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  1. We didn't do much business last season. Williams, Gana, Bolasie. Stekelenburg for a minimal fee, DCL for £1 million, Valencia on loan. Don't think any one said we done well.
  2. Ideally, yeah. I think whoever is DoF and manager this summer is under a lot of pressure to have a good summer window which is why I can't see many 'unknown' players coming through the doors. Success rate this window has got to be high.
  3. I think he's heavily involved in all first team player acquisitions. Manager and DoF decide what's a priority, they both have their ideas and come to an agreement. Obviously some are heavily backed by one of them, Klaassen from Koeman, Lookman from Walsh for example. Walsh wanted Allardyce from start after Koeman was sacked (that's enough for him to be sacked) and pushed for it. He travels for discussions with teams and players, as well. He actually does a fair amount but Moshiri is rightfully wanting more value for money and that's why we've looked at other people to step in. Walsh wasn't even our first pick for the job, Moshiri wanted Monchi.
  4. Possibly edging closer to bringing Marcel Brands in. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/evertons-pursuit-marcel-brands-leave-14436552 This saying Walsh, as expected, would find his current job under threat and would need paying off. Also saying Brands would have a say in future managerial choice.
  5. If he says anything other than Kerry Dixon he's a liar.
  6. The greatest centre forward in the league.
  7. Elstone leaving to take over Super League. Good riddance.
  8. Yep. Think he'd be our next best option there, if Rooney is to stay deeper. Not going to happen, though. Won't see him for again under Allardyce probably. We'll just likely play three midfielders with no instruction for any of them to advance away from home but now and again Davies or Rooney will push on at home.
  9. That doesn't surprise me considering package trips are for the worst type of fan. Draped in club memorabilia singing come on you Spurs on the plane, I bet.
  10. Sigurdsson might not be going the World Cup. Knee injury.
  11. Yep. Tried to turn the players against Martinez here but was quickly booted out.
  12. Because we offer 5 times the wage, not hard to realise why.
  13. There's CoLFC that get a few in through the door.
  14. It's our city so we'll do what the fuck we want with it.
  15. A man who's on £6 million a year wants to keep his job. Shocking.
  16. Yeah, probably. Seen nothing from Mori to suggest he will do any better than Keane, Williams, Holgate or Jagielka.
  17. Having issues with Allardyce and he's not the only one. As for Mori, no thanks. I get the idea behind it being the others have been poor as well but he's been crap under Martinez and Koeman. Can't see Allardyce getting anything out of him.
  18. In a statement, the FA said it was satisfied that “the allegation was made in absolute good faith by Holgate and that there is no suggestion of this being an intentionally false or malicious allegation”. Same thing, bro.
  19. Only fools go to European games on package deals from the likes of SportOptions.
  20. Apart from the fact he's been player of the year.
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