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  1. The Rebel CRS

    Hip Hop/Rap

  2. The Rebel CRS

    Spanish Super Cup To Become 4 Team Competition

    A 4 team compeititon actually sounds like a good idea(barring they are only 1 leg games) as it makes it a little more competitive for what it is. Playing the games abroad is a joke though(albiet being better than playing actual league games abroad) and it's desperation in an attempt at trying to keep up with modern day marketing(and it'll fail as nobody in the country it is played in will care beyond that if they don't already), although unfortunately this is what leagues are going to have to do now in order to compete financially with the Premier League and the TV deals that currently exist, etc. I've honestly gotten to the point where I no longer give a fuck about news like this as I have given up.
  3. The Rebel CRS

    Militant Veganism

    The worse thing is, they often target your local farmer types, even though these are the ones who actually treat their animals well and do everything humanly. I'm all for it when it comes to factory farming, but when they are sending death threats to your local farmers, or even a school where they were breeding pigs in order to educate kids on how it all works, it is taking the piss. I've seen how animals are kept on real farms and I'd have no qualms in eating them as I've seen how happy and healthy they are. Factory farming is a very different subject altogether, although these wacko types aren't only about that. It doesn't stop them keeping pet cats either and letting them roam around the streets killing everything, it doesn't stop them driving cars, buying new build houses which were built over animal habitats, or even being responsible for the death of millions of poor insects . Wackos would be a better way to describe them as they are fucking lunatics. All they make you do is want to eat more meat than ever.
  4. The Rebel CRS


    I see them all the time on the river, canal and even when fishing, but they always like to keep that distance from humans so to see one sat there not giving a fuck at all in a busy market was funny
  5. The Rebel CRS


    I forgot to mention in here but I saw a Heron on Tuesday just sat on top of the fish stall in one of the biggest markets in Europe; the Albert Cuyp markt in Amsterdam. Herons usually like to keep well away from humans, but this fella didn't give a fuck and was just sat there, probably waiting for fish @nudge, @Bluewolf
  6. The Rebel CRS

    Off Topic

    I'll set fire to his chippy if he doesn't.
  7. The Rebel CRS

    Off Topic

    We need to convince that cunt @Fusion to start posting again. He literally browses the forum all the time but never posts.
  8. Real Madrid were starting to look much better lately and like they were ready to really push towards the end of the season, but results like this continue to haunt them. Barcelona's performance was nothing special either in truth, but another win in a game which Valladolid made very difficult.
  9. The Rebel CRS

    Storts' TF365 Forum Hierarchy 2019

    Free Teso
  10. The Rebel CRS

    Pablo Sarabia

    He's a quality player, has been for years and was also the same for Getafe before moving to Sevilla. But for me, a club such as Sevilla is perfect for him and moving to one of the top 3 in Spain or 4 in England will probably have negative consequences on how his career develops from here as it's very different playing for clubs of that stature. The grass isn't always greener on the other side as the saying goes and I believe he's playing at a perfect level him at Sevilla. I will tell you who is a good player to watch for Sevilla and often goes under the radar:- Franco Vazquez. He has been class for Sevilla but doesn't seem to get any credit. Very technically gifted player.
  11. The Rebel CRS

    General La Liga Discussion

    Speaking of Rayo, Mario Suarez was the best player on the park yesterday against Atletico Madrid and it makes you wonder why he went to Rayo(with all due respects to them) rather than a side such as Real Betis, as he still has a lot left to give and has only just turned 31. A coup for Rayo either way, they have done well to sign him.
  12. The Rebel CRS

    British-Irish dialect quiz

    It says Carlisle/Middlesbrough for me. What aload of shit
  13. The Rebel CRS


    Power, Sons of Anarchy, Narcos, Daredevil....many top series, especially Power.
  14. The Rebel CRS


    Why didn't they actually help the dog rather than taking pictures of it to get a newspaper story out of it?
  15. The Rebel CRS

    Off Topic

    Is @SirBalon ever going to return?