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  1. Asura

    Does Football Still Need Spectators?

    I've never been to any european league games but only to some of the MLS games locally in the US, so I get it that the experience is not the same. But I dont even feel like watching the european league games this season on TV due to lack of fans. It doesnt feel the same and its like watching a pickup game on the streets. Fcuk anyone who thinks fans arent needed.
  2. Cant pay the wages of a mascot and now this against Ozil... Arsenal are losing their class every day... ridiculous to remove him like this
  3. pathetic that the club cant pay wages for the mascot. Also not happy with the fact that Torreira was shipped out, I like him and assuming it would be like another Ox, Gnabry kind of regret to let him go
  4. Asura


    What a run by Miami Heat, thoroughly enjoyed watching them play this season but Lakers were obviously too powerful for them to overcome. I always liked Jimmy Butler but never thought he would be such a superstar, hope he continues that and Miami adds another piece and win the title soon after the recent heartbreak.
  5. Asura

    2020/2021 Kits

    definitely a lot lot better this one... after that eye sore of a blood splatter one
  6. declared (yet again) he is a vegan
  7. didnt he say he was a great friend of a fellow south american David Luiz? He always said he wanted to play with him in the same team. No brainer, he is coming to Arsenal.
  8. Asura

    2020/2021 Kits

    Not sure if this got posted... I dont like it
  9. yeah forgot about Salzburg, I know they exist. But I didnt know about the others you mentioned, thanks
  10. Is there any other club which has their sponsor name as their club name other than NY Red Bulls and RB Leipzig?
  11. Great win but some questionable calls from the referee... Chelsea werent great but they do have the right to complain about the result because of the refereeing. Hope Auba stays and this should boost Arteta and the team's morale...
  12. Asura

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    no I havent read anything from him. Sorry, couldnt help
  13. quarantine days of football were definitely better