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  1. Saturday 20th May, 2023 Tottenham 2-1 Brentford, 12.30 Bournemouth 0-2 Man Utd Fulham 2-1 Crystal Palace Liverpool 2-1 Aston Villa Wolves 0-1 Everton Nottm Forest 1-2 Arsenal, 17.30 Sunday 21st May, 2023 West Ham 0-1 Leeds, 13.30 Brighton 3-0 Southampton, 14.00 Man City 4-0 Chelsea, 16.30 Monday 22nd May, 2023 Newcastle 3-0 Leicester, 20.00 Wednesday 24th May, 2023 Brighton 1-3 Man City, 20.00 Thursday 25th May, 2023 Man Utd 2-0 Chelsea, 20.00
  2. Got off very lightly if you ask me
  3. He’s a system striker at this level, I’m pretty convinced of it. Worth that fee to Brentford but nobody else. They’ve literally built a team around him and his strengths, the direct style wouldn’t work at a bigger team.
  4. Hahah behave. It’s a massive bottle job by then. 2-0 up at Liverpool, 2-0 up at West Ham, failed to win both. Dropping point to Southampton at home. Losing to Brighton. Been top most of the season, and just failed to see it over the line with some shocking performances. Blue Moon
  5. Absolute bottle job by Arsenal. The worst in Premier League history. 11 points clear and they’ve blown it. YOU LOVE TO SEE IT.
  6. He’s diving over him, can’t expect him to want to get clattered. It’s dreadful goalkeeping, completely unnecessary. It’s a stonewall pen, regardless of how you think it was ‘won’ I know we are. We are dreadful. Still above you mind you. Two really bad teams today. Game swung on a shocking bit of keeping from Forster and Kane missing an absolute sitter. Fine margins.
  7. Oh behave it’s just so stupid from Martinez. That’s given as a penalty 9 times out of 10. Kane was going nowhere he had no need to dive in like that. Dreadful game of football between two very average teams i thought. We were a disgrace first half again. Improved in the second but still just too many poor players in the team that have no ideas. Just constantly offside with delaying the pass for so long.
  8. Saturday 13th May, 2023 Leeds 0-2 Newcastle, 12.30 Aston Villa 3-2 Tottenham Chelsea 1-2 Nottm Forest Crystal Palace 2-0 Bournemouth Man Utd 2-0 Wolves Southampton 1-2 Fulham Sunday 14th May, 2023 Brentford 2-0 West Ham, 14.00 Everton 1-4 Man City, 14.00 Arsenal 3-0 Brighton vs 16.30 Monday 15th May, 2023 Leicester 1-2 Liverpool, 20.00 Thursday 18th May, 2023 Newcastle 2 Brighton, 19.30
  9. F1 is dead. This is so boring. I’ve stopped watching
  10. Saturday 6th May, 2023 Bournemouth 2-0 Chelsea Man City 4-0 Leeds Tottenham 3-2 Crystal Palace Wolves 0-2 Aston Villa Liverpool 2-1 Brentford, 17.30 Sunday 7th May, 2023 Newcastle 2-0 Arsenal, 16.30 West Ham 1-2 Man Utd, 19.00 Monday 8th May, 2023 Fulham 0-2 Leicester Brighton 4-0 Everton, 17.30 Nottm Forest 2-1 Southampton, 20.00
  11. I'll make a deal with you @Lucas - make sure you lose tomorrow and the three points are all yours on the final day
  12. Not sure there’s much truth in it but he fits the profile of the sort of guy we’d be looking at. Not sure he’s had enough experience just yet to warrant the job
  13. Ahahah that definitely just sums you up Thanks mate. It won’t now, kinda numb to this team now. But this one just stung a bit considering how it went.
  14. The Skipp tackle is 50/50 but it’s on the ankle and this season those ones have largely been yellows, especially because there wasn’t excessive force either. The Jota one and the foul by Konate not given are pretty shocking decisions but it’s exactly what you expect when you go to Anfield. You just don’t get those sort of decisions. Klopp should have been sent off as well and that was just ignored
  15. I mean the clues were all there: Not fit to wear the shirt Last Merseyside cameo CL antics Fascist terrible footballer That all screams Lucas Moura
  16. Don’t particularly care about the result but that is such bollocks. Disastrous first 30 again. Then a really good 60 minutes. Had the chances to win that game. Written in the stars for Richi to get the equaliser at Anfield. Fully deserved And then my least favourite player goes and does that. The bloke isn’t fit to wear the shirt. Shouldn’t be on the pitch, and it’s a disgrace after his last Merseyside cameo he’s been allowed to go and do that. Don’t think I’ve ever despised a footballer more, which is ridiculous considering the CL antics, but he’s a horrible fascist and a terrible footballer. the worst bit of all is that the bloke that scored the winner should have been sent off. You just don’t get these decisions at Anfield. But Skipp had blood running down his face. If this isn’t dangerous I don’t know what is.
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