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  1. Panna King has now officially retired from the forum, I have quit following football due to the way it is going and will concentrate on MMA as its a sport I am also participating in.   It was good on here over the years and wish you all the best for the future. 

    1. football forum


      I bet they finger buttholes more in MMA, good decision Panna King.

  2. Jason Knight is contacting the police now about blackmail.
  3. He already has. Henk Fraser and Danny Blind are assistants.
  4. At least someone English can win with a penalty!
  5. Probably the 2nd best winger The Netherlands had behind Piet Kiezer
  6. Lost a lot a money in Covid, they also have a new coach so maybe he wants his own players as well so has to raise the funds by selling off their big players. They have some really good youth players coming through so not the end of the world.
  7. He will sign for Feyenoord once Berghuis completes his move to Ajax which will cause all kind of troubles.
  8. This is the 3rd Dutch full back Leverkusen have signed in the last 7 months, with Frimpong from Celtic, Fosu-Mensah from Man Utd and they also have Danny Sinkgraven who can operate at left back.
  9. AZ Alkmaar are forced to have a clear out, Koopmieners, Boadu, Wijndal are all up for sale. Stengs is a ridiculous sale at 10 Million, he still has 2 years on his contract, he wasn't that good last season as he has been but that could to do with Covid as the previous season finished very early and then was a huge delay in sport starting again so a lot of players were off form.
  10. Looks like Van Gaal will take control for a short time period, he is in talks with the KNVB to work out his conditions to return.
  11. Harry Kane was poor, just one good game, agaisnt Italy 0 touches in the box and his off the ball play was dreadful in most games.
  12. If we got passed Czech rep, I think a few of our players would've made the team of the tournament, like Wijnaldum, Dumfries, de Jong and maybe Depay if he turned up against Czechs as we might've of went on to beat Denmark.
  13. Yes 66 was fixed, it was a dodgy Russia linesman against West Germany
  14. You forgot the nation league as well on there, when he lost 3-1 to Netherlands.
  15. 1978 was fixed, a number of decisions in the final were very dodgy that went in Argentina's favour. We could have won it though at the end against all the corruption.
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