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  1. Sorry, I havent been active here at all lately but I still browse and read some great posts by our friends here. Is there still an option to donate rather than a monthly subscription or an yearly plan? I would like to do a one time donation if thats a possibility. Also, good to see the forum back again. Thank you
  2. The most funny thing about Maguire is that he believes there is a reason why both the managers started him every game....
  3. Added $20 and if we fall short for the year, will contribute again later. Im unable to post much these days due to many things but I do enjoy reading the posts every now and then, Keep up the good work all the active members and admins.
  4. I probably said this here before but not sure. Super cups are stupid and those trophies should not be counted by any big clubs if they have any shame. You dont win a trophy by playing one match, that would be a friendly cup if anything.
  5. Cant pay the wages of a mascot and now this against Ozil... Arsenal are losing their class every day... ridiculous to remove him like this
  6. pathetic that the club cant pay wages for the mascot. Also not happy with the fact that Torreira was shipped out, I like him and assuming it would be like another Ox, Gnabry kind of regret to let him go
  7. no I havent read anything from him. Sorry, couldnt help
  8. Where I am from (the south), we dont even take cows really that serious and its urine is way far off to even consider lol. This whole cow worship is mainly in some of the northern parts of India is what I feel, especially in and around the states of UP, Rajasthan, Delhi, Bihar etc. Im not even sure if its that big in Gujarat where Modi is from.
  9. yeah been reading news that Saka is being approached by clubs like liverpool and also chelsea... hope he stays, he looks like a good player and become even a lot more better
  10. Its ridiculous how the once bench warmers at Arsenal like Scezney and Gnabry have turned into starters for potential champions league and league winning teams elsewhere.. I always liked Gnabry when he was at arsenal but never understood why didnt start more ahead of other players.. Luckily Saka is starting enough now and I hope they will lock him down on a long term contract.
  11. yes, I like his style of football and I watched most of Betis' matches when they finished sixth that season... I even followed him a little when he was at Las Palmas before that... true though about the big club expectations... his attacking style and his cruyffian principles made me watch him a lot and I wish he succeeds at barcelona
  12. I like Setien and wanted him to be Arsenal's manager when Wenger was stepping down along with few other names... I think he will do well at Barcelona. Good luck
  13. Looking forward to the season... looks like Arsenal did a decent piece of business but still missing centre backs...
  14. Asura


    What a final, dont think I have seen anything better in cricket (except the kolkata test, natwest final and SA chasing 434). Incredible match but felt very very sad for NZ, they didnt deserve to win at all. Congrats to England for fighting it till the last minute and a little bit of luck also helped them but very deserving overall. Im pretty sure majority of the cricket fans are more unhappy about NZ than happy about england, such a cruel match this was. NZ can keep their heads really high and be proud of what they have achieved, hopefully they win one soon.
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