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  1. Kind of sensed that coming. Leicester can be good when they want to be. And they needed to be. Villa? Just Man City & Arsenal next. And then Burnley..
  2. If Liverpool avoid defeat at Wolves, and Villa win at home to Leicester, and Brentford are not demolished by Southampton.. Chelsea could be in 11th place. Should all of that happen, as Boehly appears to be Abramovich in a mask, I would not be at all surprised if Potter lasts as long as a snowball in Qatar.
  3. I have a feeling Villa vs Leicester is like 2 bubbles on a collision course. Yes, Villa have been a form team since Emery arrived. And during a tough run of fixtures. And Leicester's season has been well below expectations. But bubbles burst. Corners are turned.
  4. Wife beaters played on as recently as the 90's. Probably even more high profile too, the 2 that I remember. But accused rapists is new to me. It will be, interesting, for want of a better word, to see what happens with the not guilty Mendy & charges dropped Greenwood. But if either want to play. Feel confident enough to be in the public arena. You just know some club somewhere will take them on. Even if their current clubs decide it will not be with them.
  5. Forest did it the Villa way. They were both in a situation they had to sign lots of players in. For Villa it perhaps made more sense, at the end of their parachute period (as I understand it) Obviously Forest had been in the Championship a long time, so it's a bit eyebrow raising to me that they simply had to sign up loads of players. Rather than having a Championship level squad, with potential. Villa did get Matty Cash from Forest. Where were the rest of them? Andre Ayew was always the better Ayew. He did have a great record early in his career. Not sure why Forest have decided they need him. And kind of feels like he would have just been a typical Everton mistake if he'd ended up there.
  6. Louie Barry on as a late sub for Salford. Just joined them on loan from Villa. He did score a memorable dribble from the half way line Vs Liverpool in a cup match a few seasons back. When Villa had to play a reserve side for some reason. I think it was a Covid thing. Will be interesting to see how he performs. He's still only 19 & his career path so far is: West Brom - Barcelona - Villa - Ipswich - Swindon - MK Dons - Salford. Seems Marvelous Nakamba didn't quite get to make his debut for Luton. Not done much wrong at all at Villa. Passes the ball around well. Maybe doesn't offer much going forward. Every chance he could seem like Kante in the Championship.
  7. It seems bad they've not been able to bring anyone in. Even on loan. From anywhere. Including the Championship. The 1 point to feel some hope on is that Dyche kept Burnley up. Multiple times. From similar situations. With a side built around Ashley Westwood as it's play maker. Believe me, Onana & Iwobi are miles better players.
  8. Seems no surprise deadline day signing. But: Bertrand Traore recalled. (perhaps a pity El Ghazi had gone perm) A few fringe players have been loaned out. Including Sanson & Nakamba. While Bednarek & Augustinsson released from their loans in. If the right players are not available right now, this may be aswell. A split reaction to find online. I'd tend toward that we do have more depth than it would seem at first glance: 1st 11: Martinez Cash Konsa Mings Digne McGinn Douglas Luiz Kamara Buendia Bailey Watkins 2nd Choice: Olsen Young Chambers Carlos (returning from injury) Moreno ? Dendonker Ramsey Coutinho Traore Duran
  9. Not having any favouritism either direction on the clubs involved, it seems an excellent January addition to Arsenal's title chasing squad...? That view is based on how I would imagine he will be used more as someone to come on & shore things up for last 20 - 30 minutes of matches. Perhaps start games Arteta thinks may be a good match for his style. Obviously it would raise eyebrows if he comes in as a 1st choice starter & the style of play is changed & it doesn't seem to work. And, yes, seeing Chelsea buying a whole new starting 11 for several billion maybe feels extra galling when it feels your club is just picking up their cast offs. And you think it should be better than that. But I can't help but think if it was a Real Madrid or Barcelona or Bayern Munich midfielder, etc, of similar age & profile, people would 100% be wetting their knickers.
  10. Not sure what is going on with Liverpool players absent. Harvey Elliot has scored a couple recently. But surely any side would miss Diaz, Jota & Nunez. I'd still be shocked if they don't get Top 7 & European football of some kind. It's so valued these days. By clubs & players. But the current Top 4 seems very strong. Despite anything Pep says while enduring Arsenal & Man United.
  11. And just because it was only Brighton shouldn't lessen that. The club seems to be going through a difficult phase of manager & players thinking they've outgrown the club. Or have greener grass to move onto. But they really do have the chance to be a long term modern challenger to the bigger supported name clubs. Frustrating the clubs below as much as those they are amongst right now.
  12. Friday 3rd February, 2023 Chelsea 2 vs 0 Fulham, 20.00 Saturday 4th February, 2023 Everton 1 vs 1 Arsenal, 12.30 Aston Villa 2 vs 2 Leicester Brentford 1 vs 1 Southampton Brighton 2 vs 1 Bournemouth Man Utd 2 vs 0 Crystal Palace Wolves 1 vs 1 Liverpool Newcastle 1 vs 0 West Ham, 17.30 Sunday 5th February, 2023 Nottm Forest 1 vs 1 Leeds, 14.00 Tottenham 1 vs 1 Man City, 16.30 Wednesday 8th February, 2023 Man Utd 2 vs 1 Leeds, 20.00
  13. Seems very good money for Everton, for 70% or more potential. Newcastle need him to grow plenty for that to be good value. And Everton obviously ideally need to be finding a signing or 2 in the next few days.
