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  1. Messi and Mbappe today were something else. That third goal looked like something from a FIFA game.
  2. I should say something about the game or it will look I only come here for the drama. Hmm.. Rashford good, yeah.
  3. Back in the days the Newcastle vs Man United match threads were some of the best. I'm glad we're trying our best to bring that back.
  4. Casemiro allows Fred to be that box to box player. Been brilliant lately. Not sure what he did wrong there. The ball was in play when he kicked it. Weird yellow.
  5. I probably watch more NBA games than football games in a year. I like that every team has an appealing product that is worth selling to their fans because the league's system has been modeled with that in mind.
  6. This game was well worth sitting on the couch for 90+ minutes. Great effort and team spirit by Arsenal. Only a proper team would pull that off.
  7. Someone said "spit in a bag and send it to the police" Lol.
  8. Center back and goal are the only positions left for Bernardo Silva to play in for Man City. What a guy. You'll struggle to find a better work ethic + talent balance in a player in the last decade.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CoUnjbXOEpR/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  10. What's the lowest Man United finished under SAF? You really have to admire his consistency, though to be fair the league is more competitive than ever. You don't get away with being a bit shit anymore. There's class players everywhere.
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