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  1. Cannabis

    NBA 2018/19

    Golden State still the team to beat @Eco?
  2. Porto making a bit of a habit of having their pants pulled down in the Knockout stages. Twice to Liverpool and the absolute demolition against Bayern. It's really disappointing to see.
  3. Laporte literally put the first two goals on a plate for them, horrendous from him.
  4. Well known fact that they seem to go up a gear when he's injured. Given the transfer fee that he would demand (especially with Levy selling) should Spurs cash in?
  5. Given the sides confirmed though you'd have to fancy Barcelona to go all the way, they're head and shoulders above the rest. A Cruyff final would be special though and would have almost a "friendly" feel to it, true football would win whatever the result.
  6. As crazy as this night has been that's the end of the road for Spurs, Ajax will defend much better than that and will score past what is a poor defence. Will be class seeing Ajax in the final too if they can do it.
  7. Yes, you can't use your hand in an attacking position be it accidental or not.
  8. Love commentators who don't understand the rules of the game, "his hand isn't in an unnatural position, it's a goal" Yeah, you can't score with your hand mate.
  9. Spurs not really helping the bottling tag, great work from City though so far who look as lethal as expected.