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  1. 13 hours ago, Tommy said:

    SHITnoda? Wow, that's a great creative and absolutely mature nickname! Well done. 

    Give him this year to learn, and judge him next season. The kid was slingshotted from F4 to  F1, with only a season in every feeder series whereas most drivers get at least a 2nd year, and have more time to mature and develop. Also there was a lot of pressure on him, with all the pre-credit he got, being the first Japanese in F1 in some time, and with a Honda engine too. It'll come. 



    That's an awful lot of typing for someone who should SUCK IT! 





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  2. New One-Off Ferrari


    Sharing only its headlights and windscreen with a standard 812 Superfast, the Omologata is described as a "vibrant evocation of the values that define Ferrari in relation to GT racing: a car that is equally at ease on the road as it is hitting the apex on the track". It's a throwback, then, the Omologata; a contemporary yet retro celebration to conjure up the 250s, 275s and Daytonas of way back when, their V12s howling and string-back driving gloves sawing away at wooden steering wheels











  3. 6 minutes ago, nudge said:

    Kamui Kobayashi. Loved watching him - fast, aggressive, daring, entertaining. Definitely an underrated driver, and would have done much better if he had the funding and better teams. 


    I'm not sure if I want to consider a driver that has always and consistently been overshadowed by his teammates as decent.

    But okay, best of the rest.

    More suited to closed cockpit racing.

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