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  1. Should have been a penalty for City for TAA's handball, im not buying the argument that Silva's is also a handball where the ball richocheted on to his hand when he was running. However, penalty or not, City going up 0-1 instead of Liverpool going 1-0 in a matter of 10 seconds, the way Liverpool played yesterday, there was no way City was winning that game even with that penalty and 0-1 in first few minutes.
  2. Never been so confident about Arsenal losing against Leicester before. They are playing really beautiful and I have no clue about whats going on with Arsenal. Time to bring back Wenger I guess
  3. Asura

    Halloween - Trick or Treat

    I've been living in the US for the last decade mate, I dont know how things are in India about this "festival" .. heard some people are celebrating it though. Personally not a big fan of this day and it has to be one of the very least favourite festivals in this country for me. The whole dressing up and make up to look like ghosts isnt really my thing.
  4. Asura


    Thanks brother.. I wish you too the same I wish everyone here a happy deepavali...
  5. why not? Imagine they are in a cup final and and in the 96th minute you get a chance to score an own goal and make them lose and piss them off for eternity... why would you not do that?
  6. Asura

    Teams you would like to see be competitive again

    Milan, Arsenal and Valencia
  7. Asura

    Santi Cazorla

    The only reason he gets so much stick or doesnt get the credit is because of the number of sitters he generally misses, but his link up play with other forwards/attacking midfielders/wingers is unquestionable, he is superb in that aspect. On Topic: Cazorla, along with Rosicky has to be the most underrated Arsenal players of this generation.
  8. Inter could have easily won the game in the first half itself, they had so many chances and its their fault to not capitalise them. Barca came back strong in the second half and Messi is growing slowly coming back from the injury. Dembele trying too hard just like Neymar and giving the ball away which lead to a couple of good counter attacks for Inter in the second half... Both the finishes by Suarez were gold
  9. Always liked Gnabry (and Ox) and didnt enjoy the fact he left Arsenal. Hope he does great for bayern.
  10. he pulled his arm behind him and the ball hit his bicep and very close to the shoulder, how would that be a handball? Very harsh to call that a handball
  11. so no penalty if the ball touches defenders hands during an open play when the ball is kicked by attackers?
  12. Generally speaking thats not a penalty but as per new rule I thought if the ball touches the hand it must be a penalty, isnt it? Atletico equalise from a corner 2-2
  13. How is that not a penalty... as per the new rule that should have been. Stupid ref should have checked the VAR
  14. Spurs slightly better in the first half but Arsenal clearly dominant in the second. If only that idiot named Mkhitaryan could take a good touch then he could have easily scored the third goal. What a waste of opportunity that was when the spurs defender gave him the ball in their box and he was almost one on one with the keeper.
  15. That Hull vs Blackburn first half is one of the best halves of football I have watched in my recent memory. Score is still 0-0 but what a game that was. Goal post the clear winner so far haha