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  1. It's tempting to jump straight to that conclusion based on his lack of experience, occasional misjudged behaviour as a player and perceived lack of intelligence. I said exactly the same as you a couple of weeks ago when Mike Parry mentioned it, but if you assess the evidence of his very short managerial career, the job he's done at Derby has been very good. Admittedly not a huge bank of evidence, but the evidence that exists is overwhelmingly positive. Not saying he's the man, go and get him, but I don't think it should be dismissed out of hand, especially looking at the likely list of alternatives. Santo would be tedious as fuck, the likes of Fonseca, Kovac and Garcia have managed big clubs but mostly been sacked and are still living off brief spells of success almost half a decade ago and have never managed in England, Ferguson is no long term answer and going back to Martinez is insane even by our standards. Could do worse, that's all I'm saying.
  2. So it's Kenwright pushing for Martinez. Also tried to do so in the summer before Moshiri said no and employed Benitez. Board haven't met with Moshiri yet so no discussions between them and no indication of whether he'll be offered it or not. Martinez would love to come back. Rooney would also definitely take the job if offered...
  3. I would be open to Martinez simply based on the fact that most of the other likely candidates arguably have just as many drawbacks as he does. He wouldn't be my first choice and I'd remain wary. I remember after his spell with us my opinion of him was absolutely on the floor and now I'm thinking I've just forgotten how bad he was, or our ongoing shiteness since he left has just made his spell look better by comparison. Not a ringing endorsement and I'd say 90% of Evertonians seem even less keen than me.
  4. It gets increasingly more difficult to think of ways in which the board can make themselves and the club look stupider than they already have but I think by bringing back Martinez and then having to sack him when he fails again, they've cracked it. It could go well with him having had a bit more experience under his belt. Maybe. I guess. Probably not though.
  5. Potter might be swayed by a huge pay rise and access to a bigger transfer kitty. He wouldn't be the first. I still think he'd be a mad man to come though. Sorry but Dyche is a horrific shout. Good manager but the polar opposite of what we need. This idea that we need to get a 'safe pair of hands' type manager needs to get in the bin. Look at Arsenal, Brighton, Brentford, Palace, Leeds, Villa. The list of teams in this league who have taken a 'gamble' on a younger, hungrier, unproven manager when they could have looked at a Hodgson/Dyche/Benitez "he'll get you 17th" option, and ended up much better off for it is growing and growing. The real gamble nowadays isn't to employ a somewhat unknown or unproven quantity, it's to employ the managers that have made a career out of damage limitation and don't actually have the level of strategic thinking required to bring a club forward over multiple years. Dyche may not fall entirely into this category, but he's still a manager who plans to get to 40 points first and everything else comes second. He's not the type to have a five year plan to move you from mid/lower-mid table to the fringes of the top six. Solid, safe, reliable, know what you're getting. All just pseudonyms for mediocre. We need to aim higher. A manager on the way up, not a manager who's reached their ceiling of "safe pair of hands".
  6. Potter would be mad to come here. We should have gone for him in the summer and let him and Brands get on with things while Moshiri fucked off and destroyed another train set somewhere far far away. I'm still not sure about this. Even Benitez managed to win a quarter of our league games with a massive injury crisis. Even a bang average manager should be able to do at least that well in the second half of the season which is all you need to avoid relegation. People have been using the same phrase "make or break" every single time we find ourselves here. It's a bit sensationalist. I can't remember the last season people weren't bricking it and saying "there's no such thing as too good to go down". If Ferguson can get us 4 points in two games again ot something and the permanent replacement can win 4-5 more games in the remainder of the season we're safe and despite people's exaggerations about our squad, we still have the quality to do that quite comfortably. I've heard this all before. Everton could be in real trouble this time. Ooh Everton haven't done very good business in the transfer market, that squad doesn't look much better than the teams below them. You're never too good to go down. They need someone like Allardyce to come in and steady the ship. As much as I loathe most of them, this squad has finished 7th, 8th, 8th, 12th, 10th in the last five seasons. It would take a staggeringly bad second half of the season for us to go down.
