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  1. Thank you for taking the time and effort to run this. Enjoy your World Cup and maybe see you next season.
  2. Thank you for running this over the season for us all to enjoy. I hope you all have a great close season and enjoy the World Cup if your lucky enough to have a county taking part.
  3. I’ll take Fortuna Düsseldorf at the weekend.
  4. What website is that you use for the stats? in fact, does anyone have any recommendations for decent websites for stats?? im up for this, I’m in one at the moment which is just the English leagues and is a tenner a pop. It’s good fun.
  5. This is the second time I’ve been called out for only posting on this section of the forum. The reason, I don’t really have anything to add on the threads, I love German Football (with a heavy preference for Schalke 04) and like pitting my wits against fellow Bundesliga fans. I’m a Hearts fan, Scottish Football is shite and shows no signs of getting better anytime soon, so nothing really to add in the section. Whilst I watch English football I have no great love for it if I’m being honest, over rated, over priced and over exposed. So nothing really to add in that section. I’ll happily just continue to post my predictions and see how I do come the end of the season. Hope you all all had a lovely Christmas and have a wonderful New Year.
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