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  1. One of our better performances in months but we're still miles off the pace of a West Brom side in second gear. The people protesting outside the ground need to reconsider the target of their ire. Anderson doesn't want to be here. The unsackable Parkinson, however, still doesn't know his best starting 11, and can't get professional footballers playing like they've even met each other before. We're 100 percent down. I put the marginally better performance down to 'shop window' theory.
  2. They get paid... eventually... That's not an excuse sadly. There is a complete lack of tactical nous - and when they stumble on something that works (like a left footed winger playing on the left, shock)... it gets binned off by the tactical bingo machine.
  3. There hasn't been a game this season where the same can't have applied. This side is so poor, managed by a man who sadly doesn't have a clue.
  4. Shite. Repeat 3 times every fortnight until May. Got my League One away tour planned out already.
  5. StefBWFC

    Sheffield United - Can They Last the Course?

    My United supporting colleague was dismayed with the Madine loan. 'At least he twatted a Wednesdayite on his way to prison' was his positive summary of the deal. Even so, I think they'll manage promotion, possibly at the expense of Leeds.
  6. StefBWFC

    Nathan Jones Leaves Luton for Stoke

    A very interesting appointment which I didn't see coming from Stoke. They have all the hallmarks of a PL side that could sink like a stone - a lot of players there on long, lucrative contracts with almost zero resale value and arguably no fight to play in a league 'below' them. See: Sunderland. Will be a big challenge for the new manager - a total shift from the siege mentality he appears to have made (positively, of course) at Luton. As has been said, it is a shame he hasn't chosen to carry on the Luton story to the Championship. Hope this isn't a decision which will haunt him.
  7. StefBWFC

    Stoke City sack Gary Rowett

    I honestly don't think he'd go for those kind of vacancies. Always struck me as arrogant, thinking he's of much higher stock than he is. He's had a string of jobs since Birmingham and failed at them all, but I'm certain he's still looking at the likes of West Brom, Villa and Forest as potential new clubs... Not a chance, surely?
  8. StefBWFC

    Bolton Players Face Wage Delay

    The thing is, I don't think he's actually trying to ruin the club. He's keeping us solvent by prioritising payments to creditors ruthlessly, based on the awful cash flow issues we have - I believe he doesn't care who he pisses off in the process of prioritisation, as long as the club keeps running, ready for him to sell and walk away from this train wreck. Unfortunately, the multi-billionaires aren't exactly queuing up, and it only serves to upset the playing staff's chances in the short term (who the hell would loan us a player now?) That obviously impacts on our chances of staying up, reducing the likelihood of him selling up even further. That makes administration seem more viable sadly, as he can get out more easily, without the big payday he wanted (just the measly 10k a week he's taking for himself). When do we take admin though? Now, and consolidate next season in League One, or sit tight, hope Parkinson works a miracle and pray for a benefactor at BL6 as a Championship club next year, while always being one missed HMRC payment away from being wound up (as is happening to the hotel at the moment). It's a hideous choice, and I couldn't make it. I don't think Anderson wants to make it either. I just wish the papers could cover some positive news at the club instead of Anderson's brinkmanship making us the joke of English football... sadly, that news is rarer than rocking horse shit.
  9. StefBWFC

    Bolton Players Face Wage Delay

    😂 Apparently we owe Norwich a 'six figure sum' for non-payment of wages for Yannick Wildschut's and Remi Matthews's loans. This truly is a car crash.
  10. StefBWFC

    Bolton Players Face Wage Delay

    His knobhead kid is a football agent. Sweaty Ken was banned from being a director for years back in the '00s, something financially reprehensible around the time he was advising at Southampton FC. Here's a troubling link: There is huge talk of protest at the televised WBA game at home, which is massive for our fanbase as we generally accept our lot, no matter the situation. This is something different though, he really doesn't care a drop about 145 years of history and has played us all for mugs. Might have to get out a bedsheet with 'Andersons: DIAHF' to represent this forum at the protest.
  11. StefBWFC

    Bolton Players Face Wage Delay

    Entirely predictable, sadly. We were never, EVER going to stump up £1m for Doidge, as it doesn't exist. Sweaty Ken has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes again, most of all Christian himself, who has just bought a house in the area. Disgusting behaviour yet again from the dodgiest used-car salesman in English football. And this won't be the last time we're in the news for something financially/legally/morally questionable Anderson has done, as integrity in any of those three areas matters not to him. Supporting this club is like watching your old pet dog die slowly and painfully. It's pissing on the carpets and is full of weeping sores, but you keep taking it to the vet, hoping one more injection, one more course of antibiotics will somehow help the poor mutt get back to its glory days. Really, you know that the fairest thing to do would be to take it out the back and put it out of its misery, but you just can't bring yourself to do it. God, I'm fed up of BWFC.
  12. Yep. More concerning is the huge sum Blackburn owe to the chicken farmers... I can't see them writing that off any time soon.
  13. Fancy putting that in an email to the slimeball chairman wrecking BWFC? Semi-truth on our £22m - where as most clubs in the league are owned by wealthy people, all of our debts are to far riskier sources such as glorified loan sharks and the HMRC. As has been found out today, Anderson lied when he said he dipped into his own pocket to resolve the recent wage crisis (the PFA bailed the club out with a loan) - the sweaty charlatan hasn't put a bean into the club but pays himself £525k 'consultancy fees'.
  14. Awful lot of Arsenal fans rattled by Spurs not winning anything. Mind the gap. 🤐
  15. Fuming. What a fucking shit show. Some of the defending today would be shocking in an under 8s match, let alone the second tier of English football. Safest job in the sport - Parkinson has served up yet another festering abortion of a performance that has embarrassed the club even further, and yet the clueless twat will still be in employment tomorrow morning because we can't afford to pay him off for his ineptitude. Supporting this club is going to drive me to an early grave. In other news, I went to watch Bury beat Crewe today. Enjoyable match. They'd fucking tank us if we played tomorrow.