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  1. Ah sorry. I thought there was one missing (the one with Terrengganu).
  2. A curious question. Will you head back to Asia for unfinished business (think it was the only one you're missing) or will your manager rep be too good and you go to Europe for the final leg?
  3. If that's the case, he's living in fantasy land with his mate Pogba. What has he done to even come close to justifying that sort of wage request?
  4. I'll join again. Usual 3rd minute for both games please.
  5. Says a lot that I think Brennan Johnson offers more to Wales than James does.
  6. Bale off to the MLS. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61936512 A tad disappointed as it was stated that Bale was looking more to get fit for the World Cup rather than getting a pay day in the MLS. At the same time, I knew this was going to be asking a lot of us. Getting Bellamy ten years ago (both loan and permanent) was ridiculous, but trying to sign Bale was asking a hell of a lot really.
  7. Can't argue with any of that really. I have had energy drinks in the past (being the dull twat that I am) and why I thought it was a good idea to have them is anyone's guess. Wouldn't drink them again now though. As for the part in bold, I have seen some advertising G-Fuel, which is pretty disgusting really. I'm not really that arsed with influencers in general, but am aware that they can sway kids with that sort of advertised shite. Didn't know many had their own energy drink mind.
  8. Means nothing really. Just because a GP mentions it on a morning TV show doesn't mean our lot won't do it, though I admit that it's unlikely to happen just because of how stupid it is (though in saying that, this is a government that dictated to its own people what is and isn't essential and banned them from buying anything they deemed non essential). If they somehow do go ahead with this, it will pass as they have the nationalists on board to basically pass through anything. I've already said before that the restriction of energy drinks is a good thing. However, as per the same article: 'Banning the sale of tea and coffee to under-16s in Wales is something being considered as part of plans to make young people healthier and stop rising obesity rates'. The part in bold is important because, as I mentioned previously, if we're banning tea and coffee (which you yourself have highlighted that 'there's no real evidence for long term damage from caffeine in tea and coffee'), why has the banning of fizzy drinks not been considered (which has been proven to cause damage due to the high level of sugar), but they're considering a tea and coffee ban instead? Who knows, maybe they have considered it for fizzy drinks and you may very well be right that the headline is purely focusing on that just to piss people off. However, I'll say that if Boris did the same, he'd be rightly ridiculed.
  9. The energy drink part is fine. It's the part where they're thinking of extending it to tea and coffee (due to high caffeine) that makes me laugh, especially as they're happy for high sugar fizzy drinks (which I'd imagine are much worse) to still be sold to under 16's.
  10. Been a while since I posted in here, but fuck me, we have a cracker from the Welsh Government. I knew our lot were absolutely useless and either piss money up the wall or think of ridiculous ideas (remember, we're the government that decided what is and isn't essential to buy), but this might just take top prize. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/under-16s-wales-could-banned-24310930 But remember that this is Labour and Labour can do no wrong.
  11. Surprised by this. Come out of the blue considering how he turned down approaches while he was there. Probably just fed up of the continuing circus and not knowing what's happening.
  12. In all honesty, it's probably bollocks, but we are apparently close to signing a striker.
  13. Yeah I have heard. Don't know a huge amount about him in all honesty. EDIT: He has signed for us now.
  14. Can't believe I'm going to mention this. @Lucas, been hearing rumours that Tyler Roberts could be on his way to us. Is this true?
  15. Should have waited. He would have played alongside Bale.
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