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  1. Since Arsenal did the double over chelsea last season, and beat them in the FA Cup final, does this make them de facto best team in europe?


    I think it does B|

    1. football forum


      And Aston Villa beat Arsenal twice, so I think a second star should be added to their emblem. Actually a bunch of teams beat Arsenal twice xD

    2. football forum

      CaaC (John)

      I would also add stars to Man City and Everton as they beat your gunners home & away last season. :coffee:

      Man City 1-0/0-1
      Villa 0-3/1-0
      Everton 2-1/0-1


    3. football forum

      Happy Blue

      Chelsea are not even the 1st, 2nd or 3rd best team in England, nevermind Europe lol  ..who won the league again? B|