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  1. Saturday 13th August, 2022 Aston Villa 2 vs 0 Everton, 12.30 Arsenal 3 vs 1 Leicester Brighton 2 vs 2 Newcastle Man City 4 vs 1 Bournemouth Southampton 1 vs 1 Leeds Wolves 1 vs 0 Fulham Brentford 1 vs 1 Man Utd, 17.30 Sunday 14th August, 2022 Nottm Forest 1 vs 3 West Ham, 14.00 Chelsea 1 vs 1 Tottenham, 16.30 Monday 15th August, 2022 Liverpool 2 vs 0 Crystal Palace, 20.00
  2. As none of the promoted sides are Watford, I'll guess it has to be 1 of whoever starts slowest out of these: Lage, Gerrard, Lampard, Rodgers, Hasenhutl or ten Hag.
  3. 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Chelsea 4. Arsenal ------- 5. Spurs 6. Man United ------- 7. Brighton --------------- 18. Southampton 19. Nottingham Forest 20. Fulham --------------- Top Goalscorer - Haaland Most Assists - Kane Most Clean Sheets - Ederson Most Red Cards (club) - Everton Most Penalties Won - Liverpool Most Penalties Conceded - Fulham Player of the Season - Haaland Manager of the Season - Pep
  4. Yes, Villa's attacking options do seem a bit too patchwork to me. Signing Ings never really made sense to me. Coutinho & Buendia don't really fit Villa's customary counter attack style. And the players behind them are not dictating games. It feels every change of personnel has to also mean a change of formation or playing style. There's likely something not as it should be when the 2 genuinely new signings are immediate starters. I don't get at all how Ramsey retains a spot over Douglas Luiz. And I'm not sure it's been the right thing to have axed Mings as captain & from the team. But big choices need to be made at some stage, because phase 1 of the Villa return has perhaps already failed. It is going to be a similar story to last season I suspect. Not enough has changed.
  5. There are few, if any, easy away games, so Arsenal confirming the optimism of what they could do this season. Jesus & Zinchenko may be disposable to Man City. But improve any side other than Liverpool. Significantly IMO. Only surprise to me was Jesus didn't get a goal.
  6. I have no idea how Villa will line up. Martinez Cash-?-Carlos-Digne ?-Kamara-McGinn ?-?-? Could be any of Konsa, Mings or Chambers in defence. Very likely between defensive Douglas Luiz or more attacking Ramsey in the middle. And the other is a nailed on sub-on at some stage. Front 3? Any 3 from Bailey, Watkins, Coutinho, Ings & Buendia. Personally I'd tend toward the order I list them, with Ings & Buendia on the bench. But all combinations entirely possible. And that's in a way both good & bad. There's competition for places, but no clear obvious has to be 1st choice line up.
  7. Well, the Time Trial was a bit of a let down. Due to the 1 by 1 style of it, the TV people ended up skipping the rather picturesque area in the middle. Showing all the starts, check points & endings. That course, or something near, would have been a better choice for the marathon, than what construction area Birmingham had to show. Would have been great to see the whole Time Trial route with Steve Cram's commentary on the interesting bits. The bits that were largely ignored & unseen on the TV. Mark Cavendish is actually in the road race in Warwick at the weekend. So I saw false advertising somewhere. But, hey, Commonwealth Games, on some of my streets! Never, ever thought that would be happening! Not sure the TV does the cyclists justice. They don't half move!
  8. Been some great moments so far. Some of my favourites: Eilish McColgan winning the 10,000m for Scotland. The England men's swimming medley relay team just beating the mighty Australians. The Triathlon relay win for England. & Today is when local streets of mine are closed for the Time Trial road cycling. Will be a personal highlight for me, regardless of who wins or what happens.
  9. There is a Villa Park redevelopment lined up, awaiting final green light. Will be a new North Stand & further enhancements to the Trinity Road Stand. Increasing capacity to around 50,000, currently at just over 42,000. I guess it is nice to redevelop if possible. Apparently some vague idea of getting a piece of Euro 2028.
  10. Unless he develops into better than anything ever from Villa's youth system, £20m seems good. It's all potential at this stage. And it is very rare Villa get money in for anyone other than 1st team stars. It does at 1st look seem an odd / ambitious choice by him.
  11. Others on back row: David Hirst - Sheff Wed John Wark - Ipswich Tim Flowers - Southampton Tim Sherwood - Blackburn Middle row - I can't add any more Front row: Gary Charles - Forest The Oldham player, just feel like I'd know the name if I heard it Andy Sinton - QPR Gordon Strachan - Leeds
  12. Bit of an odd case. He does seem to have potential. Felt like he was keen on doing a Sancho/Bellingham. Then Barcelona, AC Milan & countless others were linked. I don't see this working for him, in terms of any instant improvement in minutes on the pitch. In fact quite the opposite. But good luck to him.
