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  1. The Rebel CRS

    The Holiday Thread

    Which is the closest decent German city to Amsterdam that could be gotten to on a train within, say, 2 hours? Düsseldorf perhaps? Dortmund? Are they worth the visit? @nudge, @Tommy I'm going back there(Amsterdam) in Feb(on my own this time if nobody is up for it, I'm going whatever happens.), but I might have to extend my stay and visit Germany for the day, simply for the fact I've never been.
  2. I had a feeling when they first came about that something like this would happen. Would be good if Sky got La Liga back to be honest. As much as we slag them off, their coverage was another level to Eleven Sports.
  3. The style now is absolutely nothing like it was under Pep though, or under Rijkaard, or under Enrique or under Martino. All completely different set ups with completely different players, so that doesn't make sense. It would be easier for Messi to have fucked off to City a few years ago, rather than evolve and adapt his game. I thought the argument was always that he needed Xavi, Iniesta and Alves? None are at the club now yet he's playing football on a completely different level right now to anyone else on the planet. To consistently perform for the same club and evolve as your team, managers and backroom staff constantly change around you isn't any easier than moving around. It's probably more difficult if anything. Moving to PSG, a club who win their league every season without fail, wouldn't be a more difficult challenge at all.
  4. Going to Juventus is an easy choice though. They win their league every year whatever happens.
  5. The Rebel CRS

    Left Midfield Vote!

  6. The Rebel CRS

    Right Midfield Vote!

  7. The Rebel CRS

    Centre Back Vote!

    Godin and Umtiti
  8. The Rebel CRS

    The Holiday Thread

    Well that was fucking eventful to say the least.
  9. The Rebel CRS


    I haven't seen the latest seasson yet that came out the other month but I will get around to it. The season before that was class though. I'm starting to forget what was happening to be fair, so I might binge through it all again, maybe starting on Monday as I've took it off work with going to Amsterdam tomorrow til Sun. Top series. One of the better ones if you ask me.
  10. The Rebel CRS

    Off Topic

    Not really mate, I just take pictures of rare or random things I come across, although I can appreciate great photography.
  11. The Rebel CRS

    Off Topic

    @nudge Your photography is amazing. As good as you'll get.
  12. The Rebel CRS

    Most Fierce Premier League Derby

    When you look at rivalries like Boca/River, you realise that we don't even have any fierce rivalries at all in the top flight in this country in this day and age.
  13. The Rebel CRS

    The Holiday Thread

    I doubt I'll be going in there mate(too busy, maybe in the future), just getting a taxi from the hotel to there due to it being an easy destination to get to and a decent starting point, so to speak. Somewhere that is only 3.0 mile away from the hotel could take you on like a 6.5 mile journey to get there via taxi, so I thought that getting it to the Anne Frank would make the most sense as it's quick and easy to get to, while being close to where we want to be. Not to mention, from there, you can mooch about and check places out. Getting one of those travel cards to get about on trams and trains if needed would make sense itself. Hotel king's court it's called. It's nothing special, but is only for 2 days and is only for a place to get our heads down. We will barely be in there at all. A 7 min train journey from the Airport and then a 15 mil tram ride(or about 10 mins in an uber) to where everything is at. Googlemaps is one of the greatest inventions ever. How did we cope without it?
  14. The Rebel CRS

    Off Topic

    A quarter moon and Venus in the sky this morning. Amazing.
  15. The Rebel CRS

    The Holiday Thread

    Well I've worked out that the Anne Frank House is 2.5 mile from the hotel so I think it might be ideal just to get an uber to there and then mooch around from there. If you get taxis directly to other places(which aren't even far from the Anne Frank house), they can take you on long routes. But getting one of those transport cards would defo make sense. I'd get a bicycle myself if the weather was decent. It would be ideal if it was like today here. It was cold as fuck, but sunny, fresh and felt like a nice winter day. It would be spot on if it was like that, as they have some nice parks and stuff like that to visit there as well.