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  1. The Rebel CRS

    Neymar - Transfer Listed by PSG

    A player like Neymar(or even Dembele fully fit and injury free) is certainly lacking right now. There has been far too much of an over-reliance on Messi this season(well, for a few years now) and in those games where he doesn't have his day, a player like Neymar(or again, Dembele fully fit, preferably the latter for me) is needed for these situations. Even to make the most of Messi's passes, as when he's not scoring goals, he's usually creating chances, although someone to make more of these passes is lacking. Even coming back to the game vs Liverpool at home. That should really have been 5-0 at the end when Dembele missed 2 straight forward chances, although had he been fully fit, you would have fancied him to score them. That, when you look back now, could have been the difference in the tie. 5-0 certainly wouldn't have told the story of course, as Liverpool weren't deserving of 5-0 on the night, but with a more clinical player in those positions at the end it could have been 5. Suarez still scores goals, some of which have been important this season, although his great performances are few and far between nowadays and he can be a very frustrating player to watch. Age and niggling injuries that he has been carrying are starting to catch up with him.
  2. The Rebel CRS

    Fishing and Angling

    This is why you need to put them in the fridge mate, as when they are cold they go dormant, whereas if they are warm, they turn very lively, start to sweat then begin to escape out of the tub, either that or they soon turn to casters and if you leave them even longer, you will open up a box to be greeted by a bunch of flies. I remember when my cousin owned a tackle shop, there was a power cut one night and he ended up with a shop full of maggots as they all escaped out of the fridges . As for fishing, this is how it is done:- Funnily enough, this video was taken about 10 miles away from where I live. It's a nature reserve, that holds 100s of species of birds along with Otters, Red Deer, alsorts. I used to go as a kid but back then there were never any Ospreys. The only Ospreys you found in England were small groups of them up in the Lake district, which were hard to find. It's great news that they have found their way there and it seems to be the case with a lot of rare birds, they find their way there and make it their home.
  3. The Rebel CRS

    Jasper Cillessen - Unsure Over Future

    It looks like he will be off to Valencia if Marca is to be believed. It's a shame, as he's class and if Ter Stegen didn't exist, he'd make a spot on number 1 for the club himself. But he needs to leave if he wants to play regular football and regular football is what he deserves. It'll be a class signing for Valencia. They look to be on the up again at the moment, so it's also a wise move on his behalf.
  4. The Rebel CRS

    Fishing and Angling

    I actually just wrote about that before you posted mate . Do you all put money in when having a tournament mate? I was thinking of organising one myself and booking out a whole lake. There is a 5 acre one I fish on and it has 10 pegs, so we could book the lake out and just fish with 7 of us on it(so we have plenty of room) and have a little tournament for the full weekend with everyone putting 20 quid in the pot whatever.
  5. The Rebel CRS

    Fishing and Angling

    I had 3 nice fish out the other week when nobody was catching anything on the lake. I'm doing well this year, just not going enough. I went yesterday but got hit by rain, everything got soaked so I just fucked off home. I've got a 3 day session coming up at the beginning of next month(in 2 weeks on Wednesday) as I've booked 3 days off work to go mid-week with a mate of mine. Then after that we are doing another 5 day session on the lake I fished on down South last year. I will be doing that in the last week of August. As for inbetween then, I will try and do as many 24-48 hour sessions as I can but it's difficult with work as I only have weekends free really and you can't go fishing every weekend when you have other plans as well.
  6. The Rebel CRS

    Copa América 2019

    Yeah, they have won the competition every time that it has been held there, although I think if there is ever a time that could change, it could be this year. Peru even have an outside chance. Why not? You did come third in 2011 and 2015 after all. The problem when it comes to this Peruvian side is finding goals.
  7. The Rebel CRS

    Copa América 2019

    I think Argentina's chance during Messi's era of winning something has passed now. Their opportunity was between 2014-2016 where they reached 3 consecutive finals, but I don't think they have enough anymore. Even though they are the hosts, I don't particularly think that Brazil look all that amazing either and this summer could be a big opportunity for someone like Colombia themselves to go all the way, or even a surprise package in someone like Venezuela, even though that would be at a push. They(Venezuela) will also have to play a lot better than they did against Peru in the opener. Uruguay can never be underestimated either when it comes to this tournament, albeit them not looking at their best themselves as of late.
  8. I remember that thing the other month on tele where Harry Redknapp was managing a bunch of ex-England players and Robbie Fowler showed that even now he has that natural finishing ability. It has never gone away.
  9. The Rebel CRS

    If you had the chance to

    I have 2 big fishing trips planned with one of my mates. One for 3 days in 2 weeks time in the midlands and one for 5 days at the end of August down in the South East. But after that a few trips away will be on the cards at the end of the year, one will defo be Amsterdam, although probably between October-Debember or so. The other will be Barcelona. I was gona go there this month actually but I may as well just save it until the football season is on and then make most of the fishing season now. If it wasn't for work I'd do it all now but it all needs to be split up. I do sort of wish I'd already been back to the Dam before now as I got friendly with a Dutch barmaid in feb, bumped into her(when she wasn't working) in April and she even came back to my hotel with me on my last night. She was sound as fuck but I haven't really spoken to her lately.
  10. The Rebel CRS

    Off Topic

    The weather is fucking horrible.
  11. Push him into the path of a cyclist. Cyclists actually piss me off there for the record. They nearly take you out and most of the cunts don't even have lights on at night, then have the cheek to start ringing their bell when you can't even see them.
  12. The Rebel CRS

    Things you use to think as a youngster?

    That if you dug into the ground deep enough, you could eventually reach Australia.
  13. The Rebel CRS

    If you had the chance to

    I was actually seeing a lass who lives in Blackburn for about 3 months or so towards the end of last year so we could have done so around then brother. It's not like you even live far either, yet I must have known you about 13 years or whatever. @Rafa Beneathus, @JOSHBRFC, @Berserker, @Machado, @Stan, @Cannabis, @DeadLinesman, @Danny, @Toinho, @RandoEFC, @Happy Blue, @Lucas, @True Blue, @Batard, @The Artful Dodger, @Stick With Azeem for a good old weekend partying. @nudge for a romantic stroll down a beach in Cuba. @Dr. Gonzo and @José to get stoned as fuck with. @SirBalon, @Spike, @Eco, @Grizzly21, @Cicero, @carefreeluke, @El Profesor to sit down and have a deep football debate.
  14. The Rebel CRS

    If you had the chance to

    I went in Feb this year and it was probably the best trip. I did get lucky with the weather though as despite being absolutely freezing there was no rain, heavy winds or snow, etc.
  15. The Rebel CRS

    If you had the chance to

    I'm down South at the end of August so that would be a tricky one. I was planning on going again in Autumn though. Flights and hotels are much cheaper around then as well. I also think it's the perfect city to be in during the colder months.