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  1. He's taken a team from the relegation zone to playoff contenders in 3 seasons with an average budget. Sacking him would be very unfair imo and simply won't happen.
  2. BounceAroundTheGround

    Football League 2018/19 - 6-7th April, 2019

    Reece James is a bit good.
  3. Always hard to tell with those if it's an accident or not tbf. Edit: actually having watched it again it does look deliberate ... Great performance and win for us. Webster is the best centre back we have had in the last 10 years if not more. Mad how we're going up mind.
  4. How did Preston not score there???
  5. BounceAroundTheGround

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    Linked with Britt Assombalonga wtf
  6. BounceAroundTheGround

    Technical Issues (on my side?). Can't post anymore

    Don't know about anyone else but all I can see is a blank post...
  7. BounceAroundTheGround

    Leeds Fined £200k For Spy-Gate

    I disagree, they've got to make a decision: they either state they allow it or state they disallow it. I personally don't mind which they choose, but the EFL being the EFL will find a way to choose neither.
  8. BounceAroundTheGround

    Leeds Fined £200k For Spy-Gate

    Can't wait for the EFL and the FA to make one big non-decision
  9. BounceAroundTheGround

    Nottingham Forest - Martin O'Neill Hired to Succeed Karanka

    Hopefully the players hate him so we can smash them on saturday
  10. Kyle Walker-Peters I'd imagine
  11. BounceAroundTheGround

    Rio Ferdinand

  12. BounceAroundTheGround

    Rio Ferdinand

    https://twitter.com/randallbell/status/1084398627336998912 How do you embed tweets on here btw
  13. Could be but they won't go down, there's 5 sides worse than them at least. Cardiff Huddersfield Fulham Burnley Newcastle