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Pepe Silvia

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  1. Pepe Silvia

    Breaking Bad

    Love Breaking Bad. Would love to rewatch it sometime but I'm already watching too many series at the moment as is. You should try it again. It starts out quite slow but I ended up loving it by the time I finished the first season.
  2. Pepe Silvia

    World Cup 2018 Kits

    Australia away is absolutely sexy. Home would be good if they didn't let a toddler scribble over the sleeves.
  3. My choices Maxi Rodriguez vs Mexico Iniesta vs Netherlands Tim Cahill vs Netherlands Cambiasso vs Serbia
  4. Egypt look like they might have a chance of getting out of their group
  5. Pepe Silvia

    Your Best International Team

    Based on what I've seen, Spain 2008-12 and Germany 2014
  6. Germany look like the strongest to me but I think France and Spain might also be in with a chance
  7. Pepe Silvia

    World Cup 2018 Kits

    Best looking ones are Japan and Switzerland. Colombia is also quite nice. Not a fan of Nigeria, Belgium or Germany.
  8. Pepe Silvia

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Currently watching Mad Men and Archer on Netflix. Liking them a lot so far. Also watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace on BBC. 4 episodes in and it's quite good.
  9. Pepe Silvia

    Your World Cup Bracket

    Group stage Uruguay/Egypt Spain/Portugal France/Denmark Argentina/Croatia Brazil/Switzerland Germany/Mexico Belgium/England Colombia/Poland RO16 Uruguay v Portugal Spain v Egypt France v Croatia Argentina v Denmark Brazil v Mexico Germany v Switzerland Belgium v Poland Colombia v England QFs Portugal v France Spain v Argentina Brazil v Belgium Germany v Colombia SFs France v Brazil Spain v Germany Final France v Germany