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  1. Heard the fee is about £5m. We might as well not bother with the rest of the season and ask to be relegated with immediate effect.
  2. In fairness, it's not so much about the quality and more about how they may bastardise them with loot creates, microtransactions, cut modes to sell as a season pass etc.
  3. Not bad, though as with anything EA, I'll remain cautious until they're out.
  4. Bluebird Hewitt


    Wordle 220 4/6 The starting word not helping today.
  5. Saw this from Garth Crooks. I'm sure @RondónEFC will be happy to read this. Thoughts?
  6. Saturday 29th January, 2022 Ross County 0-2 Rangers, 12.30 Aston Villa Women 0-4 Chelsea Women, 13.00 Fulham 7-1 Blackpool Hull 1-2 Swansea Celtic 2-1 Dundee Utd Sunday 30th January, 2022 Sydney 1-1 Central Coast Mariners, 05.05 Newcastle Jets 1-1 Adelaide Utd, 07.45 Gent 0-0 Antwerp Liverpool Women 7-0 Lincoln City Women, 14.00 Cardiff 0-3 Nottm Forest, 16.00
  7. Bluebird Hewitt


    Wordle 219 4/6 My starting word failed me a little today.
  8. Admittedly they might be a bit over what you want, but my last two TV's have been Samsung and both have been superb for me. Both were admittedly bedroom TV's at 24 and 32 inch (my current one), but both have lasted at least 8 years and shown no issues at all.
  9. Bluebird Hewitt


    Wordle 218 3/6 That'll do.
  10. Your favourite actress is cut from the final film. What do you do? 1. Think it's a shame but not the end of the world. 2. Sue the film studio Answer in the link below. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-60092299
  11. Piss off you scouse hating bastard. Lost that due to shocking defending (not for the first time) more than quality of the opposition. We're going down at this rate.
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