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  1. The god damn drama. MUSIALA. The atmosphere was something to behold, I could only imagine being there. I love it. What an ending to an otherwise disappointing season. Also feel great for Sommer, he deserved this.
  2. The last one already was! the bit with Ted and his mom was just so real and boiling up the whole time in the background. But youre right, even though we know whats coming im fairly confident their going to knock this one out of the park yet again.
  3. Theres talks ManU are interested as well. If it turns into a bidding war we definitely wont win unless Rice wants to join us specifically. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  4. It is kinda funny that seems to be the area we've constantly spent on. Balance seems to be hard to put together for some reason and short lived when it has been found.
  5. The idea of this one being that Kimmich isnt really a 6, Rice would be a starter. Bumping Kimmich into a double pivot with more freedom or playing as an 8 which hes more or less been doing anyways to the detriment of our defence. We can debate the rest of the transfers and we're kind of 50/50 on alot of the transfer you listed, Id even throw Gravenberch into that list as well. The odd part is even the players that didnt clearly have a role or playing time we mostly made a profit off of. Ill defend the De Ligt transfer to the moon as hes been our best CB this season by a god damn mile and one of the only bright spots on this season as a whole. Hernandez just cant stay healthy, I do hope he extends as I want to see him on as a starter pairing with De Ligt.
  6. I still doubt this falls our way given everything 6666 says as well. But why do you say that out of curiosity?
  7. Ray Steveson passed away over the weekend at 58. Cause of death isnt listed yet but it was confirmed he fell ill while filming in Italy, went to hospital and subsequently passed away a day later. His likely last role is in the upcoming star wars spinoff Ahsoka. Whats your favourite role of his? I first loved him in Rome as Titus Pullo, he was the heart and sole of that show imo. Excellent portrayal as Black Beard in Black Sails as well.
  8. Finished off my new PC build here. Worked on it all day yesterday and hit one snag... Basically had too many fans and needed a USB splitter.. Found out when I went to install the AIO I needed another outlet so I went as far as I could and ordered the little splitter board off Amazon. Set that up and installed widows, updated the bios and got going downloading and installing stuff last night! Will test it out today but all temps seemed stable and everything seemed to work so far.. Knock on wood. My first build in probably close to 15 years. Allot more cables then I remember but I'm pretty happy with the end result. Big thanks to Mel as well for his help and advice on the components and what to do with in the end! The goods: Intel 13th Gen I5-13600K MSI Z690 ddr4 motherboard Team group ram 64gb total ddr4 Gigabyte RTX4090 OC Gigabyte 360 water force AIO Corsair 5000X RGB case Corsair rme 1000watt PSU And here's a little video once I got her up and going.
  9. Saturday 27th May, 2023 Hearts 2-0 Hibernian, 12.30 Brighton Women 1-2 Leicester Women, 14.30 Coventry 2-1 Luton, 16.45 Rennes 1-2 Monaco, 20.00 Sunday 28th May, 2023 Orlando 1-2 Atlanta Utd, 00.30 Verona 1-1 Empoli, 11.30 AZ Alkmaar 1-2 PSV, 13.30 Regensburg 1-2 Heidenheim, 14.30 Leeds 1-2 Tottenham, 16.30 Almeria 0-1 Real Valladolid, 18.00
  10. Dortmund 3-0 Mainz Leipzig 2-0 Schalke Union 2-0 Bremen Köln 0-5 Bayern Gladbach 2-1 Augsburg Frankfurt 1-2 Freiburg Wolfsburg 2-0 Hertha BSC Bochum 1-2 Leverkusen Stuttgart 2-1 Hoffenheim
  11. Fürth 1-2 Darmstadt St Pauli 3-1 Karlsruhe Paderborn 2-1 Nürnberg Hannover 1-1 Kiel Rostock 1-2 Braunschweig Sandhausen 0-2 Hamburg Regensburg 1-2 Heidenheim Magdeburg 1-2 Bielefeld Lautern 1-2 Düsseldorf
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