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  1. tommy_wafc

    The Holiday Thread

    Off to Barcelona on Thursday for 4 nights. Just back from the USA, saw so much.
  2. tommy_wafc

    The Holiday Thread

    Cheers, haha there's some decent free apps that you can download to tweak some photos, try snapseed.
  3. tommy_wafc

    The Holiday Thread

    Cheers, my new favourite place in Europe, everything was amazing, the nature, the cities, the food, people, good value too.
  4. tommy_wafc

    The Holiday Thread

    Just got back from a trip in central Europe, Italy, Slovenia Croatia and Austria. A few pictures from Slovenia, which is an amazing country.
  5. We've suddenly got 5/6 key players back as well as about 5 new signings all in the space of 2 weeks. Got to play the home tactics, press high up and just go for it. Win and it could open up a 10 point gap and hopefully give us more confidence on the road, as well as poor away tactics, think it's quite psychological now. Frustrating the contrast in form, as at home I'd back us to beat anyone and it's automatic promotion worthy. Away from home and it's bottom of the league battle form.
  6. tommy_wafc

    The Holiday Thread

    Berlins cool, lots of things to see and places to go, great transport links in the city as well. Not been to Barcelona since I was about 4! Hoping to visit a mate living there this year though.
  7. tommy_wafc

    The Holiday Thread

    Don't know if anyone uses instagram on here, but just joined and posted pictures of my travels if anyone wants to follow, I always follow people back. https://www.instagram.com/michaelt2789/
  8. tommy_wafc

    The Holiday Thread

    New Zealands top of my list of places to go that I haven't been too yet. All things being well, going to Barcelona in the Summer to visit a mate living there.
  9. We decided to revert back to the tactics we produced in the opening 9 games that had us 3rd and then randomly repeated against WBA and Blackburn and suddenly we looked a very good side again. Pressed high up the pitch, played with a high tempo, passed it about on the floor well and had good movement. Just hope we keep these tactics for the rest of the season and abandon the ultra defensive, slow, long ball that we had bizarrely used for the past 3 months which saw us plummet down the table. A few key players returning soon, so hopefully things will look better. Pilkington had a very good debut. Reece James will become the best right back in the world. The most ridiculously talented teenage defender I've ever seen in football. Chelsea have a special talent on their hands.
  10. tommy_wafc

    Bolton Wanderers - Takeover Completed

    Think administration, which would mean certain relegation but likely to see the end of Anderson is the best scenario now. If he keeps hanging on, Bolton will go down with an ever increasing debt and may even have no football club at all. Stef would you take admin, relegation, a complete rebuild as you look to get the finances in order and 3/4 years in League One consolidating, before going back up, if it meant Anderson was a gonna?
  11. tommy_wafc

    The Holiday Thread

    Really wish I had the chance to visit the Gold Coast to be honest.
  12. tommy_wafc

    The Holiday Thread

    First time in 2010 was out for 3 months, Singapore>Albury(relatives house)>Melbourne>Sydney>Cairns>Townsville>Noosa>Brisbane>Hong Kong 2012 Singapore>Perth>Albury>Sydney only 4 weeks second time round, pushed my luck with work haha!
  13. tommy_wafc

    The Holiday Thread

    Brisbane and Cairns are class to be fair. Singapores a great stop over place. Desperate to go back over to Australia this year, was supposed to go each of previous 2 years but fell through due to family illness.
  14. tommy_wafc

    The Apprentice

    Sabrinas just the hottest little thing. Sian deserves to be in the final and hope she wins.
  15. We're top of the XG you're top of the XGA. We're statistically the top two performing sides this season, both look quite similar on paper, both have young sides and play high pressing, high tempo attacking football so you'd expect lots of goals and probably get a 0-0 now! We've both played almost identical fixtures too, Forest, Sheff Wed, Rotherham at home, Villa and Stoke away, only 1 of the 6 fixtures has been different. Separated by 1 point in the table too. However, Brentfords home record is superb, 2 defeats in 24, a record going back nearly 18 months and we've only won 2 fixtures in London since the FA Cup win 5 years ago, so would be delighted with a point.