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  1. what is ancelotti doing so high? Wenger, Bielsa and Clough should have been a lot higher IMO and also Vic Buckingham (from what I read about him). No Menotti at all in the list?
  2. Asura


    dafuq man... thats more than a million per week
  3. Asura


    Ronaldo earns 55.5 million per year? Am I reading this correctly?
  4. Asura

    Lionel Messi

    No words
  5. Rennes players literally trembling when Iwobi walked in
  6. along with top 5 dribblers ever and top 3 goal scorers ever... another assist to Dembele as I type
  7. People will talk about the goals he scored today but for me Messi's assist to Pique is more amazing.
  8. Hahahahaha what a fucking idiot simeone is... rinse and repeat the same thing every single year and bend over backwards to not play football. Utter cowardice
  9. In a book called "Brilliant Orange" I read that this style called "Total Football" is an invention of a guy named Vic Buckingham.
  10. Liverpool should win this... and the whole trophy. Rooting for their league and european cup double from my sofa.
  11. going to be a close one but I reckon Juve would advance despite Simeone parking his bulldozer (or read it as a defensive masterclass if you are @SirBalon )
  12. Asura

    Arsenal Discussion

    Arsenal head of recruitment Sven Mislintat leaving over transfer strategy - sources http://www.espn.in/soccer/arsenal/story/3752011/arsenal-head-of-recruitment-sven-mislintat-leaving-over-transfer-strategy-sources WTF.. it has probably been less than an year since he came on board from BVB
  13. Asura

    Asian Cup 2019

    Said it before after our first match... if, as a team, you cant hold the ball for more than 3 seconds then there is no chance you are winning or fighting against a half decent team. I dont understand why the hell were our players trying to clear the ball whenever they get it. Its either extremely poor coaching or a very bad tactic or the nervousness of a big stage... Good show overall and we are still a very very young football nation so Im fine with whatever the team has achieved... hopefully more upwards from now on.