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  1. kapisevicius

    Chernobyl (2019)

    The show is good but I don't get why there's so much hype about it, maybe because I already knew about the disaster and its effects but there was no scene in first three episodes that shocked me . And English language in Soviet reality... the biggest disadvantage of the show in my opinion.
  2. kapisevicius

    European Parliament Elections

    Today is the first day of EP election. Will you vote? If so, for what party and why?
  3. kapisevicius

    Off Topic

    Do you watch Eurovision? For me it's the biggest guilty pleasure of the year. Really liked this song though:
  4. kapisevicius

    Max Kruse joins Fenerbahce

    Seriously? I expected him to change an environment at least I little bit. BILD reported something about a transfer to Italy recently and I thought it'd be his destination.
  5. kapisevicius

    Max Kruse joins Fenerbahce

    Great player. I'd like him to play in some Champions League club before retirement. He deserves that.
  6. kapisevicius

    UK's Top 10 Sexual Fantasies

    Agree but I think it comes from the fact there's lack of pornstars with Arabic background.
  7. Gladbach will lose an EL spot in the season we had 85-88% chances of getting into Champions League after 20 games. Great.
  8. kapisevicius

    Footballers You Wish You Could Have Seen...

    Firstly, I didn't say he's better just that he may be. IN TERMS OF SKILLS. But since they are players from different eras it's impossible to compare them both in a reliable way because, as I said, football changes, we have to take into consideration a level of leagues they played in, a level of players they played with etc. Too many factors. Secondly, I didn't say Van Dijk is a GOAT - when it comes to achievements there's a great deal of better players, not only Maldini, but I'm not talking about trophies. The only thing I'm considering is peak of their skills, the problem is it will always be relative because we don't know how good would Maldini be in modern football and how Van Dijk would have been 15 years ago. And given the fact I assume that football is getting better and better every year such discussion will never be obvious for me. P.S. Do "is" and "may" have the same meaning in English?
  9. kapisevicius

    Footballers You Wish You Could Have Seen...

    It was so hilariously inaccurate that you forgot to provide at least one argument in favor of your opinion. Typical.
  10. kapisevicius

    Footballers You Wish You Could Have Seen...

    1. You actually confirmed what I said/linked about Pele. It’s good example because most people still don't know the truth and claim that he's the best ever. 2. I know there was talent but they were limited and in result they were nowhere near to present day footballers. Have you seen oldschool football videos? Their defensive play was horrible. I didn't tweet about that Van Dijk is better than Maldini but I think in terms of skills he actually may be better. Football is developing very fast and players and teams are becoming better and better. I'm sure that in 20 years I'll say the same thing about footballers from 2019.
  11. Happy "Mother's Day" XDDDDD
  12. kapisevicius

    Time 100: The Most Influential People 2019

    I don't know if he's influential but he doesn't only call himself a president, he actually is.
  13. kapisevicius

    Footballers You Wish You Could Have Seen...

    Where did I say there were no good players?. I know that in comparision to present-day footballers they had limited opportunities to develop skills, so comparing players from different eras is pointless, but that doesn't change the fact they were worse. Pele is the best example, I saw a great thread on Twitter explaining how "successful" he actually was... Read this:
  14. kapisevicius

    Footballers You Wish You Could Have Seen...

    Do you mean I said a truism or something controversial?
  15. kapisevicius

    Footballers You Wish You Could Have Seen...

    I don't have any footballer from the past I would like to watch, the reason is simple: they were much worse than contemporary players.