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  1. EvertonGirl

    What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

    Live on a boat. Or can zombies swim?
  2. EvertonGirl

    Mental Health

    Without going in to too much detail, I've had my demons, still do at times... I've lost 3 friends to mental health. One just a few months ago. It hurts to know that they felt the only way to escape was that. I think some people don't truly understand it until they've been close to a sufferer or suffered themselves. To me, the hardest part is knowing and being aware of how I am feeling, how it is skewed, how it is an illness...and still not being able to stop the thoughts, the pain. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It's good to talk guys, you aren't alone. There is actually a thread on an Everton forum I use, it has a thread on there solely for mental health support - no jokes or anything allowed in there, just a page to support each other. It's great.
  3. Heartbreaking to hear this. I know the club will be doing everything they can to help and support him. Hopefully, this can help with some of the stigma, but I sure hope the media respect his privacy. Wouldn't count on it though...
  4. EvertonGirl

    TF365 Wingers of the Season Poll & Discussion

    Went for Hazard and Eriksen. Hazard is class and the best player in the league imo. Think Eriksen is severely underrated too, love watching him play.
  5. Good to see his progression rewarded. He's taken a bit of stick lately but I like him and he's been playing out or position, he's still very raw but it's to be expected. Looking forward to seeing him develop.
  6. Been looking forward to them coming up as it ticks off a new away ground for me - well done Brighton
  7. EvertonGirl

    Guilty Pleasures

    I was going to say trashy, reality tv. I have tried so hard to stop watching them but they all just sucker me back in....
  8. EvertonGirl

    Worst Signing Of The Season

    Zaza was only a loan but he was woeful in his short time. Calleri has been poor too. As have Pogba and lately, Mustafi. I can't say Musa cos he turned into peak Messi to knock is out the cup Sissoko takes the biscuit though, what a bullet dodged that was!
  9. Glad we've finally banned them rats. Vile, all of them.
  10. Lukaku but Alli will win, and he is quality so can't complain.
  11. EvertonGirl

    What Really Grinds My Gears?

    People who smoke in a crowd. I've no problem with you smoking, that's our life choice, but when you smoke in a crowd, everyone surrounding you has to inhale your toxic fumes and as a non smoker, I truly hate it.
  12. EvertonGirl

    Beautiful Countries/Cities?

    I really love Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in general. So pretty
  13. EvertonGirl

    Everton's New Stadium

    The architect we have is known for bespoke designs, and has been interacting with fans on social media to gauge opinion. He's basically confirmed it won't be like any old other ground nor like anything else he has done before. He's actually just designed Roma's new ground that got approved recently...
  14. Third time this season he has gone away with Ireland carrying an injury/coming back from an injury and being involved with them, resulting him coming back unavailable to play. Down to both O'Neill and McCarthy. Koeman actually likes McCarthy as a player but him sacrificing his club football for internationals when we pay his wages will be his downfall and will be why he is sold in the summer...