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  1. Today's the day, folks. In front of the HMRC with everything shrouded in NDA secrecy regarding any potential takeover. Expect liquidation headlines tomorrow (administration isn't an option as there is nobody to actually fund it), however, there are massive ITK rumblings of there being an unnamed bidder coming in during the 5 day notice for liquidation period. Either way, you'll all know by the end of the month if the club crest next to my name actually means anything anymore. This is going to be a hellish week for my blood pressure.
  2. It takes a lot for me to like any Liverpool side, but that was great stuff. Dogged, controlled, clinical. Never really out of second gear and still embarrassed Bayern at the Allianz. There's something about this side that genuinely makes me think they could win the CL this year. Shoring up that defence with Van Dijk and Allison might well prove the difference from 12 months ago: I might have a sneaky tenner on them to win it.
  3. Millwall and Rotherham winning put us 7 +GD from safety. I don't think there are going to be any miracles to finish off this painful season. The only positive is that we might drag Wigan down with us. Fingers crossed for Saturday.
  4. StefBWFC

    West Brom Sack Darren Moore

    People like Crooks, like Campbell, who think they are the internet generation's answer to Malcolm X can fuck themselves. Doing plenty to expand the racial gap when it SIMPLY IS NOT THE FUCKING ISSUE, in the name of self-aggrandisement; you're a scourge on the dream of racial equality. Shame.
  5. StefBWFC

    Off Topic

    If ever there's a picture that deserves to be upside down, it's one of Sam Allardyce telling someone to think.
  6. This has been one of my hardest weeks as a Bolton fan. Promise of takeover, followed by staff not being paid (again!), followed by the training ground not having diesel for the fucking generator, talks of bidders pulling out, suppliers pulling out, another loss (ho hum, comparatively), and the council threatening prohibition of Saturday's game taking place due to safety certificate issues caused by (you guessed it) non-payment of emergency and security services. All while the HMRC (whose patience must be wearing thin) plans to take the club to court on the 20th with ANOTHER winding-up petition. Oh, and the unlikely club saviour is fucking Kenyon. I am angry/confused/miserable beyond comprehension; that we've got to this stage astounds me. We're going under while Corrupt Ken sits in his Monegasque ivory tower, and there's seemingly nothing anyone can do to stop it. A cracking article on this whole sorry mess can be found here: http://twohundredpercent.net/is-this-how-bolton-wanderers-die/ TL;DR: "It’s difficult to avoid the feeling that the whole of professional football – every governing body that allowed this to build up unchecked, every player, manager and agent who put taking money before anything else, everybody – should be hanging their heads in shame at what has happened to this club, but they won’t. They never do. Should the worst come to the worst, there’ll be the usual trite statements of regret for what has happened before everybody shrugs their shoulders, whispers “that’s business” under their breath and carries on as though nothing has happened. That this should be happening to a club of Bolton’s standing should be one of English football’s greatest shames, but it won’t be, and that’s no small part of the reason why the likes of Ken Anderson end up as emboldened to treat one of the Football League’s great institutions in such a way as they do. It’s the mantra of the modern world, and it’s the mantra of modern football. If you can’t make a buck from it, it’s not worth a penny."
  7. Following last week's blood bath, I'll take a risk on hoping Sevilla come out fighting to make amends.
  8. Not a chance. I think Reading will come down with us and Ipswich - I really admire Rotherham's resolve and they can actually score goals. Wigan will scrape safety, to my annoyance. Nobody else worth mentioning in the drop race, those three (plus the doomed two) are way off the pace.
  9. Truly outclassed us from start to finish. Could have been a cricket score in truth, even before the two reds. 7 points + GD from safety, the club is still in turmoil off the pitch (who knows if this takeover will materialise, or actually even be the panacea we crave?), and we can't buy a goal, let alone a win, because we are truly truly gash. I considered a big rant, but why bother? Omnishambles from top to bottom. We need three wins more than Reading and a resurgent Rotherham by May. Chortle. In the words of Steven Morrissey, I know it's over.
  10. Leeds are absolutely going to bottle this. So poor at home to the worst side in the division on Saturday (a goalkeeper error and a refereeing farce does help the top sides from time to time) - a loss tonight, and Norwich and Sheffield United are flying. Easily the two best teams we've played this season. Leeds's best chance in a decade and I'm still certain it will go tits up.
  11. StefBWFC

    EFL Managerial Changes 2018/19

    Sounds like Bradford could use their most successful manager in the past two decades. Hopefully the BWFC takeover will work out positively for them. 🤞
  12. Alaves. (Forgive my La Liga ignorance, but how are they ranked as such outsiders?)
  13. StefBWFC

    EFL Managerial Changes 2018/19

    Still yet to update for Phil Parkinson, I see. One can but dream.
  14. StefBWFC

    Blackpool FC

    With that little Kyrgyzstan nugget of info, it makes you wonder if having Belokon near the club will actually be the salvation Blackpool fans crave...