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  1. One of the better matches in the recent past, I'm sure any neutral football follower would have enjoyed this end to end sort of game. I think Arteta did a wonderful job by not starting Martlinelli. Hope Jesus is back soon as Nketiah is clearly struggling upfront. He should have scored atleast once between today and against City three days ago.
  2. probably thats the time when he realised he can "beat" messi only by scoring as many goals as he could and transitioned. All the 20+ stepovers he used to do to beat one defender during his man utd days got eclipsed by messi's one shoulder drop... So he went the american way to be in the discussion, the stats way.
  3. Arteta should learn few things on tweaking the tactics, looks like he treated City like any other team. City's press was relentless and it was alarming how many times Arsenal lost the ball just outside their own box. City would have easily scored 1-2 more and the scoreline would have been a lot more brutal. None of the backline tried to clear the ball and tried to do their pretty and cute passing amongst themselves in their own box. In my opinion you dont do that against a top top team like city as they will press and get the ball wherever, if they want to. All the possession and Arsenal couldnt get out of their own half. Arteta should have been a little pragmatic and taken the draw, that way arsenal would have gotten a point and also stopped city from gaining an additional two points. Just park the fucking bus and clear the ball. Very disappointed with the way Arsenal lost but at the same time kudos to arteta and the team overall for what they did so far this season.
  4. This. For me too is the biggest one. When I was younger about 12-14 years ago and new to football I used to think Ronaldo was superior to everyone else. Makes sense why he has so much social media following now if I think about it. But as I learnt more about football and also started to play with a group where I live, I realised Messi is an absolute greatest ever.
  5. Partey out with injury, going to be a long night for Arsenal it looks like...
  6. Partey out with injury, going to be a long night for Arsenal it looks like...
  7. Spain has 3 winners in the last decade, England has five winners. So a little different when compared to Italy or Germany.
  8. Its a farmers league only if you read the league winner names on wikipedia. Same thing could be applied for italian and german leagues too as they have pretty much a single (or two) winner for the last 10-15 years. But the matches are good and entertaining, its not like a bunch of hungovers kicking the ball on a sunday.
  9. Not sure how he would have made a huge difference, all three goals came from the wings/crosses for Arsenal. Dude would have probably put in a couple of rough challenges, thumped his chest and gotten a yellow if anything. Never liked him at Madrid too, he got away way too many times with his dirty fouls and I was very glad he got a yellow last game where he made a tackle and got nowhere close to the ball, several of those went unpunished in spain. He is sergio ramos Jr, and a walking yellow (and a half).
  10. Still dont want to think that Arsenal will win the title... shows how great Pep and Man City are and how scared I am about them. As good as Arsenal are currently, I still think they are one good injury away from dropping a few precious points. Im not saying they would blow their season off, but have a chance they might narrowly lose to City by the end of the season and I want to be proven wrong.
  11. Great game, great result and great 3 points. More than anything, enjoying the beautiful free flowing football by Arsenal, very entertaining. Still have a feeling City might win the title, unless Arsenal get at least two points against them in two games.
  12. Disappointed with the result but really it could have gone either way or even a draw. Good match and entertaining, Arsenal missed couple of great chances infront of the goal (Odegaard and one more I cant remember who). Terrific goal by martinelli but only to be revoked. Its one of those fouls where everyone cant agree/disagree with, if the foul was other way Utd fans and sympathisers would say its not a foul while Arsenal would say its a foul. Very close call and if it happened in the box I doubt it would have been given as a penalty. Anyways thats not the reason arsenal lost but Arteta should have been a little more careful and not gone with all guns blazing after the equaliser. Great goal by Rashford too.
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