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  1. The Rebel CRS

    Off Topic

    I didn't notice @Dr. Gonzo's post until now. Sorry to hear that mate and I know what you're going through(other than the not being able to get back over here, which must make it a lot worse) and it's one of the horrible parts of life. You will always remember the great times though mate when looking back in future years and his memory will live on for you.
  2. The Rebel CRS

    Off Topic

    I've just thought now. If it was 500 meters at 0.30mm and 350 meters at 0.35mm then I'd have simply just needed to divide 150 between 5, which is 30 and then take away 30 as I went up a 0.1mm, which would pretty much leave me with this:- 0.31 - 470 0.32 - 440 0.33 - 410 0.34 - 380 Quite basic mathematics really(even if it's only an approximation) and I don't know why I even needed to ask @RandoEFC or yourself as I should really have worked that out myself. Don't smoke weed
  3. The Rebel CRS

    Racism in football

    I thought you was kicking a freestyle then....
  4. The Rebel CRS


    Now I see why @Dr. Gonzo has a cat. Gets it to do his dirty work for him
  5. Brilliant. He can really go places this kid.
  6. The Rebel CRS

    MMA & Combat Sports

    You've got to love Nate Diaz.
  7. The Rebel CRS

    MMA & Combat Sports

    @Teso dos Bichos
  8. I actually liked Valverde up until that point and thought he was bringing something new and fresh, but as last season progressed you just grew tired of his football, then you add to the fact that everything crumbled at the end of the campaign and it was probably the best to bring in someone else. The difference between that Fergie side and this side is that, the Fergie one was seriously lacking talent while this Barcelona side has it all to succeed in my opinion and the squad is as good as any you'll see really. While there are new additions also, the backbone are a group of players who have been playing with each other for years(Ter Stegen, Pique, Alba, Busquets, Rakitic, Messi, Suarez...) and they are all players with plenty left to offer. Add to that a group of highly talented young players and fresh faces and I don't see a side there that should be on the down, but more on the up and stepping into something new.
  9. I'd rather get run over by a CAR..
  10. The Rebel CRS

    MMA & Combat Sports

    What's he hitting old men in bars for? He's become out of control. He could have done alot more for himself but I think we can safely say that the best is way behind him. Fights such as the boxing match with Mayweather was also a mockery to the fighting world.
  11. They should just scrap VAR, it's shit anyway. I've never been in favour of it personally.
  12. I personally don't think they will be as poor as last season mate and definitely don't think Atletico will. It'll be a tougher season than last and Barcelona will have to up their game, which I'm not sure can be achieved while Valverde is there.
  13. To be honest though, you can't keep relying on one man however good they are, especially when you have such a talented team. It's all about Valverde's approach as far as I'm concerned, then he gets fortunate when Messi, or sometimes Suarez, turns it on and wins the game for him. I've never known such a dull Barcelona team and I doubt things will change from last year while Valverde is still at the club. The only difference last year is that the results were often positive ones, until the Liverpool away game, but many of these results weren't achieved in a convincing manner and there were a lot of underperforming players who you felt were being held back due to the system, or lack of system. You could see fragilities in the side and I also remember a few members such as @El Profesor and @carefreeluke touching on this. They were correct in the end and I had a feeling they would be as well. This is actually a quality squad and depth wise, I can't think of a stronger Barcelona one(there have obviously been better starting 11s) so with a better manager, this team could continue succeeding, although Valverde just isn't the man to do it I'm afraid. He's a sound fella, never gets involved in nonsense and is a true professional but he doesn't have the tactical intelligence or man management skills to coach such a club. Bartomeu is barking up the wrong tree also. Bringing in more attacking players such as Neymar doesn't solve the problems as they lie mainly with the coach I'm afraid. I like Valverde, but he's not the man for the job at all. It sounds a bit harsh when you consider how he won La Liga last season and a double the season before, but I can only see him getting worse before better and the manner in which he sets out his team goes completely against what Barcelona are truly about. The type of players at the club don't suit the type of system he employs at all. When you look at this squad and compare it to City or Liverpool, it's not an inferior squad and is atleast as good as those squads(with the added bonus of Messi), but as it stands, I would see both sides ripping this Barcelona team apart and what it comes down to isn't personnel but the difference in managers/coaches. Valverde is nowhere near the level of your Peps and Klopps.
  14. Coutinho would have been class under a different coach. Pretty much every player at Barcelona look worse under Valverde than they did before working under him if we are honest. 
  15. The Rebel CRS

    Kasper Dolberg - Moving to OGC Nice?

    Edit: Not sure how that ended up in here. When I click on a thread today, a different thread opens up. Strange