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  1. I thought you looked solid last night, not a masterclass but enough to get the job done. It's another step towards that first title in 30 years and even as a United fan you have to say it's deserved for the level of football produced for the last 18 months. And that's painful to admit
  2. Redblood


    Would it be possible to have a Stadium Forum for all Information for supporters, also members can post their home & away match day experiences including photos if you can, how to get there, best place to eat, park, sleep etc.
  3. Redblood

    FA Cup Third Round Matches - 4-6th January, 2020

    It's ridiculous that the games have been spaced out over the weekend Nice of the FA to put the fans first!
  4. Redblood

    Week 34 Fixtures

    A nice home game against West Brom to cement our place in 2nd Bournemouth will be tricky but we are on a good run at the moment and I can see that continuing. Hopefully we will be expansive in both games and look to boost up the goal difference. Saturday 14th April, 2018 Burnley 1-1 Leicester Crystal Palace 0-1 Brighton Huddersfield 3-2 Watford Liverpool 4-1 Bournemouth Southampton 2-1 Chelsea, 12.30 Swansea 1-0 Everton Tottenham 1-3 Man City, 19.45 Sunday 15th April, 2018 Man Utd 3-0 West Brom, 16.30 Newcastle 2-1 Arsenal, 14.15 Monday 16th April, 2018 West Ham 2-0 Stoke, 20.00 Tuesday 17th April, 2018 Brighton 0-1 Tottenham, 19.45 Wednesday 18th April, 2018 Bournemouth 1-3 Man Utd, 19.45 Thursday 19th April, 2018 Burnley 1-1 Chelsea, 19.45 Leicester 3-0 Southampton, 19.45
  5. He has downed tools like he did a few seasons ago just before Mourinho got the sack!
  6. Redblood


    I remember TFF as I was also a member there I like the look of the place and the work that has gone into it I will also mention this on social media as I am following accounts on Facebook and Twitter
  7. Redblood


    Carravetta is already here, I can email old members of the site to let them now we now post here if that helps
  8. He is unlikely to break into United's first team now and is at an age where he needs regular football Villa would be a good permanent move for him
  9. Redblood


    Hi guys As I mentioned in my introduction I recently ran a football forum website. We had a couple of sub forums labelled Football Classics and Talent Scout. The idea of those sub forums was to discuss classic games gone by over the years and discuss future talent who you think will go on and make an impact. Here is a link from the archive website (https://web.archive.org/web/20170716225742/http://www.footyaddict.co.uk:80/forumdisplay.php?fid=18) Feel free to browse our old site for any future ideas that may benefit the forum
  10. Redblood

    Hello there

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys
  11. Redblood

    Hello there

    Hello guys, A friend who posts on this forum (Carravetta) recommended this place to me after we recently closed down our football forum website. Also the twitter account follows me as well. I have a few ideas for the forum if any of the administration staff are interested. Anyway I look forward to posting and debating on here with you all