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  1. Thanks mate, I didnt go away, been around every now and then but just being lazy to actively post anything.
  2. Does away goals count more in league cup? Should arsenal score a minimum of two now?
  3. Added $20 and if we fall short for the year, will contribute again later. Im unable to post much these days due to many things but I do enjoy reading the posts every now and then, Keep up the good work all the active members and admins.
  4. Lewandoski didnt win the champions league this season, just an FYI
  5. I probably said this here before but not sure. Super cups are stupid and those trophies should not be counted by any big clubs if they have any shame. You dont win a trophy by playing one match, that would be a friendly cup if anything.
  6. It was fun while it lasted... for a couple of weeks Good luck for the survivors
  7. Not based on the current form but I picked the still active ones based on their careers. The word DM is vague to me but I assume all these three can be considered as DMs in a way... 1) Busquets 2) Kante 3) Alacantra
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