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  1. We'll go gung-ho and win 8-5. Joselu will get all 8.
  2. Replace astonishing with $hite
  3. Atsu will probably play and he couldn't trap a bag of cement
  4. Where is Woodgate? Pap list. Probably made by a Yank. Kompany is easy top 5.
  5. It's going to be a long season. Manquillo is tragic, as is Hayden even in his best position let alone at right back. It was clear Diames good form wasn't going to last forever. And has their ever been a worse strike partnership than Perez and Joselu kicking off the season?
  6. Julio Geordio

    Sack Race 2018-19

    Benitez will leave next summer. If he was going to walk, he'd have done it by now. If he gets sacked, well, that would be ridiculous but nothing would surprise me with the fat cockney.
  7. Danny Murphy is aging into Mark Lawrenson
  8. Julio Geordio

    Member Quotes

    I remember a certain Yank Chelsea fan who was trying to convince everyone he wasn't a Yank, slip up and call football boots cleats. That was a laugh
  9. Julio Geordio

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Funniest show ever made.
  10. Any news on Richarlison injury?
  11. Julio Geordio

    The Bookmakers

    Thanks mate. Plan on sticking around
  12. Julio Geordio

    The Bookmakers

    I took Celtic, Stoke, Boro, Aberdeen, Gateshead, Peterhead and Raith. Then when Celtic lost I put the same bet on again minus them. All won bar Stoke.