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  1. I'm not a United fan but I'd go to a pub in the 90's to watch them on the telly. They 're a shadow of what they were. Ten Hag has walked into a no win nightmare situation.
  2. I just watched the match. Arsenal did come out of the blocks running. After that first 15 mins though, it we're a toss up. I don't think Arsenal are as good as people think. Palace had a decent fight but you could tell the difference from no having Gallagher and Issy (sp?). Unless they suddenly all click together, I can't see Arsenal in the top four. Just my humble opinion.
  3. Given the lack of actual signings for Chelsea,will Tuchel remain? Can anyone see Chelsea pushing for top 4? I have no investment in this. Just asking a question?
  4. Wow. I was disappointed by the lack of discussion here. I guess that's the uphill battle the Women's tournaments have to face. Wouldn't it it be ironic if England win this and we flop in the WC?
  5. Really? He could probably play for them for another 5 years without breaking a sweat.
  6. I haven't watched them weekly but they're my closest team to where I live in the US. I did notice they had had a new coach but it seems like he got tossed in the bin. They need to learn to press. It's what all the best teams do. You cant just sit there and let the game run out. I see time and time again that DC just throw body's to stop things. Stop all of that before it happens.
  7. Chelsea were mad to bring him back so that on them. He's not going to fit in a Tutchel (sp) squad especially as he blabbed on about shite at the club. They should just suck it up and get rid. I'd hate to be a Chelsea supporter right now as you have no one up front.
  8. Atlanta plays on an artificial surface. Who would want to play a final on that?
  9. I'm pleased for the lad and I hope he find a place. I've always been an Aberdeen supporter in Scottish Football from back when Ferguson was the Manager. I'm not sure if he'll get much first team time for now but I'm sure he'll feature in the early cup runs
  10. Maybe Chelsea should just loan him out for 20m a season for 3-4 years and just let him go? I've never fancied him as a player and all this talk behind the scenes has just put the nail on the coffin. Chelsea were always good on the eye and they've just just gone off the boil. I like Chelsea as a team but I don't like the manager personally. If he figures out a way to turn it around, it's great. I do like to see him sulking on the bench though.
  11. The whole Pogba thing is a bit of a farce. The fact that he has a "documentary" coming out just adds more fuel to the fire. I'll always watch a Untied match as I remember then back in the 90's when I still lived in the UK. I can't think that this programme will give him a better look. Quite the opposite I would think. I've watched him play some blinders but they come around like an eclipse.
  12. Would that broaden his career though and make him a better player?
  13. In the few matches I've seen him play, He just seemed to sit there especially as Leeds were fighting a relegation battle. That's all I've seen so far though. I can't figure out how he's fit in at Citeh. Maybe Pep has some magical ideas that would transform him but I can only see him a a bit player. Its similar to Grealish but I would expect Jack to improve with guidance. Perhaps KP can do the same?
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