  13. Friday 5th August, 2022 Crystal Palace 0 vs 2 Arsenal, 20.00 Saturday 6th August, 2022 Fulham 0 vs 4 Liverpool, 12.30 Bournemouth 0 vs 1 Aston Villa Leeds 1 vs 1 Wolves Newcastle 2 vs 0 Nottm Forest Tottenham 2 vs 1 Southampton Everton 1 vs 2 Chelsea, 17.30 Sunday 7th August, 2022 Leicester 2 vs 2 Brentford, 14.00 Man Utd 2 vs 0 Brighton, 14.00 West Ham 1 vs 2 Man City, 16.30
  14. The women's team were ranked 8th. Behind Sweden & Germany. They seemed no more favourites than Southgates side in their Euro's. It has felt noticeable to me that a mens England side, which has felt quite average, suddenly got to a World Cup semi & Euro final. After Wales had been to a Euro semi & England women were racking up semis. I wasn't actually suggesting pressure. More inspirational one-ups-manship is what I'm hoping for. Sportsmen would understand.. England are contenders for the next World Cup. Just location is not ideal. And I don't think they will win.
  15. Amazing! We have just seen an England national side win a major tournament! Hemp, White & Mead have been a brilliant front 3. Russo, Kelly & Scott all did well as quite regular subs on, regardless of the critics.. Tough on Germany missing their main striker, but 8 times vs this 1! The England men simply have to bring something home now..
  16. A possibly interesting explanation of the 'second city' term. Especially for those who may look around these days & think, surely Manchester is next in line if London was ever nuked. Many, many, many years ago, Birmingham was actually the capital city. When that title moved to London, that is when the '2nd city' phrase first started up.
  17. Confusing me how often the BBC's Scottish presenters / expert analysts seem to automatically start reminiscing of Glasgow 2014.
  18. Depends what is meant by 'ready'. No fitness problems in the Villa squad. But, it is still a squad with 3 starting spots for Ings, Watkins, Coutinho, Buendia, Bailey & a few others. This time last season I was up beat & optimistic. This season? It feels like Gerrard is trying to piece together a jigsaw of Villa Park with pieces of other stadiums jigsaws. I'm braced for 10th to 14th again. Complete with alarming periods during any series of matches against genuine Euro contenders & the occasional dismantling of lesser sides, or even a few we shouldn't be beating.
  19. I'm from just outside Birmingham itself, and as hinted at by Dudley's Lenny Henry, it is in all but name actually the West Midlands Commonwealth Games. Most places between Wolverhampton to Birmingham are involved. The swimming is at Sandwell Aquatics Centre. Sandwell being a council region covering much of the area between Birmingham & Wolverhampton. (e.g. West Brom, Dudley) And often is the area people live & then commute into Birmingham or Wolverhampton. For anyone not totally familar with the area, Birmingham is Birmingham, the Brummies. And on toward & just beyond Wolverhampton is the Black Country, due it's mining history. Many of my local streets will be closed for the day for a cycling event. So I'm assuming it will be possible to see Mark Cavendish in person, in competition.
  20. John McGinn has been named as 1st team captain for the 2022/23 season. Emi Martinez vice captain. And Ashley Young as 'club' captain. Tyrone Mings had been captain. So perhaps a significant sign he'll be behind Diego Carlos & Calum Chambers next season.
  21. In athletics women do 100m hurdles & they are smaller than the 110m hurdles for men. Women do 7 event heptathlon rather than 10 event Decathlon. But then many other events are exactly the same & there has been talk of changing the different events. If mixed football develops I'd imagine it could only be like in tennis, or athletics or swimming, etc, where they have mixed teams competing in specific mixed events. No way any of the English women's team get into any Southgate 11 any time soon.
  22. Latest leaders debate, Sunak vs Truss, on new 'right wing' TalkTV, the host presenter fainted in the middle of a Truss answer. Apparently she is ok, but it was quite dramatic. A few clips on YouTube of Truss looking shocked as clattering & a crash is heard off camera.
  23. I'd still probably say his dad was the best goalkeeper I've ever seen, but Kasper felt underrated for some time before he had his success at Leicester. He would be huge presence to replace.
  24. Can't quite decide what it is exactly that makes women's football seem so different to watch. I think it must just be that at the elite level women athletes just are that bit slower, less powerful, etc than men. And it does often feel noticeable. Sweden should have been ahead when England scored the 1st. But in the 2nd half England dominated the game. At my stage of life (old even if I was a goalkeeper..) I'll take any England football team winning any tournament.
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