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  1. What is it with English clubs playing in Euro tournaments wearing shirts with the most god awful fonts on the back? The Prem has probably the best font for the backs of shirts at the moment (apart from the Swiss shirts with Helvetia font) The lettering and numerals on the English teams in the European competitions are horrendous as was the England world cup shirts. This has nowt to do with footy, it just bothers me as someone with a graphical design bent.
  2. You can have 5 subs. Whose bright idea was is that it was at timed intervals? Is this the most stupid idea ever introduced?
  3. I watched Cancello play midfield in the German Cup. He was back to his usual self. If' he's looking for a move, "pool could do with him badly.
  4. I thought newkey got a bit of a jammy goal. The red card though. When Murphy did the bye bye wave, I'd have nutted him.
  5. Maybe I'm completely off the planet but when I watch lower teams in the Prem play against Citeh they all fall into the say trap. They all try to play out form the back against a side the will pounce on you. Maybe it's because I'm old but I'd say let the forwards run forward and hoof it up the pitch. At leas if it goes tits up, you don't have someone in the 18yd box on the ball.
  6. I have to admit that I'm a bit pissed with how the matches are being spread out. "Pool played tonight and now we play again on Monday. Citeh played on Tuesday, Satuday and then Thursday?? I watch every game in the Prem because, well, it's footy. Tonight I watched the Bees bitch slap the Hammers. I like watching Brentford and Palace as it's always a good watch. What I can't figure out is how Rice has this reputation of being a great midfielder. He was non-existent in yet another pants West Ham performance. He may want to be playing Champions League but I've not seen anything from him that makes me think he's worth a a big money move to a top six club. Maybe I've missed summat?
  7. Miguel Almiron I remember when he was playing for Atlanta United in the MLS. He was always second fiddle to another South American player who was hogging all the limelight.The other player disappeared into the ether as far as I know When I saw he went to Newcastle I hoped it would pan out. He didn't score much in the early years but I always rated him as he would put in a shift and chase and chase. Back then, he always had a smile on his boat. Since Eddie and co came in, he's a player reborn. I'm ever so pleased for him as he's worked hard to get there. Long may he keep his grin!
  8. What was up with Saints? missed a sitter and the Che Adams selfishness was bonkers.
  9. I always figured Morocco would be knackered for this match. At least they showed up and gave it a go. Lessons can be learned from their run.
  10. Whenever a team plays in a non prem league fixture, they have crap graphics. I watched Bournemouth play tonight and they wore the prem league strip. I thought the whole point of the shite graphics were down to the prem owning copyright and therefore teams cant wear the pl kit? I'm not looking to start anything but I fail to understand why teams have to change strips just because it's non prem.
  11. I just watched Chelsea V Brighton as I'm in the us US and I dont watch all the matches on the day. I won't comment one the result but what I will comment on is that Chelsea away kit was the worst that I've ever seen. WTF? and I don't even like Chelsea. Who picked that kit it's like a 70's beige throwback.....gah.
  12. Completely off topic but I'd like to see how PSG would compete be in the Premiere League. They're the French version of Bayern although I would add that the Bundesliga is a tougher group. Not PSG bashing but they play in a pants league and always win
  13. I saw Pep celebrating after Haarland's second and he was waving his hand around, it looked like he was having a wank. Such is the power or this viking.
  14. Stevie G.....Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah course we were crap. We would have one except for Tyrone. We we're shite but it's all down to Mings.
  15. I decided to watch DC United tonight as they're my local team. TBQH MLS is in between league 2 and league 1 I decided to look at the DC United store and the jerseys are priced at an eye watering $164. I just did a quick sterling conversion and it cam out to be 152 quid!!! Who the F*** would spend that amount on a jersey?
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