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  1. I thought I was the only one stupid enough to pick Bamba.
  2. Bluebird Hewitt


    Well done Warnock.
  3. Paterson's only 6 behind. Must try harder.
  4. Bluebird Hewitt

    What are you playing?

    You can have a stage morph in this as well. Pick two stages and it'll change between them during a fight. EDIT: Started the World of Light and trying to unlock characters as I go. Got a fair amount to unlock and do, though have got Sonic and Bowser at least, so happy with that.
  5. For the third time (should have been the fourth but whatever)....... STICK THAT UP YOUR FUCKING ARSE, PREMIERSHIP ELITIST CUNTS!!! I could get used to this.
  6. And he's been subbed, so go get fucked.
  7. Callum Paterson, you sexy Scottish bastard.
  8. Bluebird Hewitt

    What are you playing?

    You're correct. He's the first of the five DLC characters. As for me, I've just started to play Smash so no games might as well be released for the next few months.
  9. Bluebird Hewitt

    Jordon Mutch Rejoining Cardiff City?

    I fucking hope not. He was one of our better players when we were in the prem before (that cracker away to Fulham won't be forgotten), but he has not progressed in any way, shape or form since leaving us and the last thing we need is someone taking the piss now.
  10. If we're to stand a chance, these are the sort of games we must keep winning. However, I guarantee that new manager syndrome will bite us on the ass and we'll lose.
  11. Typical that they appoint a new manager just as we're about to play them. Hopefully we can give Hassenhuttl a good welcome to the prem by beating them.
  12. Bluebird Hewitt

    What are you playing?

    Coming tomorrow. Got that and asked for Red Dead Redemption 2 for Christmas so this'll be fun.
  13. Bluebird Hewitt

    The Holiday Thread

    We went to the Anne Frank House today. Words can't really describe how I experienced it really. If you're going to do it, you MUST book it online (they do put 20% of tickets on sale on the day). Due to how small it is, they limit the number of people into the museum every 15 minutes.
  14. Bluebird Hewitt

    Other Matches - 4-5th December, 2018

    @DeadLinesman was not bad as well when he isn't blinding people with his bald head.