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  1. Looking forward to 2024 when darts is a sport at the Olympics
  2. The forum only takes Wayne Rooney photos. That's by design. It's not a bug.
  3. Deleting emoji's might work if any used. The old one's seem to break any post.
  4. Would be embarrassing if an adult won it to be fair
  5. Remember when Ebbsfleet allowed people to vote on starting line ups. Let's try it at Valencia, can't be worse than Gary Neville's time there.
  6. I use an inhaler for hay-fever induced asthma and got that out the cupboard to use for suspected covid last March. Thought it helped a lot back then and have since seen a study showing it can be effective for covid. Don't know if doctors will give them out as they could cause shortage but like Danny said doctor might be able to help there.
  7. Bruce says our transfer policy this summer is to wait for the top 6 to do their business then ask them which of their kids they're willing to let us have on loan.
  8. To be fair the song was supposed to be about imagining the things that divide us weren't doing so. Not that they weren't there at all. In that sense it may be considered fitting for the Olympics. Lennon once said something weird like imagine is about if you want a car go get the keys. This is what happens when art is made by people off their tits. No one gets what it was about, it becomes something else.
  9. Seeing a lot of people whose tail's have dropped off since the vaccine. Out and about in this heat its really noticeable that some people still have the sort of base of the tail bone but their tail isn't there. Wonder if that's down to Pfizer or AZ or when you get one of each. I'd recommend anyone getting the vaccinated pays close attention to their balance in the days after. If you're a bit wobbly your tail might have dropped off or be on the way out. God knows how we are all going climb trees to avoid the flood waters after this.
  10. Can we stop calling the hackers Japanese, it's 2021 ffs, use their correct name, Team Rocket
  11. Congratulations! Though I swear you were already married, is this number 2?
  12. It's all men behaving badly. With very rare exceptions. One thing not said yet is masculinity. Extreme displays of masculinity and macho-ness is often said to be masking an internal sense or fear of being an inadequate man. Perhaps generations born post war are struggling with their manhood and overcompensating. You only have to spend 5 minutes in a gym to believe this to be true.
  13. I get that he used the word "football" to describe the retired Sol Campbell instead of his correct title of Wealthy Property Magnate and Conservative Party Candidate, which is what he was around the time of that tweet. Hypocrisy is human, I don't think it will make a difference to the signalling he's making. There argument is it shouldn't mix not that it can't or that it can't work. It's an irrefutable position as it is a preference not an argument. The preference and view of there being no place for politics in football long predates BLM. Do I think some use that long tradition to mask in that setting their own wider opinion of BLM, absolutely. As much as we support Rashford and taking the knee, I just don't buy this idea that an MP that doesn't is making some sort of massive mistake. What I'm hearing and what I'm seeing is that there's maybe a good size audience who will respond well those MPs. The question is whether there are swing voters who would be turned off by it. That much I don't have an opinion on right now.
  14. Is it a lack of awareness though? It looks to me to be fairly on point to what the non knuckle dragging Conservative voting base have promoted and think. That football and politics shouldn't mix. Now that might really mean someone else's politics shouldn't be allowed in football, some probably just don't like black politics full stop, but let's take it at face value instead, that they genuinely don't like political gestures in the game. The size of the support for that claim and retort probably is enough to not be out of touch.
  15. Small sample size but I've never met a German truly off their face, never all the way. I personally only drink to get drunk. If someone suggests having a pint after work my internal thought is I'll come if it is 6 pints but not if it is 1.
  16. Said before on here, football fan culture started going down hill fast late 50s / 60s when things like segregation had to be introduced. Peaking in the 80s. You can correlate that to anything you want changing in society at those times. In other theories there was an article in the Guardian which says the following In his book This Sporting Life the academic Robert Colls traces the popular history of English sport, from the 18th-century bull-runners of Stamford in Lincolnshire to the fox-hunters of Victorian England. English sport, he argues, is inherently tied to personal liberty: the custom and ritual of public transgression, of articulating who you are in a country and society that affords you precious few opportunities to do so. “Sport,” writes Colls, “confirmed that in England, you could do as you pleased.” You could see those folk-lines in the behaviour of English football fans over the last couple of weeks: a joyous if often unpleasant celebration of personal inviolability and civic pride. There’s a reason so many England flags bear the names of small towns. Where else are you going to see the word “Grantham” or “Matlock” emblazoned in huge capital letters in any public place of importance? And running through all this has been a larger phenomenon, one that predates the pandemic: the wild unquenched craving for shared experience and community in a society that has essentially hunted it to extinction.
  17. Security sounds non existent. However with this one has the thieving got anything to do with the tournament? Bloke I know works on properties for the multi-millionaires in London and he basically said (before this incident) never to wear an expensive watch in the rich areas of London. He knows people mugged on their doorsteps for their watch.
  18. Mancini just won the Euros and you slammed the door on his arse a few years ago. International football is full of has beens and club managers who fell short. Someone who is actually at the top of the game will not go into international management. The type of overseas manager that England could get is a Capello type. Someone who does the circuit but isn't that great anymore.
  19. All football is fixed. Why do you think VAR gets it wrong so often
  20. That's an unnecessary leap. At the end of the day the storming of Wembley wouldn't have happened if the authorities thought it might happen. A security and policing blindspot occurred. Our football domestically is regularly on the brink. Any large away following with high alcohol consumption is susceptible to an opportunist explosion at any moment. Our security in presence or action stop it happening every weekend. It is largely controlled and confined but always teeters on the brink. What could any moment escalate is not eradicated, rather we just try to stop it escalating. With England often abroad and now seemingly at home what controls and confines falls short of the standard required.
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