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  1. The first film I have a very fuzzy memory of watching at the cinema was the Power Rangers film which was released in 1995, so I'd have been 5 years old.
  2. Getting results like this after those 6 points dropped in those 3 matches we should've won is going to make it even more painful when we narrowly miss out on the title.
  3. Well it's a good job we got a third this time before letting the opposition back into the game.
  4. This is the easiest match we've had all season. Chelsea are so bad.
  5. I had a thought similar to this a while ago and asked a few people in real life and was thinking about posting it on here but I don't think I did. I was thinking everyone must have an amount of money they can't say no to in almost any given situation, so if someone for example said to you I want to take your legs, name your price, what do you say? You can't use your money to become half human half robot or anything though, you have to live with no legs. Other options: one leg, one or both arms, any of your senses...
  6. That's that then. Four points thrown away in a week. If City don't win the league from here it would be a massive failure on their part.
  7. Ok I'm done with this match. I don't know why I put it on in the first place
  8. When John Stones is smashing in left footed volleys it's difficult to see City dropping many points
  9. Man City are on fire and I don't see them slowing down. As I said on discord, the Liverpool match was a must win for us and we threw it away. The pressure is going to be on us every match and we can't afford any more slip ups. We pretty much need to be perfect from here. We need maximum points from the matches we should be winning, we need to avoid defeat at the Etihad, and we probably need to beat Newcastle away. It's going to be incredibly difficult, I just pray that the 2 matches per week City will be playing will catch up with them.
  10. Nah if I accidentally take three I put one back
  11. I didn't watch the match, but Upamecano is capable of incredible performances and awful performances. That's dangerous as a centre back So I hear De Bruyne went off injured?
  12. One isn't enough. More than two is too many. Two is the correct answer.
  13. As hot as possible without it actually burning me. It takes some time to get it to that perfect temperature, but it's worth it. It's just not satisfying when I'm not almost burning myself
  14. Dyche got his game plan spot on, stopping us from playing with that midfield 3 and the hard working wingers, the players executed his game plan very well and worked very hard, fair play to them. Conceding the first goal was fatal for us I'd like to see a replay of the action that led to the corner they scored from though, I could've sworn it came off Iwobi last. It's a wake up call for us. We have to bounce back with a win next weekend and we have to improve on breaking down defensive teams, because Everton have just given the rest of the league the blueprint on how to beat us.
  15. Fuck off another shit Chelsea player we're gonna be desperate to get off the wage bill in a year. I thought this club had moved past this shit
  16. That Mitoma goal was incredible. I've watched it on loop so many times. I'm just stunned by the technique. One of the best goals I've ever seen.
  17. We need to take Holding off before he gets sent off.
  18. Faking a head injury to stop the game/waste time, as Bruno Fernandes did on sunday, is really disgusting behaviour and an insult to people who actually get serious head injuries. I think there should be retrospective suspensions if players do that.
  19. Fucking yes! Massive win and fully deserved. Fernandes and De Gea should be embarrassed trying to waste time to get a point. This is Arsenal v Man Utd, shouldn't they be trying to win the match?
  20. ...Dan

    Hidden TV Gems

    Utopia. I thought it was brilliant when I watched it almost 10 years ago, but it seems like barely anyone has ever heard of it. I might need to rewatch it to see if it's as good as I remember
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