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  1. quarantine days of football were definitely better
  2. Chelsea was a definitely good shout but Porto has to be the winner of this thread. Liverpool of 2005 too but that was more of a great comeback rather than a mighty underdog story
  3. Asura

    Football Books

    Wanted to add this one which wasnt mentioned already here. This was very good
  4. Asura

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Where I am from (the south), we dont even take cows really that serious and its urine is way far off to even consider lol. This whole cow worship is mainly in some of the northern parts of India is what I feel, especially in and around the states of UP, Rajasthan, Delhi, Bihar etc. Im not even sure if its that big in Gujarat where Modi is from.
  5. Crashing out of domestic cup and european cup and also losing their first match of the league... all in a span of 2-3 weeks... can this be because of fatigue? If thats the case, I think Klopp has milked his players enough and won a cup already and will win the league soon (just like with Dortmund with two leagues). If he doesnt learn and takes care of his players and give them proper rest, he will get fucked again next season.
  6. I havent followed Giroud much after he left Arsenal but he seems to be a great player today. He used to be decent for Arsenal but definitely not anywhere close to what he is playing today.
  7. What happened to Pedro though, I thought he was a very fast player. Lost the footing or just age showing up?
  8. Are liverpool showing the classic signs of fatigue? Barca used to do that when they were a much better dominating force few years ago and used to do very bad in about the months of Fenruary and March... this liverpool team reminds me of them
  9. yeah been reading news that Saka is being approached by clubs like liverpool and also chelsea... hope he stays, he looks like a good player and become even a lot more better
  10. Its ridiculous how the once bench warmers at Arsenal like Scezney and Gnabry have turned into starters for potential champions league and league winning teams elsewhere.. I always liked Gnabry when he was at arsenal but never understood why didnt start more ahead of other players.. Luckily Saka is starting enough now and I hope they will lock him down on a long term contract.
  11. Great game between Betis and Barca today, with the energy Betis played, I think they should have atleast snatched a point. They pressed hard and made it really hard for the barca defense who I thought were really bad.Vidal was poor, gave away ball few times in some key areas and one of them lead to Fekir's goal. I thought the pull by Bartra on Messi should have been a penalty, not sure if that was enough though.
  12. Looks like a great comeback by Leeds.. I couldnt watch the game though, wish they aired them on TV here.
  13. Asura

    Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

    Im an aviation enthusiast, I watch lot of videos on youtube related to aeroplanes where pilots talk about technical stuff but I have no clue about helicopters. However I found this video in my youtube suggestions last night and watched it. I didnt understand the whole terminology they used since this is related to helicopters but I felt that this is a weather related issue and not anything to do with any technical malfunction which I initially thought was the case... This is still speculation but if this indeed is down to weather then this whole tragedy feels like a lot worse ... easily avoidable and they could have taken a limo or something and avoid this.
  14. Asura

    Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

    Devastating news and too young to be gone. One of the greatest, easily in the top 5 that have played the game of basketball and such an inspiration for many. Even now I still yell "KOBEEEEE" in my mind when i toss something into a trash can and I know millions of others do the same. I enjoyed his prime time where him and Shaq formed a great duo and were the team to beat for my favourite Spurs to get the championship chance from the west. He wanted to stay out of basketball after he retired but he was brought back into the game by his daughter since she loves this sport as told in one of his interviews (I think with Matt Barnes). He trains her and tours around with her for her games. He even established an academy to train the kids and athletes. The saddest part of all this is that his youngest daughter who is one year old will never ever see her father, such a horrible news to think about. Just yesterday he was in the news for the fact that he was overtaken for the top 3rd scorer of all time and he even tweeted and congratulated the feat. Just one night later this happened and it all feels so surreal. RIP Mamba