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  1. Cannabis

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    No idea?
  2. Cannabis

    Love Island 2019

    Going to be proper carnage this too, tomorrow will be class.
  3. Cannabis

    Love Island 2019

    Molly is literally talking shit.
  4. Cannabis

    Love Island 2019

  5. Cannabis

    Things Everyone Has Done But You

    You've finally sucked someone's cock?
  6. Cannabis

    Things Everyone Has Done But You

    Nutella, ew.
  7. Cannabis

    Pitch Your Club

    Everton aren't we? 25/25.
  8. For all those crying about Amazon, how about you just go the game and stop being such armchair fans? Just a thought.
  9. Cannabis

    Building Match Fitness & Air Miles - Pre-Season 2019/20

    @nudge Everton have announced a friendly with Bremen !
  10. Cannabis

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    I have a @SirBalon tattoo.
  11. I mean, there's delayed reactions and there's that.
  12. Cannabis

    Liam Gallagher

    Oasis were shit though whereas NGHFB's are really good. Noel doesn't need Liam, hence why they haven't got back together despite the latter being desperate to.
  13. Cannabis


    Is there a better metal band out there? Nah, didn't think so.
  14. Cannabis

    Gaming - General Chat

    I've given up on it, crashed twice in my first hour of playing so fucked it off. The first two are amazing games so it's such a shame.