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  1. I didn't attack your ethnicity, I attacked a country and it's government. Learn to read. I'm many things, but I'm not a racist.
  2. I mean I'd have thought you'd have clocked me a week ago tbh. The same birthdate on my profile and supporting the same team would have been enough for a competent admin....
  3. A conversation about an individual athlete who's suffered genuine horrors in her life, the rest of society's ever declining standards are up for a shout.
  4. Oh from Liebourpool then!!! The last bastion of British communism and a woke fiefdom. Iran would be an improvement on that, at least it doesn't have feral coked up kids running around stabbing eachother on the waterfront.
  5. You might be, your country is hardly a bastion of modern Western civilisation though let's be honest. Been to any stoning's recently?
  6. Sorry, but excuse me if I don't take any heed of someone from a Iran moaning about the decline of western civilisation You wouldn't know what it was like in the first place
  7. Other athletes in other sports have also pulled the 'worries me' card recently, we've literally talked about one of them in the thread above. I blame the generation sob story crap that we got with 2012 olympics and the X Factor etc, where people's problems were used to try and negate poor performance or conversely as inspiration porn, it's only logical that the next generation would go from that to using their problems as excuses. You saw that with the triathletes last night and her silver with the other woman going 'if you only knew what she'd been through' - one of the other athletes high finishing had lost a parent a few months ago and was remarkable enough for her start but no no the woman who was born into a high profile sporting family and studied sports and exercise at uni is the one with the problems that make her performance oh so special. Just fuck off with this crap and show us the events. The 2028 olympics will just be whoevers left having not pulled out with the worries me card winning eveything. At least the woke fuckers will all fall asleep soon and the sane can resurrect.
  8. If you can't see the issue with the fucking woke brigade, and how that's exactly what's led to this point where supposed professional athletes are crying off with mental health issues left right and centre, and nothing's ever my fault culture endemic in western society (which a lot of people use mental health as a excuse for increasingly - note that isn't aimed at Biles) then you're out of touch with the reality of the decline of western civilisation driven by a generation of softies that begat another a generation of softies. Oh how the hardy men and woman of the 1940s who gave us all the opportunity to live this life now without Hitler would be wishing they'd packed their bags and fucked off to the Bahamas for 5 years instead with what a remnants of complete self-absorbed, narcissistic and lazy twats we now have left if they'd lived long enough to see it.. Thank God Boris and Priti are about to start challenging the scumbags properly. Next bring back national service, scrap benefits and make the NHS paid out of wages - if you aren't working then you don't get health care. And if it's cos your a fat bastard, you can pay for it.
  9. In posts which I quickly deleted, realising exactly how dickish the were that you then decided to respond to anyway after I'd removed them and make snide comments about me anyway about. Maybe refresh the fucking page before you go off on a vindictive rant? I'd honestly expect more of a fucking moderator than this? If you really cared about Biles insteading of scoring internet points you wouldn't have responded to the deleted posts....
  10. Fuck off, you don't know the first thing about me you demeaning cunt. Absolutely no need to make this personal.
  11. She my edits above, a dickish thing to say.
  12. .Not really a constructive discussion to have this... Shouldn't have started it...
  13. There's a constant debate about sports that should and shouldn't be added to the Olympics, including disciplines in other sports. One that bemuses me is the Ironman Triathlon, if the Olympics is a place for the greatest sporting festival on earth surely endurance events like the Ironman are exactly what's needed. Just being watching highlights of 2019 Kona World Championship and it's an incredible feat by any standard to finish one, let alone to competitively race as a professional in them. I'd argue I'd have added the Ironman ahead of the mixed relay triathlon. I guess the length of it means it's not great for telly in some countries, but surely the old marathon trick of cutting in for progress during lulls in other sports could be done. Not to mention it can be held entirely outdoors and due to sure the length could take the olympics to areas outside the other events.
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