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  1. It probably sounds anal to some, but can we all make an effort to get player's names correct with spelling referring to accents and apostrophes if necessary?

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      Take for example Danny who posted a thread on Kanté (let's forget about the accent on the "é" for those with keyboard issues).  There's no excuse for not putting the apostrophe after the "N" to write N'Golo instead of Ngolo. Because the latter isn't his name.

    3. football forum


      That is true but it is a significant hassle to use diacriticals using a US/UK key layout on Windows. It isn't designed for switching between key layouts easily. For instance the key combination for 'Á' is ALT+0193, which actually doesn't work when using Chrome. It all depends on what keyboard, key layout, apps, and webapps the end user has access to. If it were something that wasn't a hassle to set up, I'd gladly do it.

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      Another instance, naturally you'd believe that '~ ctrl n' pressed together would create 'ñ', no? What it actually does is open a new Chrome window.  

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