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  1. What was Ndidi doing? Mount gives Chelsea the lead. 1-0
  2. Full Time - 1-0 to Sheffield United and fully deserved.
  3. Sheffield United take the lead in a game that has TF365 hooked. 1-0.
  4. Not gonna lie. Call it early panic or whatever but we may be heading into a relegation battle if we aren't careful.
  5. Been like that for some time. We've been crying for a creative midfielder and we still don't have one.
  6. Fair play, we are fucking awful.
  7. Bluebird Hewitt

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

    Ironically, I've never watched Inbetweeners.
  8. Bluebird Hewitt

    The Save I've Got Going On...

    Diddy Keong, Donkey Kuong, Big M-ong (well played @Batard) Hong and Beautiful.
  9. Bluebird Hewitt

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    Well, this was unexpected. Bony is currently training with Newport County. Wasn't that long ago that he was on Man City's books.
  10. Bluebird Hewitt

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

  11. Well, we made that much harder than it should have been.
  12. Forest with a superb goal there.
  13. Bluebird Hewitt

    Gaming - General Chat

    This isn't dodgy in the slightest. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-08-08-fans-campaign-for-borderlands-3-boycott-after-youtuber-says-take-two-sent-investigators-to-his-door
  14. Bluebird Hewitt

    Football Manager 2017 - General Chat

    Knew Glatzel would be great.