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  1. I believe he has a clause in his contract that will trigger a one year extension if we stay up. But barring a miracle that won't happen. He said when he joined the club that he's always wanted to manage in the Premier League, he took English lessons long before working in the country in anticipation of it, and I just don't see him sticking around for the Championship. I wouldn't begrudge him either, he proven his quality and has done a fantastic job, we really should have been dead and buried long before now. I could see him at Southampton. Rumour has it that Puel has lost the dressing room and there's been talk of him getting the sack. I think Marco would do well there. If Leicester decide not to keep Shakespeare on I could see him there as well, he's excellent at bringing the best out of players who have something to prove (although I guess Mahrez, Vardy et al. have answered their critics a bit since Ranieri was dismissed). I just hope he doesn't go to West Ham, they don't deserve him.
  2. Vince crushed this one.
  3. Shame Dizzee went pop in the end.
  4. People who think they're hot shit because they don't like things which are popular. There's nothing wrong with not liking popular stuff but people who parade that fact like they're some special free thinker set apart from the brainless masses simply because Game of Thrones doesn't do it for them do my nut in.
  5. Mr Fantastik, who does the first verse and the hook on this song is one of rap's biggest mysteries. A talented rapper whose only appearances are on MF DOOM's Rap Snitches and Knishes and King Geedorah's Anti-Matter, which also features MF DOOM. No one knows his identity. Some believe he is the alter ego of a rapper named Rodan who has also collaborated with DOOM although this is far from universally accepted, others believe he's just someone DOOM knew and wrote for because he had a great voice although others point that his technical ability belies that. Odds are we'll never know. Just thought I'd share because it's a fun little tidbit about the song.
  6. Takyon


    Off to BBC's Big Weekend in June. Not the greatest lineup compared to other years but I can't complain given that I'll be seeing Biffy Clyro, Two Door Cinema Club and Lorde for £8.50.
  7. I have an iPhone 5S. I've had Android in the past but I prefer Apple for phones. I really like IOS it's really clean and straightforward, it's been a long time since I used Android now but it was really clunky when I used it. Plus all my friends have iPhones so having free messaging with them is a nice bonus too. Apart from social media and Spotify I don't use apps so that's not a selling point for me. Despite Apple's reputation I've had this phone 3 years and it still works almost perfectly (the charger port is knackered but I'm getting a new one soon anyway), it still has good battery life, the processor handles the newest IOS updates just fine and it's survived plenty of big falls and significant water damage from Leeds Fest almost completely unscathed.
  8. Picked up DICE's Star Wars Battlefront for a couple of quid. It's not the deepest game ever but it's good fun. The sound and visuals are absolutely amazing it really does feel like you're in the middle of a battle from the movies. Hopefully the'll be able to build upon it and make a truly great game when Battlefront II launches in November.
  9. Takyon

    Star Wars

    The cinematography in this looks fantastic. That shot of the ships with the flares(?) coming out of them with the walkers on the horizon was great. Star Wars is the one series that makes me feel like a kid again so I'm really excited for this. Despite all the criticism I really enjoyed Force Awakens and Rogue One was great too, it's nice to have a quality Star Wars film coming out every year.
  10. Takyon

    Metal and Rock

    Cheers man I'll give them a listen
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