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Michael Simeonovitch

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  1.  Michael Simeonovitch

    2019 Member of the Year - Nominations

    I, me and myself. On a more serious note: Storts, Marc and José
  2.  Michael Simeonovitch

    Staff Changes

  3.  Michael Simeonovitch

    How Green Are Premier League Clubs?

    Pretty sure Norwich are the greenest club in the PL. 50% of their kit is green
  4.  Michael Simeonovitch

    CRISPR Gene editing - The Next Step in Human Evolution?

    Aldous Huxley Brave New World
  5.  Michael Simeonovitch

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Just bought my first car yesterday. http://classifieds.team-bhp.com/buy-used-for-sale/62541/New Delhi/2007/Hyundai/Getz.html/ Yes. Its a Hyundai. Yes it's used. Yes, I'm poor.
  6.  Michael Simeonovitch

    Question a Member: JoshBRFC

    Okay. Here we go again. Why rovers, and not the city? Sorry @Pyfish, stole your question.
  7.  Michael Simeonovitch

    Red Bull Racing & Alpha Tauri Chat

    Shouldn't have. Gasly is a talentless gimp who's a waste of a F1 seat.
  8.  Michael Simeonovitch

    Formula One - General Chat

    I got bottas Not bad.
  9.  Michael Simeonovitch

    AC Milan Appoint Pioli

    I'd rather have Gattuso, TBH.
  10.  Michael Simeonovitch

    Cars & Motorcycles

    I just won this thread. That 1970 though. 🤤
  11.  Michael Simeonovitch

    New Server

    2 beers is way too less. Anything less than a 6 pack is unacceptable.
  12.  Michael Simeonovitch

    Red Bull Racing & Alpha Tauri Chat

    Reminds me of the limited edition coconut red bull summer can. I'm quite conflicted by it actually. I don't really like coconut, but it certainly tastes better than the standard stuff. That reminds me, gotta try the new limited edition orange flavour
  13.  Michael Simeonovitch

    Unpopular football opinions

    He's toxic.
  14. https://forzaitalianfootball.com/2015/02/top-five-best-supported-serie-a-clubs/ https://www.nssmag.com/en/sports/12684/le-squadre-di-serie-a-sui-social