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  1. Cannabis

    F1 Rookies in 2019

    Russell will do very little because of the car he has, I just hope that he's not frowned upon for what will be a quiet season (like Sirotkin was). Norris seems like a right dick, don't know why but I haven't warmed to him. Time will tell but he's not going to get near Sainz. Albon I've no idea about, but he came across well when interviewed by Sky F1.
  2. Happy with this, don't get me wrong it's absolute AIDS and laughable but if it means that actual La Liga games are played in Spain as opposed to the US then I'm happy. Nobody is that arsed about the Super Cup, it's just a friendly with a trophy at the end.
  3. Cannabis

    Football Manager 2018 - General Chat

    Bilbao I had fun with but it requires a lot of patience. Only signing Basque players which forces you to basically pump money into the academy.
  4. Cannabis

    Formula One - General Chat

    Agree with you there @RandoEFC. A few times Vettel spun and easily fought back because of the power in his car, it's the same with Mercedes and Red Bull.
  5. Cannabis

    The Butterfly Effect

    The Butterfly Effect is such an amazing theory. Some parts of my life have freakily turned for the better because of A, B and D aligning at the right time.
  6. Cannabis

    Football Manager 2017 - General Chat

    I know the feeling, over 12 months on from when I last posted
  7. Cannabis

    Catalunya Testing

    Just finished watching testing. Impressive performances from both Mercedes and Ferrari racking up a decent amount of laps. Interesting how Wolff is already playing down his team's chances and switching the focus to Ferrari and their "super-car", the man is a master of words. Red Bull Racing seemed reliable with the new engine which is exactly what they wanted after so many DNF's, I think Horner hinted that they were running on high fuel/energy, nowhere near race pace. Some good stints from Alfa Romeo and McLaren as already mentioned. It looked a nightmare for the latter breaking down but they managed to turn things around and get Sainz some track time. Williams are already mentioned are having a nightmare, Russell and Kubica desperately need track time and everything is pointing them to qualifying at the back come Melbourne regardless of how much George played down the current situation when interviewed.
  8. The league is up and running - code is 18923584.
  9. Cannabis

    Formula One - General Chat

    Cheers @nudge. For some reason it's not letting me in, will need to have a fiddle