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  1. Disappointed with the result but really it could have gone either way or even a draw. Good match and entertaining, Arsenal missed couple of great chances infront of the goal (Odegaard and one more I cant remember who). Terrific goal by martinelli but only to be revoked. Its one of those fouls where everyone cant agree/disagree with, if the foul was other way Utd fans and sympathisers would say its not a foul while Arsenal would say its a foul. Very close call and if it happened in the box I doubt it would have been given as a penalty. Anyways thats not the reason arsenal lost but Arteta should have been a little more careful and not gone with all guns blazing after the equaliser. Great goal by Rashford too.
  2. One team playing around the opponent's box with a couple of good shots on target while the keeper pulls a world class performance, the other team hitting them in the counter and scoring and wins 1-0. I have seen this probably a 1000 times before.
  3. Very boring game with THE most predictable outcome (both result and the play itself). Game happened exactly as how many must have anticipated. Liverpool playing into Real's hands by pressing all game and Real soaking up the pressure. The were never out of confidence and knew they can beat this liverpool team all day long. There was not one moment I thought Liverpool would win this final (despite me rooting against madrid). Courtois superb with a couple of saves and even if he didnt make those, real would somehow turn the game around and still win it. Its in the stars that they have to win this season... PSG, Chelsea, City all three great teams and they won against them by massive comebacks, Real must be oozing with too much confidence and it did definitely show up on the pitch. Any other season, any other setup, I would definitely put my money on liverpool as I believe they are a better team and would win, but not this season against this real madrid team as the game could have happened for 900 minutes and still real would have won. Maybe if Salah tried to square the ball to Mane instead of going himself with his weaker foot, the game would have been a little more interesting.
  4. Maybe my verbiage is not right, but I didnt mean to say "he wont be a great manager". I meant to say it will be a scar forever blowing the league by being in the driver's seat, at home against a relatively easier team (Villa) compared to Wolves which Liverpool are going to face. Everything else you have written is not relevant here, even though I agree with pretty much everything that he will be regarded as one of the best managers ever.
  5. I think City will win the title, they will be too much for Villa at home in a final game where their whole season is on the line. Pep cant go trophyless from here, it will be a huge dent to his career and reputation if he loses the title from here.... However, I would absolutely love for Liverpool to win the champions league... cant stand real madrid
  6. second yellow is deserved mate, closer to the goal too
  7. some shocking refereeing today. very soft penalty, Holding's first yellow wasnt necessary (second one is surely a yellow though). Odegaard falls down and spurs player kicks him the face, ref lets the play go on momentarily but stops because of head injury, yet tottenham gets the ball
  8. The most funny thing about Maguire is that he believes there is a reason why both the managers started him every game....
  9. Maybe debruyne or salah but they have great players around them but benzema seems to be carrying real a lot more by himself offensively. I think it boils down to who wins the premier league and the CL
  10. Amazing match and dont know how city didnt win this by 8-9 goals. Real Madrid somehow has too much luck on their side in this competition since many years, it just works for them despite being massively shite. One commentator said it feels like a basketball game and I agree with him, proper end to end stuff.
  11. I think this will be a draw but will be happy to be wrong and get a win
  12. During the first training session with Harry https://www.instagram.com/p/CcnCuDkAPeq/
  13. I would like to credit Jr a good portion for Benzema's success. Jr dribbling the ball in the box and dragging the defenders and providing super clean assists to Benzema so he can score.
  14. Yeah I'm always confused with this rule. I dont think it should have been a handball but if thats the law then fair enough.
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