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  1. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    So, does a loss to Schalke end the Kohlfeldt era?
  2. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    I think Moisander is an interesting choice. I don't know how much he will be in the starting line up this season.
  3. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Ugh, talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul. It would be great to keep Rashica but losing Klaasen would create such a hole, especially with Eggestein's fall of a cliff from last year.
  4. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    I lived in Bremen for a year while my wife was doing part of her Masters. Fell in love with the city and the team and have kept following them back in Canada.
  5. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    It would be so nice to just play people in their proper positions this year. Hopefully the injuries are reasonable and Kohfeldt doesn't try to out think himself.
  6. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Interesting one, I have heard mixed reports that he is done in terms of being able to cover the pitch, but he can still pass the ball. I am choosing to be optimistic and really hope he can help take us higher in the table.
  7. Thank you for the very kind welcome everyone!
  8. My club: Werder Bremen Final league position: 6th Player of the season: Davy Klaassen Best goalscorer: Max Kruse (16 goals) Most appearances: Jiri Pavlenka Best new signing: Klaasen Biggest surprise: Yuya Osako scores 10 Manager change (yes/no): No, please god no