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  1. Sorry to hear that but as you said, it was good that they got double jabbed. Not sure if this has been mentioned here but what are people's thoughts on frontline healthcare staff (nurses, carers etc) having to be double jabbed or lose there jobs? I'm in two minds about this. On the one hand, I would have thought all front line staff should have been double jabbed, seeing as they deal directly with patients and other people on a daily basis and can easily pass it on. On the other hand, being told that they must be double jabbed or they lose there job seems very counter productive, especially in an area that has struggled with recruiting said staff already.
  2. 3rd minute for both please. @Stan, could you keep mine is the 3rd minute for the rest of this season please?
  3. Saturday 25th September, 2021 Bournemouth 3-1 Luton Dundee 1-2 Rangers Inter Milan 2-2 Atalanta, 17.00 Corinthians 1-1 Palmeiras, 23.00 Sunday 26th September, 2021 New York City 1-1 New York RB, 00.30 Hamburg 3-0 Nurnberg, 12.30 Man Utd Women 1-4 Chelsea Women, 12.30 Barcelona 2-0 Levante, 15.15 Rapid Vienna 2-2 Sturm Graz, 16.00 Lazio 1-2 Roma, 17.00
  4. Seen that a few times. Think they should all be loaded into a rocket and shot into the centre of the sun myself. As for me, Wales has slightly different rules around face masks, so I have to wear them when going into shops, to healthcare settings like hospitals and on public transport as it's still mandatory (same with going into the office, though they can be taken off when at my desk). However, pubs, cafes and restaurants don't require a face mask at all now. Interestingly, I went to see my folks in Exeter back at the beginning of August and could see that despite face masks being optional in England from 19th July, most still wore them when inside shops and the like. I'm heading down again on Wednesday so will be interesting to see if people are still doing that or not so much now.
  5. Cheers. I have it for the prem one as well and had to change it last season (haven't been informed to change it just yet). Even got a mascot as well.
  6. Don't see anything wrong with that myself. As for us, we were dreadful once again and can be considered lucky not to lose by more. Proved my point once again that without Giles, we simply can't create a thing.
  7. Down to about £25 - £26 on Steam for a few more days if it interests anyone.
  8. Usual 3 minutes for both please.
  9. I've latched on to my mate's Switch online membership and believe Super Metroid is part of the SNES lot. I've always heard good things about it so may give it a try in due time.
  10. Big improvement needed after last night's shambles. We need Giles back asap as we simply cannot create a thing without him.
  11. Cheers Mel and @nudge. Much appreciated.
  12. None whatsoever. Programming is completely new to me. From what I saw for the course as a whole, the first year is generic regardless of which area you study (mine is Data and Information Systems), but you study more in your area from the second year onwards.
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