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  1. If that's true, is there even any point in having an officiating team on the pitch soon?
  2. The beginning of the end for Codemasters. https://www.eurogamer.net/ea-confirms-layoffs-at-f1-developer-codemasters Pretty sure I mentioned on here when they were first brought that EA were going to fuck them and the games they made, and eventually put a bullet in their head. This is just backing that up.
  3. Shit, that's rough. Sorry to hear about that.
  4. Cardiff does, yes. Had a little wander around last week and it was pretty decent in fairness. Looking to buy a currywurst from the German sausage place this weekend.
  5. Millwall won't be easy, but it's one we should be looking to win, especially after two losses on the bounce against, admittedly, better teams.
  6. We've waited 10 years for GTA6 so far, so another 2 years won't hurt. It'll fly by anyway. Alternatively, you can always freeze yourself like Cartman did.
  7. Randomly thinking (and if it suited the game's tone), one thing I liked about GTA Chinatown Wars was that your main source of income (as well as missions) was via drug dealing, whereby you bought certain drugs cheap in places and sold them on for more in other areas, with drug busts happening by the police randomly and you had escape from them. I think if that was developed a bit further, that could become a decent mechanic for money making.
  8. Shambolic defending that. That sort of hopeful long ball should be easy for League Two teams to defend, let alone in the Prem.
  9. Again, gotta give Luton credit. They're at least fighting to stay up, unlike Sheffield United at present. Also, my mate is one Doughty yellow card away from winning £1k.
  10. Sounds great, but I hope there are a lot of things to do within the map if true, otherwise it's a huge map with a lot of emptiness.
  11. Not sure whether the fans would really want someone like Mowbray, only because they tend to go for more 'up and coming managers' to continue 'the Swansea way'.
  12. Ah that's a pain. It should have happened on a shit or boring game, like Resident Evil 6.
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