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  1. How dare you. Lovren is world class as you know.
  2. Fulham with the same issues as last time then. Can score goals but can't defend for shit. They're going down.
  3. Sounds like us last week against Sheffield Wednesday. Had more of the ball but did sod all with it.
  4. Bluebird Hewitt

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    That's what I mean. It's fucking stupid. I can understand the protection aspect, but when you can still go out and get wankered while mingling with people you likely won't know, it makes it more farcical.
  5. Bluebird Hewitt

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I fully understand what you mean there (though the part in bold would be more from the Welsh Government in this instance rather than the Treasury) in that it needs to be delicately balanced for both ends (economic and health reasons). However, as you mentioned afterwards, it really makes no sense that I'm now told that I can't see family (unless outside, which considering my nan can barely walk, is damn near impossible), but I can go to the pub (which Gething even said was the evidence behind why my area has seen a spike in cases), be surrounded with complete unknowns, get wankered and leave at 11. In fact, after reading the responses since I posted last, these quotes pretty much sum up my general feelings about these new lockdown rules. I think DeadLinesman's one here is slightly different as I think we can see others in our back garden, but the general quote still stands as you can easily meet them in the pub 'by coincidence'.
  6. Bluebird Hewitt

    Football Manager 2020 Journey Thread

    I like how they say all eleven were in the team of the week, yet say who it includes as well. And before anyone says anything, yes I know that can include subs but let's be honest, that isn't too often.
  7. Bluebird Hewitt


    Get your FIFA 20 box, change the '0' to '1' and there you go. FIFA 21 is yours without the need to spend $6493626 Aussie dollars.
  8. Bluebird Hewitt

    Which Browser do you use?

    Wait what? Please explain more @Dr. Gonzo, as that could be slightly tempting (if my Xbox Live account still exists that is).
  9. Bluebird Hewitt

    The Non-League Thread

    Pretty much echo this for us as well. Formed a ridiculous attack with Chopra and Bothroyd as well at the time.
  10. Bluebird Hewitt

    Football Manager 2020 Journey Thread

    I have a habit of remembering random bollocks (such as @Berserker saying that Rotherham won the Eredivisie once), but can barely remember what I did the previous week.
  11. Bluebird Hewitt

    Football Manager 2020 Journey Thread

    It's not the end of the world if you get sacked, as @Stan can back up when he got sacked as manager of St. Albans.
  12. Bluebird Hewitt

    EFL - COVID19 Impact

    Probably not worth making a topic on its own, but Warnock has tested positive for coronavirus. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54189493
  13. Bluebird Hewitt

    Which Browser do you use?

    Ban them worldwide like the US has done with Huawei.
  14. Bluebird Hewitt

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Yeah, this is all starting to get tiresome now (the rules, not you). Our Health Minister Vaughan Gething had mentioned that there was evidence that people going to pubs and not adhering to rules was one of the key factors in cases rising where I am, yet the clown has decided that families can't meet up, but pubs can.......... stay........ open? But don't worry, closing one hour early will make all the difference and eliminate the virus completely from here.