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Bluebird Hewitt

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  1. Bluebird Hewitt

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

    So like Labour with Iraq then?
  2. Bluebird Hewitt

    Mobile & Apps tricks/hacks

    Turning my phone on allows you to be spied on by the Chinese.
  3. Bluebird Hewitt

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    Calm your tits, curry man. But I did go for the best football game of all time anyway (definitely not FIFA). And that's generic as shit anyway.
  4. Bluebird Hewitt

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    He hid it because he's getting embarrassed again.
  5. Bluebird Hewitt

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    Sent @Grizzly21
  6. Bluebird Hewitt

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    Sorry again. Been struggling for time recently. Will do this later tonight.
  7. Bluebird Hewitt

    Gaming - General Chat

    Possibly too early to show anything just yet. This reminds me that I need to play the original trilogy at some point. Microsoft and Nintendo currently have a close relationship don't they? This is probably the result of that, plus it's great that Banjo comes home. If the fighters can be bought separately, I'll be getting this.
  8. Bluebird Hewitt

    Gaming - General Chat

    Metroid Prime 4 has not long been started from scratch, so that doesn't surprise me too much.
  9. Bluebird Hewitt

    The Huawei Saga

    Not surprised. Loads of soft twats panic trading in their phones mind due to this.
  10. Bluebird Hewitt

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    Fuck sake. I read it as African Footballer and not South African footballer.
  11. That's nothing new. We all know London and the South of England basically gets everything while everyone else gets the middle finger, we'll before Brexit was even a thing. Also, I wouldn't recommend quoting too much from Walesonline as they truly are awful.
  12. Bluebird Hewitt

    Next UK Prime Minister

    Tbf, our useless lot just blame it on England for their continued failures.
  13. Bluebird Hewitt

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    That's a blast from the past.
  14. Bluebird Hewitt

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    We've released Kadeem Harris, Stuart O'Keefe and Gunners, the latter already agreeing a move. Shame on Kadeem but he's been with us since 2012 and while being close, he's never really broken fully into the first team and it's time for him to get a fresh start elsewhere. O'Keefe is no surprise as he hasn't played for us for a while. Started off well but never really did much after that.
  15. Bluebird Hewitt

    Is 2019 going as planned?

    Oh really? I'd probably say more towards the North, though that's just me.