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  1. Pretty much the entire squad will leave Ranocchia, Niasse, Elabdellaoui, Mbokani, Markovic and N'Diaye will all go back to their parent clubs. The Allams will sell anyone they can get a decent fee for. Expect to see Maguire, Roberston. Grosicki, Clucas and Hernandez go. Maloney will be released as well. That'll leave us with Jakupovic, Marshall, McGregor, Odubajo, Dawson, Davies, Tymon, Elmohamady, Henriksen, Mason, Huddlestone, Meyler, Evandro, Diomande and Keane in the Championship. Wouldn't be surprised to see Marshall, McGregor, Tymon, Evandro or Huddlestone leave either.
  2. I believe he has a clause in his contract that will trigger a one year extension if we stay up. But barring a miracle that won't happen. He said when he joined the club that he's always wanted to manage in the Premier League, he took English lessons long before working in the country in anticipation of it, and I just don't see him sticking around for the Championship. I wouldn't begrudge him either, he proven his quality and has done a fantastic job, we really should have been dead and buried long before now. I could see him at Southampton. Rumour has it that Puel has lost the dressing room and there's been talk of him getting the sack. I think Marco would do well there. If Leicester decide not to keep Shakespeare on I could see him there as well, he's excellent at bringing the best out of players who have something to prove (although I guess Mahrez, Vardy et al. have answered their critics a bit since Ranieri was dismissed). I just hope he doesn't go to West Ham, they don't deserve him.
  3. That's us gone then. Can't see Swansea dropping points in the last two games and even if they do I can's see us getting anything away to Palace or against Spurs. I'm very disappointed we should have seen this out really. The blame lies solely at the door of the Allams. Let's not forget that we had quite possibly the worst backing and pre-season in Premier League, there is no excuse for a team coming into the season with only 13 fit players. The lack of investment and lacklustre appointment at the beginning of the season is what doomed us, Marco Silva has done an incredible job to have us in contention to stay up in May, I wish him all the best at his next club. I'm very worried about next season, barring a miracle in the next two weeks we'll be in the Championship with very few players (and even fewer who'll want to stay with us), no manager, owners with no desire to back us financially and no prospective change in ownership due to the Allam's ridiculous demands. I just hope we don't plummet down the leagues but perhaps I'm just being dramatic.
  4. This game sums up our existence as a club. Losing 2-0 at home to an already relegated team with fucking Billy Jones scoring and an offside goal.
  5. In my totally not biased opinion I think it should be decided by the teams in question's head to head to record.
  6. I agree that 6 games is too long, that's over an 1/8th of the league season for taking a tumble. I think 3 is more reasonable, it's still a sizeable ban but not too over the top.
  7. Ooh I like these. OutKast - Y'All Scared Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends Basement - Bad Apple Daft Punk - Instant Crush (feat. Julian Casablancas) Death Grips - The Cage Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday Justice - Randy A Tribe Called Quest - The Space Program Drenge - We Can Do What We Want Radiohead - Subterranean Homesick Alien
  8. Vince crushed this one.
  9. Takyon

    Would You Rather?

    Nothing beats a good green curry so it has to be Thai. Mario or Sonic? Edit: Oh dear
  10. There was a thread like this on the forum which must not be named and I found it really interesting to see what everyone's music taste was like. You can create the collage here. This is mine: To get the names on the side press the white text that reads "Click here to to configure the layout of your collage". To share it upload the image to a host like imgur and link the image to the thread. Looking forward to seeing what everyone's favourite albums are and how their lists have changed!
  11. Takyon

    2017 Music

    Just took a look at Metacritic's upcoming releases list and there's very few confirmed releases that catch my attention. I forgot Mac DeMarco has a new project coming out so I'll definitely look at that. Royal Blood, Snoop Dogg and At The Drive In's new albums might be worth checking out. There's a couple of other albums I forgot about on the anticipated releases that I'm looking forward to. Big Boi (one half of OutKast) has Boomiverse coming out, Kanye's Turbo Grafx 16 is supposedly anticipated to come this year but I'm skeptical seeing as it was due last year and nothing has been said about it since, Vince Staples has Big Fish Theory which completely slipped my mind even though I'm a big fan of Vince and The 1975 apparently have a new release and they usually have some fun singles.
  12. Takyon

    2017 Music

    Haven't really listened to a wealth of new music so far this year. My album of the year so far would have to be Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. and my favourite single would be DNA off said album. Aside from that I've been really enjoying Frank Ocean's releases Chanel, Biking and Lens and I highly recommend checking them out. The most disappointing album I've listened to this year is Joey Bada$$' ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ which fell really flat in my opinion compared to his last release B4.DA.$$ which I really enjoyed. I've also been underwhelmed by what I've heard of Gorillaz' new project, Ascension with Vince Staples was good but none of the other tracks I've heard clicked with me, my biggest gripe is that there isn't a whole lot of Damon Albarn with the featured artists taking the spotlight. As for coming releases I'm looking forward to new albums from Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock which are both slated for this year. GOOD Music's Cruel Winter is also supposed to be coming out this year. If you don't know GOOD it's Kanye West's label which features artists like John Legend, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Desiigner and Pusha T. They put out a project called Cruel Summer in 2011 which has some bangers like Mercy and Don't Like.1 on it. Aside from that I'm hoping for LP5 from Brand New, it was supposed to come out last year but it was postponed and there's been no word on it since but I'm still holding out hope it might come soon. Similarly Pusha T's King Push was supposed to be released in 2016 but hasn't yet and is slated for release sometime this year, his prelude to it, Darkest Before Dawn was really good so I have high hopes for this release.
  13. There's an interview on their channel called "Our Match Day Rituals" from the build up to the Spurs game with The Sun logo in the top right corner. It's just further commercialisation of football and fan culture and I don't like it. It speaks volumes when it's in AFTV's best interests that the team they're supposed to support lose because it puts more cash in their bank account, that's as good a way as any to kill off your passion.
  14. They're in bed with The Sun now too so that's likely even more money. They've been offering matchday experiences for about £60 as well which apparently is just getting a pie and going to a pub or two near the Emirates
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