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  1. Brexit has brought to light who I really am. A person I frankly didn't know existed. I thank England's many xenophobes. We must unite!

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      Empires (every single one) imposed a rhetoric, a doctrine and cultural sense of identity as the superior and/or righteous specimen of our species.

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      Khan of TF365

      Of course but that cultural sense of identity is different from a national identity, i can give an example of my own country Punjab and Pakhtun lived under many Empires but there was never a clash between the two over their cultural identities but in the nation state era the Pakhtun feel threatened at times by the national identity which is dominated by Punjab rising conflicts. 

      Numerous more examples can be given

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      It's the Empire itself that's the problem and everything it represents. No imperialism and no state promoting anything resembling a cultural identity as it causes division from the lowest to the highest scales.

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