Game 67 - 19th minute Game 68 - 34th minute
  15. Bayern 4-0 Wolfsburg Leipzig 1-0 Bielefeld Frankfurt 2-0 Mainz Hoffenheim 0-0 Gladbach Bochum 2-1 Union Fürth 2-2 Augsburg Hertha BSC 1-3 Dortmund Freiburg 1-2 Leverkusen Köln 1-2 Stuttgart
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