  7. Kenwright bought the club in 1999 by the way. We were already very, very bad by then and had survived relegation on the last day of the season twice in the decade running up to that with the FA Cup win in 1995 an exception. It's not like he was anywhere near the post-80s downward spiral. Again, not to defend the old fool but just to be factually accurate.
  8. Can't celebrate it, too embarrassed and disillusioned.
  9. Eugh the thought of Bilic makes me sick. Martinez may have improved on his drawbacks since he left 6 years ago but every ounce of my gut feeling screams not to go back there. I don't know anything really about the Denmark manager besides him getting them to the semis of the Euros, but he's been the favourite for a while.
  10. There are countless examples, Dalglish, Solskjaer, Shakespeare at Leicester. Our boardroom is absolutely impossible to predict though so who knows what will happen.
  11. There's no basis for that speculation though. It certainly isn't the feeling from what I can see on social media. Besides, if the fanbase had that sort of clout with the decision makers at the club, Benitez would never have been the Everton manager in the first place. Kenwright is the threat when it comes to trying to put "Everton people" in long term charge of the club just because they're Everton people. He's probably making the case for Ferguson to be given the season right now. Like I said, I don't mind him getting the next couple of games and I'm not opposed to anything that sees us get to the end of the season in one piece, but I'd rather that involve Ferguson on a short term deal until the right replacement is available, than us giving a longer term deal now to someone like Nuno who won't take us anywhere either and will need paying off at some point next season when we sack him too. I don't think it'll come to that anyway. Mumblings from the well-informed on social media are that the board are already trying to choose the replacement whilst finalising the severance package. If they can dig out someone half-decent then fine but I genuinely believe a Nuno-type appointment is just as risky and dangerous as someone unproven.
  12. Kenwright was and is horrid and is culpable for the Moshiri mess because he turned down several other opportunities to pass the club on to someone with some money because he was "waiting for the right one" and has chosen surely the worst person possible which just about says it all about his judgement. It's no defence of Kenwright but at least when he was fully in charge, the decline was manageable and could be rationalised by a lack of money. The club more or less fit the bill of a sleeping giant because if we'd got the same out of the resources we had when Moshiri took over as we did when we were cash-strapped, we would be sound. Of course this goes back to Kenwright's time as well but at least the lack of money he had was a mitigating factor. Moshiri has no such excuse and the damage he's inflicting upon the club is all just awful judgement. He has taken this club further bavkward in 5 years than Kenwright did in 25 years. They're both shite though. I genuinely think if they both fucked off and you got a couple of the halfway sensible lads off Everton Twitter to run the club we'd be in a much healthier position. Ferguson will obviously take over for the next game or two. But who's even out there at the moment? Nuno would be another just awful appointment. Ferguson has a shelf life, should galvanise the squad enough to get us through the medium term but we'll see enough cracks to know it won't work forever. I think you can give it to him for a while, and then when a half-decent option materialises (no idea who) we can thank him and ask him to step aside again. Not that I have any faith in any of the people in power to be able to execute anything resembling a plan here. There's no point in even speculating what they'll come up with next so it's time to wait and see, hang on for dear life and hope we're still a Premier League team in six month's time.
  13. RondónEFC


    Got it in three again. Beast.
  14. Bad, but the spending hasn't been as bad as you think the last few years. We got a bit of money for Bernard and James Rodriguez after getting them for free, made our money back on Moise Kean, the Digne fee more or less balances the money we've spent this month. This summer will mark five years since that mental window where we spent about £200m on Pickford, Sigurdsson, Keane, Klaassen and whoever else, and five years means it stops counting towards FFP if I understand correctly. Should free up some spending potential this summer. You never really know though with installments and contracts and stuff complicating all of these deals. Suffice to say that there aren't many teams in the league closer than us to the line, but this is what happens when your owner has Champions League wealth but the club itself isn't making Champions League money. The players we have should be able to keep us in a comfortable mid-table position. We shouldn't need to sell someone like Richarlison to be able to fund yet more investment into the squad to establish that bare minimum standard again. That's not to say he might not leave because a better opportunity comes along.
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