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  1. Rebel Yelle

    Official Farmers League Relegation Thread

    Seems so strange not to see Bremen on there.
  2. It's a collection of players with no desire to be any better than they are.
  3. Having a hard time getting excited for the one. Feels like Werder could be in for a hammering here. Hoping I am wrong.
  4. I hate seeing Friedl stop running and just put his arm up. When will these idiots learn that VAR exists, and keep playing. Yes he probably doesn't catch him, but maybe he can put him under pressure. Absolutely brain dead.
  5. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Thankfully Baumann has come out and said that Milot is likely staying. Apparently Hertha just wanted to loan him with no guarantee to buy. Why would they think that would be acceptable?
  6. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    The game Saturday against Mainz, although I don't think its must win, it definitely feels like a must not lose. Need to keep the gap to the relegation spots.
  7. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    We don't need strikers, especially ones that score hat tricks.
  8. Everytime I see the starting line up I wonder why we are playing those players. Then I see the subs and realize there isn't any better options. Can't wait for Baumann to get that extension. Hoping for the best.
  9. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Great shout on Delaney, man I miss him. What a signing.
  10. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Sadly he predated my fandom. Same with Diego. I think my favorite midfielder since I became a fan was Junuzović.
  11. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Nice article on Johan Micoud for anyone interested. https://thesefootballtimes.co/2020/12/10/the-joy-of-johan-micoud-at-werder-bremen/
  12. I mean, the idea that you'd be able to assault a professional athlete before he beat the wheels off of you is the part most clearly in jest.
  13. Would have enjoyed Pavlenka taking him out with a tackle for it. He knew what he was doing and was showing up Werder. Glad Selke got in his face.
  14. Rebel Yelle

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Great to see Jojo score against Tottenham even if Hart probably should have stopped it. Is there any clause to bring him back in January? Would either party be interested?