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  1. Cannabis

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Is this the one you washed and waxed?
  2. I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean, but if it's accepting my advice to walk away from the matter than many thanks.
  3. Yes, that's the one. I didn't throw my toys out of the pram though. You can see from my posts that I'm actually quite calm and haven't resorted to personal insults throughout my posts despite you making plenty. I think you're a decent poster, just fallen into the armchair trap that some fans do when they don't go the game. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and do feel free to drop me a PM if any of my posts confuse you like the upvote of forums news did last night.
  4. You've been crying for a solid two days? Have you completely forgotten the meltdown the other day, that despite me saying twice I wouldn't respond you still posted trying to get bites? No problems about not realising you're irate too, it's hard to see it in yourself, I think that's the case for most people. If you could calm yourself though it'd be a benefit to the forum as a whole, it's Saturday morning and the football is back. Not sure where the negativity has stemmed from tbh.
  5. Doesn't really work as Manchester United have never dropped to League One.
  6. I consistently upvote people who post news, as quite literally it benefits the forum and keeps it ticking. You can go through my upvotes if it really bothers you so much (as it clearly does). As with the other night, I'll not respond and give you some time to cool down. No doubt you'll need me for something in the near future.
  7. Wasn't you called "Friend of Your Mum?"
  8. Upvoted everyone on this page. Sorry for any offence caused. Will donate £5 to the forum and send a full letter of apology to those affected by the upvote button.
  9. Question @The Artful Dodger all you want on his views but the North West will always be the home of football. I wouldn't expect teams of those clubs to understand but it's just not the same, London is dwarfed when it comes to the teams TAD mentions.
  10. Some absolute shite being posted in this thread.
  11. If this was Football Manager you'd be backing out and reloading.
  12. Cannabis

    Alta - Youth Only Challenge

    My favourite country in the world, you know how to get my attention.