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  1. Who do germany hate more, the Netherlands or Italy?

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      Wouldn't say hate. rivalry is a more fitting term. I'd say Italy myself. That's because we have a comparatively big Italian diaspora where I'm from, which fuels this rivalry even more.

    3. football forum

      Khan of TF365

      Germany rivalry hierarchy

      #1 Italy - Competitively the biggest, share many titles between them.

      #2 Dutch - More spicy & a derby in strict geographical terms

      #3 English - Both still like sticking up to each other even If they don't admit, old foes

      #4 Austria - Like England-Scotland, more big for Austria but still has some cultural relevance

    4. football forum

      It's Coming Home!

      Germany don't really hate The Netherlands, it is the other way round because of the past events from the War even though it has died down these days and it is just a neighbour rivalry like with Belgium.

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