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  1. Spurs slightly better in the first half but Arsenal clearly dominant in the second. If only that idiot named Mkhitaryan could take a good touch then he could have easily scored the third goal. What a waste of opportunity that was when the spurs defender gave him the ball in their box and he was almost one on one with the keeper.
  2. That Hull vs Blackburn first half is one of the best halves of football I have watched in my recent memory. Score is still 0-0 but what a game that was. Goal post the clear winner so far haha
  3. True with the last statement but the way they lost is ridiculous though in the CL campaigns. Also, without Messi I would think this Barcelona would struggle a lot to win the league title. I havent watched their first match against Athletic but read on Facebook post by a guy called Rafael Hernandez (a journalist from Brasil) that the loss was down to Valverde (again). I trust Rafael's posts and his judgement a lot based on his previous analyses and I even mentioned about him here in the past. This was his post after Barcelona's loss over the weekend. Valverde is a disgrace of a coach, he should have been sacked over a year ago. De Jong marked out of the match because he has no support. I give it three weeks until he’s considered a failure by the press. Griezmann without support, who knows what the fuck Valverde was thinking, what a farce. The entire summer trying to sell Rafinha and Valverde puts him on when Suárez leaves the pitch. Holy hell, second year in a row this shit happens. And he was one of the best players, just what the hell are Barcelona doing?!??! First official match and I already want the season to end, Messi to retire and Barcelona to close its doors forever. Anfield every weekend, every match, every day, every hour, every minute until there’s not even a single soul left with sanity that supports this club. Barcelona doesn’t resemble anything close to a functioning team. What’s the setup by Valverde, the tactics? Nonsense from start to finish, nothing changed since Anfield. Neymar can't solve the mess Barcelona are, under one of the worst and most coward coaches that ever coached a top team in Europe in this century. A board that had no shame or self respect after Anfield, who should have sacked him after Roma. This is it. An entire season of this absolute shit with a team with some of the most expensive players in the world and Lionel fucking MESSI as a starter.
  4. It doesnt matter who Barcelona buys as long as that coward POS is their manager. The priority for Barcelona is to replace Valverde
  5. Asura

    Vintage and Classic Football Shirts

    looks like a prison uniform
  6. He did, the biggest mistake of his career is to get out of Barcelona and even worst was him landing in that barbie doll club called PSG. Add to that, the agent drama, his own attitude and everything is a PR disaster. He achieved a lot more than Robinho only because he played beside Messi while Robinho didnt. That "legend" bus has left the stop long ago, with the attitude he has he wont be achieving much. The only route I see him becoming one of the greatest is if he wins the WC with Brasil.
  7. When he retires he will only be remembered as another Robinho. Dont even get the hype around him at all.
  8. Asura

    Arsenal Discussion

    Looking forward to the season... looks like Arsenal did a decent piece of business but still missing centre backs...
  9. Asura

    India-Pakistan relations

    our text books were busy talking about loudu number one chaacha my ass nehru, that fucking pervert From what I know the pandits were majorly located in kashmir. I dont have anything else to add on the rest of the stuff other than what Ignis said above. He seems to have a better information/knowledge on the subject than me.
  10. Asura

    India-Pakistan relations

    I read this book and learnt a lot about that region and the pandits' exodus. Never knew about that stuff before I read that book and I started to research on that topic a lot more later on..
  11. Asura

    India-Pakistan relations

    I will try to explain my best of my knowledge and anyone with more knowledge can correct me if im wrong somewhere as this is a sensitive issue. When the british left India, all the princely states were brought under one country named India and three states, namely Hyderabad (where I am from), Kashmir and Junagadh didnt accede to either India or Pakistan. Later the nawab of Junagadh wanted to join Pakistan but geographically that was not possible so they remained with India. However Hyderabad and Kashmir wanted to be independent and not be a part of India. Both these regions are ruled by muslim kings at that time. Hyderabad was forced to accede but kashmir was not totally integrated into India. Later the Hindu king of kashmir wanted India's help since there was a threat from pakistan. India accepted to help the kashmir king only if he accepted to accede into the country of India to which they agreed. Kashmir given some special rights and benefits to be more independent of the country's laws and constitution, this special benefits are given via article 370 and 35A which means that the local state law/govt has to accept with any Indian govt's decisions for the law to be implemented. This means the state has more power than the Indian constitution. In the late 80s and 90s, JKLF, an organisation that wanted kashmir to be independent of India drove away hundreds of thousands of kashmiri pandits (hindus) out of the valley and in the process killed many of them. Most of them still cant return back to their home land as they are scared of their lives. Now that the govt is abolishing 370 and 35A and trying to integrate the region completely into India, the country will have more authority over the region and hope peace will prevail more. In a way this land is disputed due to different religious beliefs as the majority of the people (muslims) wanted to join Pak and the Hindu king wanted to accede to India back in 1947. Later on the hindus (kashmiri pandits) were driven out of the kashmir valley making it completely muslim dominant. There are many hindu temples and pilgrimage places in this region and for anyone from India to visit those places there needs to be a lot of security due to the tensions. EDIT: Just Hyd was ruled by muslim nawab, but not kashmir. I had to strike that sentence off. Its a mistake
  12. Asura


    What a final, dont think I have seen anything better in cricket (except the kolkata test, natwest final and SA chasing 434). Incredible match but felt very very sad for NZ, they didnt deserve to win at all. Congrats to England for fighting it till the last minute and a little bit of luck also helped them but very deserving overall. Im pretty sure majority of the cricket fans are more unhappy about NZ than happy about england, such a cruel match this was. NZ can keep their heads really high and be proud of what they have achieved, hopefully they win one soon.
  13. Asura


    Maybe, but the general trend of the cricket has definitely moved to big hitting and bowlers dont get much help starting from the pitches to free hits to the number of overs in T20. But yeah agree, I havent watched much cricket in the last decade, just been following some test matches and the world cup thats about it so maybe Im missing something that you mentioned above.
  14. Asura


    not really.... teams will value the wicket more, they wont try to hit every second ball for a boundary or sixer, granted the scoring would be lower but I believe that will be more balanced than what we see now with a scoring range of 160-200 in 20 overs... I thought the goal of the T20 is to shorten the playtime which Im fine with, but the current format gives batsmen too much advantage. Where is the value for the wicket? Every batsmen can more or less throw their bat at everything not worrying about getting out in most cases since there are so many more behind him that can come in and bat... EDIT: Also, the 4 wkt thing is an arbitrary number but you get the point im trying to say. Maybe 4 or 5 or 6 wkts for 20 overs is good but having 10 batsmen bat in 20 overs is giving the batting side way too much power in the match.
  15. Asura


    Im fine with reducing the match time and making it a 20 over game but there should be an equal platform for the bowlers too... 50 overs cricket was good with 10 wickets, why dont they change the format to 20 overs and let each team play only 4 batsmen? Once a team is down 4 wkts means they are all out, otherwise its all smashing the sixers at an RPO of 10 and im with TAD on this. I stopped watching cricket after about 2009 or so, I dont follow much and the reason for that is T20 in general and IPL especially.