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  1. Harry maguire. Harry Maguire. He drinks the vodka he drinks the jager his heads fucking massive
  2. That was a great goal. For me though Korea are too good to be celebrating like that when they are 4 down. I can understand when its a tiny little team like Panama did against England but korea are better than that
  3. Good to have you back @MUFC I thought you might have sniffed a coppers foot and got put in jail
  4. I hope so. Portugal are my least favourite national team. Just because of 2004 and 2006. Also because Ronaldo is a prick and also because a Portuguese bloke I use to know was a right prick. I'm sure most Portuguese people are nice but it just put me of their national team
  5. To be honest its been an excellent world cup for Australia. Not sure if is quite as good as 2006 but to even get there was an achievement. But to get to the last 16 was an amazing achievement
  6. Netherlands 1.1 USA. 2.1 to Netherlands in extra time Argentina 3.0 Australia France 1.0 Poland England 3.0 Senegal Croatia 1.2 Japan Brazil 4.0 south korea Spain 4.0 Morocco Portugal 3.2 Switzerland
  7. Gerrard isn't going to liverpool any time soon. He has to prove himself more to manage them
  8. No where near as many as football mate. Its not even close. Like I said football is such a popular sport headers will probably be scrapped one day. For football to stay so popular it will need to evolve. And sports that a dangerous are never as popular. At least in terms of participation
  9. @Stan I didn't watch the game as I was working but Graham souness is demanding fifa show pictures proving the ball was in play. That silly cunt wouldn't be able to understand it anyway
  10. Its not over. Its tight but the whole sphere of the ball has to go over. Its tight, i can just about see it with my glasses of but with them on its quite clear
  11. Equador 2.1 Senegal Qatar 0.4 Netherlands England 2.0 Wales USA 1.2 Iran Mexico 2.1 Saudi Arabia Argentina 2.0 Poland Denmark 2.1 Australia France's 2.0 Tunisia Coata rica 0.5 Germany Spain 3.0 Japan Morocco 4.0 Canada Croatia 2.0 Belgium Brazil 3.0 Cameroon Serbia 1.2 Switzerland Guana 2.2 Uruguay Portugal's 2.0 south Korea
  12. Gunnersaurus

    Off Topic

    Its a bag of nails mate. I got it cheap but its a shit car. About 4 and a half hours. I had to ring the police. They said it was not a serious issue because it was visible. Then the battery went because the hazard lights had been on for so long. So I rang them again and they said it was still ok. Even though it was about a metre from the pavement and it was dark. In the end another police car went past and asked what had happened and I explained and they said it was dangerous. But then the rac got there. Also my phone ran out of battery when this happened luckily someone let me borrow theres. Then someone else gave me one of those battery chargers so I was able to charge my phone. He said he had loads and I could keep it which eas nice. Also the other issue was I didn't bring a coat so I was freezing. Absolute nightmare
  13. Gunnersaurus

    Off Topic

    Fucking nightmare. Axle has come of the car while I was driving it. Car is stuck in the middle of the road. If I was on the motorway I'd be dead
  14. Commentator just said it will be the first time since 2002 Brazil started with back to back victories. They did it in 2006 get your facts right
  15. Yeah its not really debatable is it. The only issue will be when its not clear if a player is interfering with play which can be a bit open to interpretation
  16. I imagine this offside system will be bought in the premier league. So klopp will have to find another excuse
  17. Its a shame but I don't think its a mistake. Don't think it will happen for a while yet though
  18. Ow right. So I'm guessing they get a lot of head injuries in American football? The problem is football is such a mainstream sport that it has to be reasonable safe. Sports like boxing are different because not so many people do it and the ones that do are aware ofnthe risks
  19. Fair enough. So would you need a proper helmet like in American football for it to make any difference? Which obviously isn't practical
  20. Personally I think players weiring that head gear that petr Cech wore might be the answer
  21. I'm sure if it was a robbery to be fair. Suazez was sent of and they were given a penalty which they missed. Unsporting yes but not a robbery I don't think
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