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  1. Great game between Betis and Barca today, with the energy Betis played, I think they should have atleast snatched a point. They pressed hard and made it really hard for the barca defense who I thought were really bad.Vidal was poor, gave away ball few times in some key areas and one of them lead to Fekir's goal. I thought the pull by Bartra on Messi should have been a penalty, not sure if that was enough though.
  2. Looks like a great comeback by Leeds.. I couldnt watch the game though, wish they aired them on TV here.
  3. Asura

    Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

    Im an aviation enthusiast, I watch lot of videos on youtube related to aeroplanes where pilots talk about technical stuff but I have no clue about helicopters. However I found this video in my youtube suggestions last night and watched it. I didnt understand the whole terminology they used since this is related to helicopters but I felt that this is a weather related issue and not anything to do with any technical malfunction which I initially thought was the case... This is still speculation but if this indeed is down to weather then this whole tragedy feels like a lot worse ... easily avoidable and they could have taken a limo or something and avoid this.
  4. Asura

    Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

    Devastating news and too young to be gone. One of the greatest, easily in the top 5 that have played the game of basketball and such an inspiration for many. Even now I still yell "KOBEEEEE" in my mind when i toss something into a trash can and I know millions of others do the same. I enjoyed his prime time where him and Shaq formed a great duo and were the team to beat for my favourite Spurs to get the championship chance from the west. He wanted to stay out of basketball after he retired but he was brought back into the game by his daughter since she loves this sport as told in one of his interviews (I think with Matt Barnes). He trains her and tours around with her for her games. He even established an academy to train the kids and athletes. The saddest part of all this is that his youngest daughter who is one year old will never ever see her father, such a horrible news to think about. Just yesterday he was in the news for the fact that he was overtaken for the top 3rd scorer of all time and he even tweeted and congratulated the feat. Just one night later this happened and it all feels so surreal. RIP Mamba
  5. Asura

    Reinier Jesus Moves to Madrid

    Thanks mate for explaining that to my lazy ass... I havent read it in detail other than just glanced at the numbers
  6. Asura

    Reinier Jesus Moves to Madrid

    I meant to ask why was his price dropped to below half suddenly... Is he not that good they initially thought? I think Famengo overestimated his potential
  7. Asura

    Reinier Jesus Moves to Madrid

    60 millions in the first post to 25 millions today... something doesnt sound right
  8. yes, I like his style of football and I watched most of Betis' matches when they finished sixth that season... I even followed him a little when he was at Las Palmas before that... true though about the big club expectations... his attacking style and his cruyffian principles made me watch him a lot and I wish he succeeds at barcelona
  9. I like Setien and wanted him to be Arsenal's manager when Wenger was stepping down along with few other names... I think he will do well at Barcelona. Good luck
  10. I would surely bet $20 on Arsenal's relegation if I can
  11. That fizz by Arsenal didnt last longer than a just opened can of soda... back to being shite after 20 good mins or so
  12. Always thought raising the flag (by one ref) is equivalent to blowing the whistle (by the main ref) .. maybe I was wrong.
  13. I mean, its really unfair because the sheffield players slowed down/stopped after looking at the flag being raised even though the main referee didnt blow the whistle. They should take away the option of calling offside by the linesman
  14. Just saw the goal by Shelvey during Arsenal's halftime. Its kind of unfair for sheffield as they all stopped playing since the linesman raised his flag, why didnt they stop play and why was that goal allowed? These new VAR rules are confusing and hopefully they will make it better next season. As for the Arsenal's match, the sky is still blue
  15. I wont bet against him winning atleast an FA cup or something like that