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  1. StefBWFC

    Bolton Wanderers - Administration Confirmed

    That Ken Anderson will never face criminal charges shows how broken this sport is. Fit and fucking proper. Shaun Harvey can lick my ringpiece if that test even fucking exists.
  2. StefBWFC

    Salford City Promoted to Football League

    The BBC love-in for Salford City has been truly tiresome. So many clubs with centuries of history rattling around in non-league who have simply been mismanaged/poorly run in recent times, with still-loyal fanbases keeping the clubs solvent. Usurped by a club which had gates in the low hundreds a few years back, yet can now pay annual salaries of £250,000 to their players. Wrexham, Hartlepool, Chesterfield, York, Stockport, Torquay, Hereford, Chester, Darlington... in an ideal world, I would have any one of those clubs back in the League over a hateful tin-pot folly like Salford.
  3. That's right, everyone on a football forum should post carbon-copy, orgasmic praise, parroting the sporting media's hyperbolic exultation of the feat. Nobody has disrespected what either club has achieved - they have, however, put their own opinions on how it has been achieved. Isn't the ability to view an event with polar-opposite subjectivity and discuss it like grown ups something we are able to do on tf365?
  4. Staggering achievement to turn that around. Spurs getting to final in the circumstances they have is the biggest story in European football this season. Without spending obscene amounts on the playing staff too. I can't see them beating Liverpool, but then, it has been a bizarre knockout stage this year... Why not?
  5. StefBWFC

    Bolton Wanderers - Administration Confirmed

    By all accounts (other than Ken's), it was the Eddie Davies trustees (Fildraw) who have put us into admin, not Anderson, who is seemingly happy to liquidate. If we're SOMEHOW saved, we'll start with at least a 12 point deduction and an embargo, with very few contracted players, and clubs unlikely to want to loan to us based on our history (and then, which player would even want to come here?!?) The fat slimy bastard of an owner has no intention of saving the club, no matter what dross he spouts in his column. DIAHF isn't a strong enough sentiment for this fucking weasel.
  6. Disagree, I think they've played some wonderful stuff going forward. Their full backs in particular have been exceptional in transitioning from defence into quick, flowing counter attacks.
  7. In theory, it's expulsion from the League. Never mind, the EFL will not have a club to expel from the league by the 8th May.
  8. Which is why he runs a successful pension fund and has an astronomical net worth. A very, very well-run club.
  9. That's two things that won't happen.
  10. StefBWFC

    Bolton Wanderers - Administration Confirmed

    Nobody. I don't think I'd watch football tbh; how often do you see me post on non-BWFC threads? Truth is, I don't get much enjoyment out of a game where I'm not emotionally invested in it. The game today is off, this is genuinely looking like the beginning of the end. Convinced Anderson is liquidating the club out of spite. Dark, dark days.
  11. It's not just the losing. It's the whole mood around the place, the appalling football under Parkinson, the constant media circus. And then... Bassini has apparently bought the club and somehow claimed were Boyle debt free. Not getting ahead of myself yet. As it stands, if the club is still a solvent, registered company in August, I'll be happy.
  12. I'm excited for the away day, if nothing else. A club truly on the up after years of turmoil versus... erm... What's left of our club. Can't knock Cowley at all. Whatever he's done there is magical. Hope he doesn't get tempted away to the relative bright lights of Stoke, Sunderland or Swansea, and actually builds further on what he's achieved with Lincoln.
  13. Nailed on. Those jammy bastards are actually going to stay up, aren't they? --- 4000 Brummies are going to come up and sing 'Empty seats my lord' like the witty geniuses they are, while they watch a 5-0 pasting against players who genuinely don't care anymore (and why would they?) I'm going to clear out the back garden and listen to Jamiroquai in the sunshine instead, because I have even less motivation than the unfortunate, unpaid blokes putting on the white shirt.
  14. Seeing as my facetious butchery of the French language paid dividends, I'll do it again, reflecting the pleasant surprise I had on getting through. Nice.