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  1. kapisevicius

    Serie A Transfers & Rumours

    Apparently they have or they will have. This transfer depends on Higuain's transaction also.
  2. kapisevicius

    Underrated women thread

    Any argument for that? Also, assuming that porn is actually good, if your sex life is better than porn itself how could you be unsatisfied with your sex life?
  3. I find it embarassing. Why would you tell something like this publicly? Additionally, if a player has a clause and wants to join Bayern, he will do it unless they abandon clauses but it seems impossible on a long-term basis.
  4. kapisevicius

    Serie A Transfers & Rumours

    Krzysztof Piątek from FC Genoa is about to join AC Milan for 40-45m€.
  5. kapisevicius

    Underrated women thread

    Melissa Furmero, but only with long hair.
  6. He's definitely the most stupid player in Bundesliga. Just another proof for that.
  7. kapisevicius

    New Years Resolutions

    I'd like to buy a car (should be done at the end of March at the latest) and give up gambling definitely. However, still the most important thing is
  8. kapisevicius

    Roughest Place You've Been?

    Southern Montenegro. So much rubbish on streets and just two bins in the town. Unfinished houses (tax reasons), stench, overcrowded beach, tins in the sea, and overall mess. It wasn't dangerous tho.
  9. 2017/2018: I won't be watching the game because Ginter is playing 2018/2019: I won't be watching the game, Ginter is out Unfortunately, Jantschke isn't a player which can guarantee certain level and he shouldn't be third choice on such dangerous position like CB. Although Eberl had amazing summer window, he should have bought at least one solid central back and now he's paying the price. Winning 2 last home games this year and we're ok.
  10. kapisevicius

    Biggest one season wonders?

    I don't know if you have already mentioned him but Josip Drmic is the first footballer which comes to my mind when you say "one season wonder". He had amazing 13/14 season at Nürnberg and then total disaster. Injuries didn't help him though.
  11. kapisevicius

    Materialism: What have you bought recently?

    Do we have any NBA or Jazz fans here? I've never spent so much money (57€) on a hoodie before but it was love at first sight so I had to buy it.
  12. kapisevicius


    Yes, I heard about it. Really sad but that's vibe of places like this. Can't wait for 4th season. I'm not a movie/TV shows expert but Narcos is the best thing I've ever been watching. After 2nd season I thought Narcos won't be that good anymore without Pablo but I consider 3rd season as the best one tbh.
  13. kapisevicius

    What's Going Wrong at Bayern Munich?

    There are two main reasons in my honest opinion. First, bad summer transfer window - they didn't buy anyone, one Goretzka is not enough when you have 34 and 35 yo wingers and only one left-back. Second, Kovac is not good enough for Bayern and their "superstars". It seems like players don't respect him (for example, latest news from Bild).
  14. kapisevicius

    Maniac - Netflix Mini Series

    One of the weirdest TV series I've ever watched and because of that I recommend it. It's short so even if you don't like it you won't lose much time. I'm not an expert but Johan Hill's acting here really impressed me, the best character obviously.
  15. Glad to see that Plea and Neuhaus don't need much time to integrate. Especially Neuhaus looks like someone who might be basic player in German NT in 2-3 years. That's what surprise me is fact that Zakaria is only a sub atm, hope it's just temporary.