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  1. The Rebel CRS


    Just looking at a list now of which teams both Messi and C.Ronaldo have scored, out of interest, and Messi has scored 3 in 10 against Chelsea, while C.Ronaldo has only managed 1 in 15 against them. How do you manage to do it? No other club who both players have played against have a record like that. https://michelacosta.com/en/favorite-victims-messi-cristiano-ronaldo/
  2. The Rebel CRS

    2019-20 Champions League Qualifying Teams

    Switzerland and Austria have the same amount of teams as the Netherlands(and other countries like Portugal, Turkey and Greece) with 2 and also all have the same amount in the Europa league with 3. Russia have 3 in each competition just like France with Spain, England, Italy and Germany having 4 in the Champs league and 3 in the Europa league.
  3. Another Barcelona game on ITV 4 this evening. Whenever a La Liga game in general(not just Barcelona) is on ITV 4, then we should cherish it, even though we have other means(such as watching Eleven Sports) as we don't get enough free to air football now.
  4. The Rebel CRS

    Your Expensive Habits

    It was very nice for the taste but not as strong as some of the others mentioned.
  5. With 6 games remaining, I'd say the 5 teams still in with a chance are Sevilla, Getafe, Valencia, Athletic and Alaves. It looked like Sevilla would walk it at the start of the season, as they were in fact up there challenging for the title for the first few months, but they have slowly slipped way since, Getafe and Alaves have come out of nowhere and Valencia and Athletic have completely turned their season's around after starting so poorly they looked like relegation candidates at first. Games left:- Sevilla: Getafe(A), Rayo Vallecano(H), Girona(A), Leganes(H), Atletico(A), Athletic Bilbao(H) Getafe: Sevilla(H), Real Madrid(H), Real Sociedad(A), Girona(H), Barcelona(A), Villarreal(H) Valencia: Real Betis(A), Atletico Madrid(A), Eibar(A), Huesca(H), Deportivo Alaves(H), Real Valladolid(A) Athletic Bilbao: Real Madrid(A), Leganes(A), Deportivo Alaves(H), Real Valladolid(A), Celta Vigo(H), Sevilla(A) Deportivo Alaves: Barcelona(H), Athetic Bilbao(A), Real Sociedad(H), Valencia(A), Girona(H) Current standings: 4. Sevilla, 52pts 5. Getafe, 51pts 6. Valencia, 49pts 7. Athletic, 46pts 8. Deportivo Alaves, 46pts All have difficult runs to end the season and all have to play atleast 1 of the other clubs who are in the fight for 4th with them, so it could be very interesting. Getafe probably have the most difficult run as they have to play Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Real Sociedad and Villarreal, who are all tough opponents. I think this will be too much for them in the end. Valencia also have 2 semi finals vs Arsenal to contend and a Copa Del Rey final to prepare for against Barcelona, so it's also going to be difficult for them due to still being in 3 competitions. Alaves have a chance(and looked the most likely at one stage), although they have played 1 game more than the rest now(which they drew 2-2 last night), their form has been poor lately and they don't have a single "easy" game left at all. Overall it'll probably be Sevilla, even though they looked like they had fucked it all up, although I wouldn't rule out any of the rest if they can put a string of wins together, especially Athletic Bilbao who have a tough run, but one they can handle when they want to. I'm disappointed at Real Betis and Real Sociedad as both have some very good players and should well have been up there themselves this season. Both are currently sat in 9th and 10th respectively and 4th place will be too much for them now, although they could take advantage of a few of those 5 clubs mentioned and grab a Europa spot.
  6. The Rebel CRS