  14. Glad he has finally moved to an English club. Has popped up most transfer windows as a rumoured Villa target, under Smith, Gerrard & this month with Emery. This month I'd been reading suggestions Juventus actively wanted to sell, but were struggling to get the player to accept a move anywhere. The American contingent at Leeds could well have been something the player liked as much as Leeds may have.
  15. I can't say I've really noticed what the hype is. It could be playing in a crap team. But then Tim Sherwood did push Grealish at pre-drop Villa & he was showing more good than bad signs. I can't help but feel the Everton fans swarming his car has played a significant role. Especially so if he did not grow up dreaming of playing for Everton.
  16. I sense the timing, league position & perceived strength of the squad make it unlikely the next man will be a fancy headline name. But Hassenhuttl & Bielsa would both seem like mistakes to me. Dyche could feasibly decide he's not got much to lose from it. In fact I sense he would bizarrely have an incredibly enhanced reputation if he keeps Everton up rather than Burnley (..?) If not Dyche, then surely it could make sense to look at Duncan Ferguson properly. Or even Rooney, if he wouldn't be a Benitez style mistake. Dean Smith never actually got relegated with Villa. Did plenty of Brentford groundwork. Play off chasing Norwich got rid of him harshly. Buendia. Paul Lambert. There's recent Villa-Norwich issues IMO. He has a longer track record than Bielsa. If I was Everton owner/board I'd be thinking 1) Dyche, 2) Rooney &/or Ferguson 3) Dean Smith All could decide to risk it. All could be motivated to stay on however it goes.
  17. Horrible for him. Wouldn't have wished that on him. Still find it slightly amusing though..
  18. It just needed to be done. Probably a few games earlier. But who would have predicted with a straight face that Forest would pull away toward mid table & Everton would be 19th. Everton really do seem to have done wrong for doing what the likes of certain analysts would have been saying they should have done. There is often eyebrow raising & scorn from analysts. But when a club who consider themselves too big, too expensively recruited & with plausibly realistic aims of being nowhere near the bottom.. for me, they absolutely have an imperative to act. When being toward the bottom is blatantly where they are. For me Everton should not be accepting they have big sides involved in the area around them, however many sides in the top half they simply can't expect to compete with, etc, etc. If the new manager can get that into them from the start, and with some well thought out tactics, there's no reason they can't go on a good run. Certain other clubs have done similar.. with seriously tough looking fixture schedules.
  19. To be fair United fans were the other end. He may have decided his knee slide thing could seem more provocative in front of Arsenal fans. I think it's a popular 'mentality' thing at the 'big' clubs. And probably meant more for the cameras. Even making an England point (& Saka perhaps did bite) Fairly sure Liverpool, or Klopp are all about being 'mentality monsters' which I think is about believing you are the player & the club to win the match, the medals, etc. Leon Bailey has done similar pointing to his head thing now a few times, for Villa. I'd imagine having spent a year around Steven Gerrard may be the reason. It all gets a bit intangible & difficult to quantify, but I do think Man United probably need to think about doing things more the Liverpool way, because City seem set to be out-Fergie-Uniting them for a long time yet. That particular 90's to 2000's prime Fergie domination era did have plenty of home grown talent; the Nevilles, Beckham, Scholes, Butt & Giggs. But went around buying Cantona from Leeds, Keane & Ince were bought in. Cole from Newcastle, Ferdinand from Leeds, Yorke from Villa, Sheringham. They found Schmeichel. Vidic. Got Rooney off Everton. Got Ronaldo. I have heard Roy Keane gloriously miss the point they can't win like that any more. City are the 1 with guaranteed medals & top money. Lots of clubs have money. Chelsea buy 80% of all Ronaldo possibilities. And the United fan presenter off TalkSport (the transfer expert with the beard) always talks like he hasn't quite figured it out either.
  20. I do think scoring goals is Leicesters strength right now. Doesn't seem to be too many in the bottom half having so many high scoring draws. I do think it should be an entertaining match for neutrals. Yes, unless he gets injured he looks like he'll smash the scoring record. And around the Manchester derby, definitely too much on Haaland & style of play. Probably not enough on Ten Hag adapting the Man United midfield to be a little less pre-melted butter, served on a plate.
  21. The 2nd Southampton disallowed goal definitely looks a bit soft. Even more so with Sky description around it. Only MotD highlighted the treading on the back of Ramsey's ankle in addition to the jostling push in the back. It doesn't seem much, but you would expecting a jump for a header from Ramsey & what the Southampton guy does is everything to put that off. I think it's one of them you take happily in your favour, but would feel done over against. Villa have been lucky in the last 3 league matches now. Could easily have lost vs Wolves, Leeds & Southampton. Rather than 7 points. I do suspect Leicester may score enough to make it very difficult at Villa Park. Also a chance Arsenal, Man City or both really give a wake up call as to how further off than 3 points or so that Villa still are.
  22. Villa, for the 1st time in a very, very long time, are actually top of the form table. Nobody with more league points since Unai Emery came in. Most opening wins of any Villa Premier League manager since John Gregory. But I do expect MotD will focus on Southampton being screwed over by 2 of their own players being clearly offside for 1 of their 2 disallowed goals. The push on Ramsey for the 2nd being a dodgy ref decision.
  23. It does look bad for Everton. The frustration seems to be around not being good enough. Next 2 Arsenal & Liverpool. But then they have drawn with Liverpool & Man City (I think?) They do desperately need to be putting points on the board. A few will start to pull away. Forest are 2 wins clear now.
  24. In the circumstances, no more ideal match winner than Ollie Watkins. Another result that probably would not have happened not too long ago. 16 points from 21 for Unai Emery.
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