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  1. I am actually confident about this one, but only thing what would worry me if we change formation as the 5 3 2 has been good in the last 2 games. 2-1 Arsenal.
  2. He has been very effective at left back, when he has played further forward he doesn't seem to be much involved.
  3. Hamilton will be racing in a black Mercedes. I hope he remembers that someone else had a black Mercedes...
  4. Keeper got beaten at the near post due to poor positioning.
  5. Mate not really, was just a keeper mistake, Arsenal have been dreadful and this just papers over the cracks.
  6. The youth aren't good though, its good we have young players but the quality isnt there.
  7. Awful defending! Dont think we have had a shot on target in the 2nd half.
  8. Just very frustrated watching this shite, when you see other teams with far less resources doing much better.
  9. Arsenal got lucky with 2 mistakes from Southampton, the attacking play of Arsenal is just so poor and predictable, no real build up play, Auba has hardly been involved in the last 3 games.
  10. Waiting for Southampton to score 3
  11. Yeah but only a 1 match ban otherwise?
  12. Arsenal will get outdone in all departments, how can they expect to win a game when they cant score, get dominated in midfield and cant defend.
  13. you only get a 3 match ban if its dangerous play.