    Your Expensive Habits

    To buy California grown weed in Europe(Amsterdam, Barcelona, UK....) you're paying 25-35 euros a gram. It's ridiculous . I've tried a few such as Bruce Banner, Orange Cookies(that really was nice for taste and smell) and Zkittles. But I'd rather just buy some nice homegrown UK bud or Dutch or Spanish bud(whichever country I'm in), as I don't see the point in spending so much on weed just for the fact that it's a little more 'exotic' when in reality, what people don't realise is that all the best weed grown in California isn't going to be leaving there, so we aren't getting your best shit anyway. The nicest strains, for different reasons, I've had this year are probably:- Orange Cookies(Cali grown, but bought in Netherlands) Bruce Banner(Cali) Lemonade(Dutch) Gorilla Glue #4(UK) Stardawg(UK) Girl Scout Cookies(Dutch) Watermelon Zkittles(Dutch) Blue Gelato(Dutch) Hash:- Girl Scout Cookies ice(Dutch) Lemon Hash(Dutch) Tangie Static(Dutch) The hash I've tried this year is better than anything else probably. But yeah, definitely an expensive habit . Not the worst of habits though, I enjoy a smoke and trying different strains. It's no different to the whiskey connoisseurs on here really. It probably deserves its own thread in fact when you consider how it's now slowly becoming legal, or atleast deemed as being accepted in most countries. Also how many fucking different variations and strains there are nowadays. I'm still yet to try any rosin/shatter/bho(or whatever) and gotten into the whole "dabbing" mind, but I probably will do so in one of the Cannabis social clubs when I go to Barcelona in June. As for expensive hobbies, fishing is definitely one. The amount I spend on that is ridiculous really. I'm off tomorrow to do a 24 hour session, it's £26 to fish, but then I've had to renew my Rod licence which costs 45 quid for the year, then buy bait which costs about 30 quid and whatever I spend on food and what not. That's obviously without mentioning the amount you spend on actual tackle, which you easily end up spending a few grand on over time.
  7. The Rebel CRS

    Your Expensive Habits

    How much did you pay on it and what strain is it? Definitely an expensive habit though
  8. The Rebel CRS

    If you had to be another race - Which would you choose?

    I wouldn't say I wished to be any nationality or race personally as you're born as you are. Whatever you're born as doesn't really matter.
  9. The Rebel CRS

    If you had to be another race - Which would you choose?

    It would have to be Jamaican.
  10. The Rebel CRS

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    @Cannabis, @Stan, @Cicero
  11. The Rebel CRS

    Footballers You Wish You Could Have Seen...

    South America: Diego Maradona - I can remember Maradona from World Cup 94, but when he was in his pomp, I was only about 6 months old, so I'd go back and watch him since I didn't live the best of his career. I've seen a lot of the best of his career, but watching footage and full games back isn't the same as living a player's career. Zico Roberto Rivelino Garrincha Alfredo Di Stefano Europe: Johan Cruijff - Whenever I've seen old footage and matches back of old players, I find him to be the most impressive due to how complete and allrounded he was. Franz Beckenbauer Eusebio George Best Luis Suarez(The Spanish one), Michel Platini or Bobby Charlton.
  12. The Rebel CRS


    Do you remember Harry Enfield and chums? Absolutely brilliant it was
  13. The Rebel CRS

    Breaking News - General Chat

    I saw about that on the news this morning. Awful news and just shows how valuable life is and how you could just be gone at any moment.
  14. The Rebel CRS


    That is him on the left:-
  15. Yeah it's a shame how football has gone in that regard. Any star now is just going to go to the same handful of clubs in England or Spain, if not them then Bayern or PSG. Everyone else are always going to be playing catch up. One positive for Ajax though is that they are the biggest club in the Netherlands, so if Dutch football ends up having a change of fortunes in future years, then they will benefit the most. It would be great to see both Dutch and Portuguese football rise again and be able to keep up with the modern game. Both small countries, but they have as much passion and football heritage as any big nation in Europe. PSV are also a big club themselves, who are looking in good shape recently. They are actually on the same points as Ajax currently, meaning that Ajax could well end up winning the Champs league, yet losing out to PSV in the league.