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  1. Terrible news about Prodigy. Yet another rapper taken early(this time due to illness) at such a young age. It's happened to too many now. Mobb Deep will always be one of the greatest duos ever. You couldn't beat them, although Prodigy also held it down as a solo artist as well and was massively underrated in this respect.
  2. Carnivore Chris

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    I've seen those before mate and these look nothing alike. Have a closer look.
  3. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    Look closely at their wings, they are similar to those of flies rather than moths or butterflies. Very strange things. Even its head is nothing like a butterfly or moth. Its colours are, but nothing else resembles a moth or butterfly. Definitely not a moth if you ask me.
  4. He only ever seems to play well under Unai Emery for some reason.
  5. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    Can anybody tell me what the fuck that is? I saw aload flying today while on my brew at work, near the river, and they were glowing red while flying, so I waited for one to land and that's what they looked like. Weird things. I go to quite a few places mate but at the moment I've been going up to Wyreside all the time. It can be load due to the wankers on the camp site near by, but it's great for fishing up there. Do you know the place?
  6. Carnivore Chris

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    I did some fishing last weekend myself mate from friday night until sunday afternoon. I had 2 carp, one was at 5am on Saturday and the other at 2:30am on the Sunday, both of the cunts woke me up. It was far too hot for them in the day though and they weren't interested at all. I heard you had recently bought fifa and was living in fear that you might ask me for a game, given how great you are at it... Not bad bruv, although I only have so much time on my hands to go these days due to working all the time, which is why when I do go now, I always do 24-48 hour sessions. Have you finally decided to take it up yet and get on the rio de la plata mate? The recent "terrorism" is quite pathetic to be honest and a lot of it seems very small time. It's certainly something we need to be a lot more vigilante about than in the past, although not on the level that we live in fear, as you have more chance of being stabbed to death outside a pub than you do of dying in a terrorist attack in the UK. Regular sex? Is your wife into all that dungeon shit? Or are you simply not getting any at all anymore? It's been a very dry spring/summer so far this year(apart from the heavy rain last week) and it's been scorching here for the last 4 days or so. We had some heavy rain last week and everyone were moaning and now that the sun is out, they are all moaning again. Only in England
  7. Veratti, Busquets and Denis would be an interesting new midfield. Iniesta still has something to offer of course(he always will do until retirement) but the problem is, he can't seem to play more than 90 minutes a week nowadays, so the games he plays have to be a bit more selective. Due to this, I'd like to see Denis being given a proper run as he is by far the most talented of the signings from last summer and showed a lot of positive signs, although for some reason he was given the least opportunities. Hopefully Valverde has more confidence in him and gives him as many minutes as possible.
  8. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    How are all you bellends doing? I don't come on here enough these days but will have to try to more. It doesn't help with the season ending now either to be honest. Fuck all to talk about in terms of football other than transfer gossip, which is largely nonsense.
  9. None anymore as I only play football when having a kick around in the summer months, etc. But I used to have some Adidas Predators back in the day.
  10. Who are they? The ones who copied Rayo Vallecano's kit? In this market, not a chance . Especially not if the selling club is an English one also. No clauses, don't need money, there is no chance you'd get a bargain like that from an English club in this day and age.
  11. Just Veratti and Bellerin(or even Cancelo, I think he suits the system) would greatly improve the team. The depth is there but wasn't always utilised properly or at the correct times last season for me. Paco proved to be a handy option in the end though, Denis showed signs when given opportunities and with all due respects to him, Andre Gomes ended the season strongly, so might, in the end, turn out being a good player despite all the criticism and poor debut season for him overall. Sergi Roberto will also offer depth in midfield(his real position) if a right back is purchased and in some games, can even slot in at right back himself since he's versatile and not always the worst of options to have there, although as a whole I'd like to see more of him in midfield. The main objective is luring in 2 quality players who can better the first 11, one of those a midfielder and the other a right back.
  12. Cristiano is far too vein to ever let that happen .
  13. Good news, the team as a whole could have been much better last season, but you couldn't have really asked much more from Messi really. From an individual perspective, he had a brilliant season. He's arguably more important to the club than he's ever been to be honest.
  14. We could even look at our very own country. How many stabbings/shootings are there in cities such as London which don't make the main news? Every week? It's far from the level of Caracas or even Chicago, but is still common enough and if a gang member shoots or stabs another gang members, nobody cares, not even when they are kids. The only time it's news is when an innocent by stander is caught in the crossfire, so it's not only incidents from other countries that aren't well documented, but ones which occur in our very own country. People don't care due to how common it is. As for other countries, well many people in this country don't even know that Honduras exists, nevermind that it has the highest murder rate in the world.
  15. Class signing. He's the main one who Barcelona shouldn't have let go rather than Munir, although both being very different players. I always said that and still stand by it. He's got it in him to be a star. With this said, I like Paco Alcacer, he impressed me last season after finally getting his first goal. He was simply under-used, just like Denis Suarez.
  16. I'm a big fan of Aleix Vidal and found it frustrating how he wasn't getting chances at first. But once he did start getting them, he was brilliant, both defensively and offensively, especially the latter, where he was notching up assists from lovely crosses(something the team have badly lacked since his injury) and even chipping in with goals. If he was to come back from injury and continued playing like that, or how he was at Sevilla the season before he was purchased, then he will be like a new signing himself. With this said, I do think that a player such as Bellerin, or even Cancelo are still needed. Speaking of right-backs, I'd like to see Sergi Roberto playing more in midfield as I believe he could excel in this position. He's a very talented lad, although isn't natural to the right back position and deserves more minutes in midfield, where he is much more comfortable.
  17. What about Real Sociedad? I find them a very likeable club as well. The big 2 basque sides(Athletic and la Real), Villarreal and Sevilla are all worth looking out for in my opinion. Real Sociedad have a lot of potential at the moment too, it's all about keeping the likes of Martinez(which I hope they do personally, as it's great to see players stick by a club in this day and age, although it's quite common from the 2 basque clubs to be honest) and Eusebio as manager and I believe we could see them in Europe again soon. If they lose Rulli also, then I think they should go back in for Bravo as he would revitalise himself there. San Sebastian is as good as his home. As for Eibar(another Basque club in fact), they are effectively the equivalent of Morecambe reaching the premier league, before establishing themselves as a mid-table club. It's amazing what they have achieved.
  18. He's more a C.Ronaldo fan than anything to be honest. If C.Ronaldo went to Chivas or Man City, then he would even jump on them I bet .
  19. Berserker: Ricardo: Bluebird Hewitt:
  20. I nearly didn't see the Cantona kick in the background at first Yeboah was a beast.
  21. They are compulsory mate as I've read into it before and it's also something that has been well documented in the Spanish media in the past and how it's a downfall for the league in terms of the "smaller" clubs losing top quality for such pathetic fees. Literally every player in the league has a clause and that's because they have to mate. Real Madrid and Barcelona wouldn't have release clauses in Ronaldo or Messi's contracts if it wasn't mandatory.
  22. Nah I mean we will never speak to him again as he won't find this forum with the old TFF now gone . There is nothing to tell mate.
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