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  1. Bluebird Hewitt

    (Group A) - Italy vs Wales - Sunday 20th June, 2021

    We're getting fisted here ( @MUFC). Will be happy just to keep the score respectable.
  2. Bluebird Hewitt

    (Group D) England 0-0 Scotland - Friday 18th June, 2021

    While I'd love to see Scotland win, I have a horrible feeling that this will be a heavy defeat, even though they'll be pumped up for this. 3-0 England
  3. Hopefully that continues.
  4. Bluebird Hewitt

    Laptops & Notebooks

    Cheers for this. What I highlighted in bold is basically the sort of games I would likely play as well at best (those and some of the indie games on something like Steam that I either can't get on console or play better on PC, like Two Point Hospital), so not needing anything spectacular really. Just something that can do the job. In regards to HP, I think that was the only PC I had which basically collapsed and died on me in a year when I got one years ago, so don't worry about that. I'll keep an eye on Lenovo laptops though. The webcam in all honesty is not a huge issue as I barely used it on the Macbook.
  5. Bluebird Hewitt

    (Group A) - Turkey 0-2 Wales - Wednesday 16th June, 2021

    Think the Euro 2016 squad will be classed as better unless we manage to do something on par in this tournament. Late to this as my old man was late from work and not long finished watching our game. Great result and honestly thought we deserved it really. We could have won this game much earlier (Bale's penalty was horrific and has probably met Baggio's ball in space by now) and despite the Turkish pressure, Ward didn't really have to do that much. Solid defending and good counter attacking which, if the final ball was better, could have been more great chances. We're going to get slapped by Italy, but the job is more or less done now.
  6. Bluebird Hewitt

    Laptops & Notebooks

    That probably would have helped in fairness. I'm not looking too much overall, probably around the £400 mark (though that can be flexible). If possible, I'd want to get it from Amazon. The reason for this is because I have about £200 in gift vouchers, so would reduce the cost by a fair amount (I know it's Amazon Prime Day next week as well).
  7. Bluebird Hewitt

    Laptops & Notebooks

    Well, after 12 years of my white shelled Macbook, it's more or less at death's door as the battery is gone and only works when plugged to the mains (it doesn't charge at all). This is just ever so slightly a pain in the ass as I just bought a PS5 a couple of weeks ago. As I'm potentially looking to start a degree course in the near future, I'm going to need a new laptop. Preferably something that can do the basics (as in using Microsoft Office, use Pokerstars etc), but potentially play some games on it as well. Not intensive games like Battlefield or the likes, but something that can run general games, mainly your indie stuff on Steam and the likes of Football Manager. Any ideas?
  8. Bluebird Hewitt

    Gaming - General Chat

    I heard that was in the works for some time. Can't remember how long though. I'd like to see online multiplayer and being able to share user created maps online, as I know the first game had a map creator (can't remember if the second game had it). I'll be very surprised if either happen though.
  9. Bluebird Hewitt

    Gaming - General Chat

    Nintendo coming up with the most unexpected announcement (for me at least) for E3. A remake of Advance Wars and Advance Wars: Black Hole Rising on Switch. I was not expecting that in the slightest. Would have been nice to see a new game, but I'll happily play these. I think I recommended the first one at least to @Dr. Gonzo a little while ago.
  10. Bluebird Hewitt

    (Group F) - France 1-0 Germany - Tuesday 15th June, 2021

    Cheers Hummels. That's minus points for me on the fantasy league. Prick.
  11. Fuck sake. Hull clearly destroyed Marshall's soul.
  12. Bluebird Hewitt

    (Group A) Wales 1-1 Switzerland - Saturday 12th June, 2021

    Considering how we started, I'll take that. Makes Turkey a must win, but better to get a point on the board than nothing at all.
  13. Bluebird Hewitt

    (Group A) Wales 1-1 Switzerland - Saturday 12th June, 2021

    Fuck sake, getting far too close now.
  14. Bluebird Hewitt

    (Group A) Wales 1-1 Switzerland - Saturday 12th June, 2021

    We're going to concede at the death here. The defence is getting done too easily. Fuck, nearly in there from Embolo.
  15. Bluebird Hewitt

    (Group A) Wales 1-1 Switzerland - Saturday 12th June, 2021

    Christ, I thought we were going to see corruption before our eyes then. Even so, that's still poor defending and can't see that happen again.