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  1. Saturday 23rd September, 2023 Crystal Palace 1-0 Fulham Luton 1-2 Wolves Man City 3-0 Nottm Forest Brentford 2-0 Everton, 17.30 Burnley 1-3 Man Utd, 20.00 Sunday 24th September, 2023 Arsenal 3-0 Tottenham, 14.00 Brighton 2-1 Bournemouth, 14.00 Chelsea 1-1 Aston Villa, 14.00 Liverpool 3-1 West Ham, 14.00 Sheff Utd 1-2 Newcastle, 16.30
  2. Wolves 0-3 Liverpool Aston Villa 2-1 Crystal Palace Fulham 2-0 Luton Man Utd 1-2 Brighton Tottenham 3-0 Sheff Utd West Ham 1-2 Man City Newcastle 2-1 Brentford Bournemouth 1-1 Chelsea Everton 0-3 Arsenal Nottm Forest 2-1 Burnley
  3. Madders player of the month, Big Ange manager of the month. Well deserved recognition for a great start by both of them
  4. When you read something like that you can tell why that club is so comfortable still playing Partey and supporting him.
  5. Even if you had, don't think Forest ever wanted to sell to you. Sounds like they didn't like the optics of selling to Brentford, even though the player was happy to make that move.
  6. Friday 1st September, 2023 Luton 0-2 West Ham, 20.00 Saturday 2nd September, 2023 Sheff Utd 1-2 Everton, 12.30 Brentford 2-1 Bournemouth Burnley 0-2 Tottenham Chelsea 2-0 Nottm Forest Man City 3-0 Fulham Brighton 1-3 Newcastle, 17.30 Sunday 3rd September, 2023 Crystal Palace 2-1 Wolves, 14.00 Liverpool 2-1 Aston Villa, 14.00 Arsenal 3-1 Man Utd, 16.30
  7. Think you missed someone off the video lads. I didn't mind Lenglet, but he's so slow on the turn. Ideal backup for Pau Torres because they're very similar in that regard.
  8. United signing our 4th choice left back is truly bizarre
  9. He came across so badly on that podcast he did, don’t want him anywhere near Spurs, and certainly not for the price you’d want for him.
  10. You say that like it was a bad thing? Lennon was one of my favourite ever players. Always got you out of your seat. I think the Johnson move will probably happen late on
  11. Attitude absolutely stinks. Club want him gone asap. Everybody got a clean slate under Ange and he was throughly unimpressed. Good player for the champ but yeah, attitude is terrible
  12. Very early days I know but seen your fans raving about him already. Very pleased he’s playing so well
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