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  1. Asura

    If money was no object, what club would you buy?

    He isnt south Indian
  2. Yeah I get that mate, but my question is. Will there be special flights (additional flights) just to cater to the fans from london? Because, if thats not the case I dont see why it should be a problem as the airport is not seeing any additional flights on that weekend. Lets assume 200 flights fly into Baku every day, if there are no additional special flights for the final then there should be ~200 flights on that weekend too, how is that going to affect the airport handling capacity in this case? However, if its a norm in europe to have extra flights for events like this then that could be an issue for smaller cities/airports.
  3. Arent the number of flights that fly into the city are the same everyday? Or do they fly extra flights for events like this in europe? If they dont schedule extra flights, how does that matter to the city? There should be same number of people coming via airports just like any other day? isnt it
  4. who would be a tougher opponent in the finals... Frankfurt or Chelsea?
  5. It is, but im still not comfortable, especially after the last two days.
  6. Arsenal are three goals away from elimination... thats a scary number for a defending team this week
  7. Started very shakily but that Auba's goal gave the team a very much needed confidence. It was all Valencia show until then and could have easily score 1-2 more. Need to be a lot more disciplined and strong on the ball in second half as Marcelino will go for the strong pressing tactics
  8. Great spirit by Spurs in the second half and a great goal by Lucas...
  9. Asura

    Lionel Messi

    and that Bayern's goalie during Neuer's absence.
  10. I missed the title which Stan pointed out mate.
  11. Asura

    Lionel Messi

    Messi - 10 leagues, 4 CLs, 6 Spanish Cups --- total 20 major trophies Ronaldo - 6 leagues, 5 CLs, 3 domestic cups (1 FA, 2 Spanish) --- total 14 major trophies Not counting the mickey mouse tournaments like supercups.. Messi has 20 trophies and Ronaldo has 14 trophies despite being 2 years older. National team wise, Ronaldo has one and messi has zero. Just because he won 3 CLs in a row doesnt make him a better player, since he had 6 year drought before 2014 too.. lol Vidal won the last 8 or 9 league titles with Bayern, Juve and Barca but doesnt make him anything better than what he actually is
  12. That wasnt me, my account got hacked
  13. For punching above their capacity with third in the league and also fucked pep in europe without a condom and ended their quad dream with a squad worth 1/1000000000000th of City's... so his inclusion shouldnt be a surprise really