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  1. This was going to be hosted in Peru but once again we lost the hosting rights. Shame.
  2. At least here in Lima that doesn’t work unless you live in a building, and even that doesn’t work perfectly. Thankfully the houses are better built here for the heat than England is. Can’t speak for Germany though. A good fan gets me through each summer.
  3. Yeah I know but you rarely get to 40 as I have understood.
  4. Jesus, you lot have it worse than England then.
  5. Do you have AC’s? In Canada we can escape the heat, I know in England (and Lima for that matter) there’s little escaping it when it goes near 30 or above.
  6. Is the summer super hot in Germany? In Canada the summers are brutal. It can go as high as 45 degrees with humidex, thankfully we do have AC’s though. Lima is different I mentioned it in the other thread that we have a similar situation to England in which it’s not hot enough for us to have AC’s but it can still get bad some years. Peru’s winters are really nice for someone who grew up in colder weather. It’s very refreshing for me, but other people do struggle with it. Anyways, the other thing about Lima is the lack of rain. I think we’re the 5th driest city in the entire world.
  7. Another thing I dislike about Peru, or rather just Lima as not all cities have this issue. The summers can be really annoying. The heat isn't that bad, we have similar heat levels to an English heatwave which doesn't touch North American or Australian levels obviously, and since we don't get that sort of heat on most normal years we don't have air-conditioning. So you need to buy your fans in the winter, as most people sell them out quickly in the summer. Our houses are built a bit better than England's for heat, even the informal ones, but if your fan breaks mid summer and in a heatwave, good luck buying another one.
  8. Saw the goal on social media, fucking fantastic, but I do think some people are overreacting to the moment. It's definitely not THE best goal I've ever seen. High up, perhaps, but I have seen better. Maybe it's just me that enjoys team goals like Arsenal's tiki-taka vs Norwich. Those are my favourite kind of goals.
  9. Peru and Pakistan are twin nations in terms of house appearance.
  10. Come to Lima, we get rain once every 3 years.
  11. Win is a must, I was worried about the draw away to Birmingham that we would start to fall apart. Still good in the table but the last few matches have not been good results wise.
  12. Next week is the final week I'll miss the Ipswich game. I've missed most of the season thanks to work but I go on holiday as of next week and I should be able to follow them all summer since most of my work will be weekdays now after the pre-season starts. Time to get my knowledge back up!
  13. I've nearly thrown the title. Going to the final day. Needed to beat Steaua on the final day to seal it, but it's ended 3-3 and they've won the head to head. If I at least get a draw on the final day I win my 6th title in a row. If I lose and they win (which is a near guarantee given they are at home to Sepsi), they take it. I take on FC Rapid, a team I've pissed on 3 times this year already. Despite curses and fate, I don't see myself losing this final game at home. We should at least manage a draw again.
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