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  1. You're right, but I have a license to talk about this because it goes directly into recruitment and club operations. These are all analysis based. Shame you couldn't see it initially.
  2. I should be able to say that if I want with no issues. I should be allowed to say "this is my expertise, so I wanted to put in my 2 cents" without being seen in a bad way. Your problem is that you see the word "expertise" and immediately think "arrogant" without reading the rest of the post. You interpret what you want to interpret.
  3. To end this off cos I gotta do stuff now, I want to make it clear that I only ever discredit someone if they start to. Im a very reserved person and nowadays try to avoid conflict. Just to keep it clear, if I ever get conflictive it’s mostly out of defense or frustration. Let’s keep that clear. My intentions with the expertise post was to put in my 2 cents. If you want to ban me that’s fine it would do me a favour, but if I were to stay that needs to be understood otherwise it’s all pointless. have a good day lads.
  4. They are on Apple Music. Glad you like it though, I can’t listen to my own music, haha.
  5. You haven’t but Stan has, just look in the AFCON thread. I am not here for that.
  6. My advice would be to remove me because I’m not your punching bag. Later on don’t come crawling back as you have done once before.
  7. I didn’t though, all I said was this is my expertise and I want to put in my analysis. I’ve read back the posts and I’ve had a sloppy word here and there, but my intentions are never to discredit anyone else. Usually it only gets to that point if people unneedlesly start to insult me and tell me I’m clueless. As for the Gerrard thing, you are absolutely right that I don’t know if he is for certain, and if I knew behind the scenes I wouldn’t be here posting it. My basis was an analysis and the sort of things I know about how a lot of clubs tend to operate.
  8. Forum is dying mate, you can’t afford to ban people. Go ahead, I am not here to be your punching bag.
  9. You’re right, I can’t guarantee it. And I’ve said it in one of my posts. I’ve had some sloppy words here and there but when I said this is my expertise, literally all I was saying was “this is my strengths so these are my two cents”. Never Insulted anyone until I got insulted and discredited
  10. I’ve said so many times I’m doing an analysis, not that I know who is on the list and who will be the next hired its not my fault anymore that I have to defend myself when I never spoke out of line and get insulted anyways. @Rick DM me and I’ll send you my resume, do that or stop being a cunt.
  11. What a way to discredit someone who has worked at 4 clubs in 2 different countries. I’ll feed you what you want to hear: Gerrard isn’t coming, not even on an emergency list, and I’m a dumbfuck. Is that what you wanted to hear? Personally I hope you never get work in this because I don’t want you to get the discredit all of us get in this industry. Cunt. I was being as nice as possible to have a healthy debate.
  12. Pirlo at Juventus, Clarence Seedorf, Ryan Giggs, etc. There are a couple who had to work hard for it such as Zidane, Pep and Arteta, others who got it off the fly like Pirlo and Seedorf. These things can happen and I am pretty sure Gerrard is on the list. Whether he will be hired, I doubt it if Liverpool are smart. Even Manchester United have figured out that they shouldn't take in Rooney.
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