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  1. kapisevicius

    What Turns You Off The Opposite Sex?

    Wait, what? Do these guys get an erection when you're in the shower or in the changing room? Because that's the only way to verify it.
  2. kapisevicius

    Best 3 Players Of Your Generation

    In terms of skills: 1. Messi 2. Ronaldo 3. Neymar
  3. kapisevicius

    Christchurch Massacre

    I love how discussions about terrorism turn into discussion if left-wing is right and right-wing is not and other way around and which side contributes to the current situation the most. P.S We still live in the most peaceful times in civilization history (yeah, I know it's terrifying) and one fucked up guy doesn't change anything so please don't say that the world will end in 200 years unless you have a reliable argument.
  4. kapisevicius

    What's Your Favorite Feline ?

    It's hard to choose. So I'll make my choice easier. Lynxes and bobcats for north. Cheetahs for south.
  5. kapisevicius

    Michael Jackson

    I didn't compare this two things, just gave an example for that the action taken by the Polish radio station was stupid. I didn't say that anyone should stop playing or listening to Lennon's music.
  6. kapisevicius

    Michael Jackson

    He was abusing his ex-wife and sons.
  7. kapisevicius

    Michael Jackson

    I didn't watch the documentary but I always believed he's a paedophile. One of the biggest Polish radio stations announced today that they will not be playing Michael Jackson's music anymore what is ridiculous in my opinion; if they wanted to survey all musicians they would play no music at all. I wonder when I will hear one of John Lennon's songs in the same radio station.
  8. kapisevicius


    If you enter the site by clicking the link from my first post then it is in Polish but the site is in English when you copy the link to the address bar. Weird.
  9. kapisevicius

    Annoyances that don't matter?

    That's so true. Additionaly, if I have my headphones on, I don't want to talk. I don't get why it's difficult to understand for some people and they still try to start a small-talk.
  10. kapisevicius


    I really hate shaming people who don't do it. It's so irritating when I see people on the Internet who make a big deal of it. I don't tip nurses or shop assistans so why would I tip a waitress? Nobody forced them to sign a contract with a minimum wage. Of course I'm not saying that you shouldn't tip, it's your money after all. Your thoughts on tipping? Do you tip?
  11. kapisevicius


    PolitScales is the political online test. There are 117 questions and it shows your results after you answer all of them. Share your chart. http://www.politiscales.net/en_US/
  12. kapisevicius

    Annoyances that don't matter?

    People who constantly interrupts you when you talk. The perfect signal telling you that a person is an idiot.
  13. Gladbach have been awful lately, we're probably the worst team beside Schalke right now. I really think it's likely we won't defend TOP6 this season what is depressing given how the table looked like a month ago. And Dortmund... Congratulations FC Bayern on 36th championship in a row.
  14. kapisevicius

    How much do you pay for a haircut?

    8$ for a simple haircut.
  15. Maybe it's a little offtopic but I've been reading r/exmuslim (reddit) regularly and it still shocks me what kind of stupidity people have to deal with in islamic countries... This is just another example of their attitude towards life.