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  1. Nobody catching you @BartraPique1932
  2. Cannabis

    Suso Returning to Liverpool?

    Not Deulofeu as he was class.
  3. Didn't subscribe from the start as I sensed something was off. Promising 3pm televised games and then on the day having to release a statement advising that they didn't know about Premier League rules and in fact couldn't show the matches - schoolboy and shows how rushed this was. Streaming is only as ever good as your internet connection, mine is great and doesn't give me problems but what if there's bad weather or there is a problem at their end? I just don't see the point in streaming live sport as there are multiple things that can hinder the experience. Feel sorry for those that have subscribed but I doubt you'll get your money back. If the company goes bust then they will just claim that the money has gone, can of worms though. Sky has been shit for a while but BT is heading the same way, apart from MNF (which I'll admit I haven't watched for a while) the whole packages seem dire. The only class service is the Formula One coverage.
  4. Probably the most overrated song in existence. Absolutely diabolical.
  5. Cannabis

    Last movie you watched?

    They even rescheduled a lot of the film so that Martin Freeman could play Bilbo as he had already signed a contract to film something else.
  6. Cannabis

    Last movie you watched?

    I must admit even though I liked the trilogy, a lot of the scenes had mad CGI features that felt forced in an effort to show off, I watched it in full 3D on release and enjoyed it more at home. 3D, as a side note is shite too.
  7. Cannabis

    Last movie you watched?

    Wait, what.
  8. Questions need to be asked as to why Lukaku is so shite too. Absolutely untouchable at Everton, joint top scorer for a while alongside Kane IIRC and suddenly can't score in a brothel? He was banging them in for West Brom and was tearing teams apart at Goodison, that doesn't just stop.
  9. I don't know what he's trying to achieve? How else was that going to end?
  10. Cannabis


  11. The hilarity of Fred being pissed off at not playing enough.