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  1. That whole generation of Man Utd players are wrong'uns
  2. Arteta because no one has heard of at least half the Arsenal team.
  3. Surely should be Bruce based on what I've been hearing lately.
  4. Be interesting to see how long it lasts. David Beckham is criticised in today's papers for taking £10m from Qatar and saying nothing about homophobia. Would that article get printed it the Saudi takeover wasn't big news right now. I think not.
  5. One of the best managers of the last 100 years
  6. Poor performance. 1/4 the way through the season. Target has to be 10-12 points in next 9 and then 2nd half of the season 25 points.
  7. It'll be interesting to see what changes Jones makes and what sort of response we get. It was well documented that some of the players didn't like or rate Bruce. However it's still the same coaching staff that presided over the current bad defending. Doubt it's going to change overnight. 2-2
  8. In his first season there wasn't much from the crowd. No one wanted him, would be the same at any Premier League club, but it was what it was. The crowd was silent, dead inside, gates were down 10,000 it was the worst atmosphere in the history of the club. He would constantly lie and contradict himself but the club was still getting over the death of all hope. We could visibly see on the pitch we were regressing from an organised and solid defence to a side winging it. We didn't seem to have a plan or style. Covid came and things went behind closed doors. We spent a bit more money and got into a great position last season to kick on, started well and instead we imploded. Went on a 2 wins in 17 run, spiralled towards Fulham. During which he started saying all the wrong tthings. He called the fans hysterical. He has a history of attacking the fans of the clubs he manages. Played to the ex-pro audience and not the fanbase. He fell out with every local journalist apart from one. He banned one journalist for printing a true story simply because he didn't like that the story was printed. This season crowd was fine at first. New season, ended last season OK, let's see what happens. Then it went down hill fast. He made it worse with comments like he wants to just keep us ticking along. That led to chants of "we're Newcastle and we are ticking along, we are ticking along, we are ticking alalong". We couldn't buy a win and that led to Brucie out chants. As we were struggling he infuriated people by going on holiday in a crisis. Then the takeover came and he continued being unprofessional in the media. Telling journos they need a slap for getting it wrong about him being sacked. A few days later he was sacked. The defence looks a shambles individually and collectively this season. The players look unfit. However the attack has some form of threat. We are in need of organisation and probably new ideas. We have benched players we likely need to draw from and try with. It's not going to be easy. A lot of damage to fitness and coaching has been done. It's likely going to be difficult for anyone who comes in to undo this during a season. Takeover or not, people wanted Bruce out because we were descending into another dog shit experience of a season. We don't ask for something more than the sum of our parts. More than our ability. We simply ask for what every other fanbase asks for. Professionalism, pride, ambition, hope, organisation, direction, vision, modernism and progression. These are the characteristics missing or fluctuating too much under Bruce. These are the characteristics missing at nearly every club who want their manager out.
  9. Bruce did have a good chance to gain support last season. There was a lot of promise and opportunity for it. If you can't answer when, where and why that went wrong and started to turn you should probably stop with the league table punditry. It's just bad low level no knowledge lack of information analysis.
  10. It took me a while to get it At first I was trying to work out what the connection to Shola Ameobi was
  11. How can a prop gun kill someone? Genuine question have no idea about these things.
  12. No you don't judge a manager like that at all. You judge a manager by making a judgment on progress, development and perceived direction. I don't know any set of supporters that do otherwise.
  13. The squad differences are negligible. They'd need to have a considerably better differentiation in capabilities for it to impact outcome and they don't. The difference in outcome is simply down to management. It is for all of them. By your own logic though Steve Bruce was doing a bad job for the vast majority of last season. It doesn't really matter what I think the expectation should be, your own analysis just shows he was doing a bad job. So maybe you can understand why fans might have been unsettled during that time?
  14. Almiron, case and point of my argument that your judgement is impacted by Bruceball. He was superb when he joined. He made a massive difference and we started looking like a very good outfit in attack. He's regressed massively under Bruce and is regularly played out of position. Joelinton, doesn't have to play does he? It is a Steve Bruce decision to play him week in week out over others. Most fans wouldn't play him. Dwight Gayle? He was signed in the Championship years ago and doesn't get a game. Has hardly played for a long time. Odd name to mention. Of the squad Bruce inherited, probably only Manquillo got better. Everyone else got worse to different degrees. How is that not down to Bruce? I find it weird how Bruce has done no wrong in the eyes of people who've barely watched us, but then it makes sense, you'd literally have to have not watched us to even think like that. Otherwise you'd be a total moron if you actually watched it and still came out with a positive take. Don't conflate knocking on the door of 10th with a top 10 squad. It's not the same thing and it misunderstands the argument entirely. It's about being comfortable, not constantly worrying that your dog shit and going down. We finished 10th four years ago, not because we had a top 10 squad, but because we finished in the top 2 of the 12 others that year and we were ahead of those others for several weeks at the end. 50 points is usually an average of what you'd need to look at to be like that, some years you can get away with less others more, but providing you have comfort you will manage that situation. This is the story of every established club in the 12 others. Knocking on the door of the top 10 is something all should aspire to. 50 points is something that has been achieved twice by Burnley in the last 4 years, it has been achieved by Southampton, Leeds, Sheffield United, Aston Villa, West Ham, Wolves. These are not "top 10" squads. Reaching 50 points was the result of being well managed at that time. Simple as that. A simple expectation. A realistic standard to expect to work towards. A realistic reason to sack someone who doesn't seem to be progressing towards that standard. Steve Bruce floated between relegation trend panic and occasional release. Nothing more. Nothing less. Not good enough. Good bye.
  15. We finished 14 points behind Everton. That's not just behind. There's 8 teams in this league that are streets ahead of others. The idea that we are at the bottom of the other 12 on paper is complete rubbish. That you think we have one of the poorest squads in the league shows how Bruce-ball has really influenced your judgement of our players. We did not and do not have one of the poorest squads in the league at all. We are one of the biggest spenders of the last few years in that group of 12. Squad has been good enough to set a target of being comfortable, breaking 50 points and knocking on the door of 10th throughout the sseason. That's not what happened last year though is it? We leap frogged into 12th on the last game of the season after 3 wins in the last 4 and spending the previous 22 games between 15th and 17th. At one point the pro-Bruce pundits started saying we were going down and Fulham were staying up. Remember that? Today we are 2nd bottom, no wins in 8, on course to concede 92 goals. Set for another year of full on dogshit. I find it bizarre to think that is about right for these players. That we have been overachieving. West Ham are overachieving, to say Newcastle are is laughable.
  16. With Bruce gone, once Steve Agnew and Stephen Clemence are sacked we won't be the Premier Steve's anymore. A new username will be required. Answers on a postcard
  17. The new owners are all over the place because the takeover was out of the blue. Premier League caved after CAT hearing had them on the hook for a £10m+ compensation payment. Charnley should have been sacked first. Within 5 minutes of the takeover. That he hasn't been and that Bruce stayed for a week emphasises the leadership vacuum at the club right now. All that matters about sponsorship is that it is market value. We just gave Sports Direct 14 years of free advertising, probably worth in excess of £100m.
  18. Remember when Tuchel applied for the job but Charnley hadn't heard of him so we got a recently sacked from a Championship club Steve McClaren
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