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  1. 1 Manchester City 2 Liverpool 3 Manchester United 4 Tottenham Hotspur ----------------------------- 5 Chelsea 6 Arsenal 7 Burnley ----------------------------- 8 West Ham United 9 Brighton & Hove Albion 10 Wolverhampton Wanderers 11 Everton 12 Newcastle United 13 Leicester City 14 Watford 15 Crystal Palace 16 Fulham 17 Southampton -------------------------------- 18 Bournemouth 19 Huddersfield Town 20 Cardiff City
  2. Everton play two wingers which must be encouraging at home. Brighton do the same who also have a poor record on their travels.
  3. Predict that LIverpool will fail to score from open play.
  4. These are the crucial 6 pointers Huddersfield vs Swansea (predict 0-0) Newcastle vs Southampton (predict 2-1) Home win for West Ham West Ham vs Burnley (predict 2-1) West Ham will be under more pressure to win than Everton, rationally Everton vs Brighton (unpredictable) This is a "must not lose" for both clubs. Bookies are not giving very good odds for a draw. West Brom vs Leicester (predict 2-1) Prolong the agony for West Brom.
  5. The same applies to Brighton if the target of 39 points is good enough? If Everton win they may inadvertently drop points (especially away from home) against other relegation strugglers they play in most games. Brighton play mostly top teams so only one 6 pointer against Huddersfield (H) Big Fat Sam won't make any concession to the fans and may play two defensive midfielders? Huddersfield & WBA did this on their home ground and both gained set piece home wins. Current season stats say 1) Brighton are the worst in the Premier League at defending set pieces, especially when the opposition has multiple corners 2) Brighton for two seasons now have been poor at scoring from set pieces 3) Murray and Izquierdo are the only goal scorers away from home with the team equal worse scoring record (with WBA). These goals came from open play, mostly. 4) The game was 1-1 at the Amex when the game was thrown away with a last minute penalty as the concentration lapsed 5) Calvin-Lewin caused problems in the air for the Albion defence all game 4) Pickford was spectacular in goal for Everton, with flamboyant saves which a better keeper might have made looked easier
  6. Perseus

    Relegation Battle

    Arsenal at home should be good for 3 points
  7. Kolasinac clatters Schelotto Kolasinac tried to obstruct/foul as he was easily done for pace and the flailing elbow appeared to be an accident. Still a foul and 90% yellow card and the referee should have seen it. Three soft goals caused by lack of concentration. But this was not even Arsenal's worst result. They scored first at Bournemouth and Swansea and still managed to lose both games.
  8. Pundits got it right on MOTD2. Wenger's team choice wasn't very good. Not playing Bellerin and Monreal was suicide. Less worried than usual about the 7 minutes injury time as it looked more likely we would get a third. Life was made much easier without Sanchez and Giroud to worry about. Connecting trains were too full to enter and we waited over an hour at Brighton station to get home. Sunday service.
  9. I never thought we would scorer from an early corner
  10. Perseus

    Relegation Battle

    After watching Arsenal this afternoon I don't see them as unbeatable any more. Not strong enough to play three at the back away from home? Only have to visit Newcastle and Brighton (next) though. Almost have to add another point on for these two. Safety points total escalating to 39.
  11. Perseus

    Relegation Battle

    Brighton win 4-1 v Swansea (fair reflection of play) and our battle becomes more difficult because of WBA losing to Huddersfield upping the target total to 39+ pts. Other results were not good but predictable. This based on the fixtures to play rather than the merits of each side, which are different with different weaknesses strengths, which is hard to judge. When playing the top 6 this might not even be important as parking the bus make work better. Dunk's own goals up to four now, but it has only cost two points. Only the top 6 clubs count (not the top 10) but Brighton play 5 out of 10. Safe clubs are only a tough proposition away and this adds two more on. Fellow relegation candidates away are tough and this adds on Palace, but this is also an opportunity to take points off rivals. The other two are "must win" games against Huddersfield and Leicester at home. (Watford are 10th and Brighton won 1-0 at home.) I don't think WBA will be able to bridge the gap. Their only saving grace was their ability to get draws and with the dismissal of Pulis even this seems to have disappeared and set piece goals is not enough. Brighton's best bet is to get 6 points (4 pts maybe more likely?) from their winnable home games Huddersfield and Leicester 31+6 =37 and two points (minimum) from Arsenal, Man U (H), Burnley, Palace, Everton (A). Less than 36pts and we do not deserve to stay up, but I don't think that will be enough. I'll go for WBA, plus Swansea or Stoke (or both) plus one other which could be one of quite a lot of clubs. If Swansea or WBA go down, I don't think they will go back straight up again.
  12. Perseus

    Relegation Battle

    If Brighton get less than 36 pts they do not deserve to stay up. This would be two home "must wins" against Swansea and Huddersfield and two draws. I think 38+ will be needed though. Swansea and Stoke play on the last weekend so this could be 37 pts for one of them on your forecast. Newcastle have two must wins against WBA & Huddersfield and should pick up two draws giving them 36 as well.
  13. Perseus

    Relegation Battle

    Relegation Battle - Remaining Fixtures for all 10 teams 12:19 - Feb 13 with 260 views BarryTownSwam BRIGHTON HOME Swans Arsenal Leicester Huddersfield Spurs Man Utd AWAY Everton Man C Palace Burnley Liverpool ————————————————————— CRYSTAL PALACE HOME Spurs Man U Liverpool Brighton Leicester West Brom AWAY Chelsea Huddersfield Bournemouth Watford Stoke ——————————————————————- HUDDERSFIELD HOME Swans Watford Palace Everton Man C AWAY West Brom Spurs Chelsea Newcastle Brighton Arsenal ————————————————————————— —— NEWCASTLE HOME Southampton Huddersfield Arsenal West Brom Chelsea AWAY Bournemouth Liverpool Spurs Leicester Everton Watford ————————————————————————- SOUTHAMPTON HOME Stoke Chelsea Bournemouth Man C AWAY Burnley Newcastle Swans West Ham Arsenal Leicester Everton ————————————————————————— — STOKE HOME Man C Everton Spurs Burnley Palace AWAY Leicester Southampton Arsenal West Ham Liverpool Swans —————————————————————————- SWANS HOME West Ham Southampton Everton Chelsea Stoke AWAY Brighton Huddersfield Man U West Brom Man C Bournemouth ————————————————————————— — WATFORD HOME Everton West Brom Bournemouth Burnley Palace Newcastle AWAY Arsenal Liverpool Huddersfield Spurs Man Utd ———————————————————————— WEST BROM HOME Huddersfield Leicester Burnley Swans Liverpool Spurs AWAY Watford Bournemouth Man Utd Newcastle Palace ———————————————————————— WEST HAM HOME Burnley Man Utd Stoke Man C Everton AWAY Liverpool Swans Southampton Chelsea Arsenal Leicester
  14. Perseus

    Relegation Battle

    Two 6 pointers this weekend: Brighton v Swansea WBA v Huddersfield Both seen as "must win" home games. Over the years the stats are about 50% home win, 30% draw, 20% away win, The majority of fans think 38 pts is the target for safety. I did the prediction putting in a few unlikely results and it appears to me that the most inconceivable result would be 42 pts for safety. it is stretching my imagination too much that a team could go down on 43.
  15. Stoke v Brighton. A bit wired at the end. Highlights should be good. I did not have a stream. Two of Stoke's three chances came in the last few minutes.