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  1. @DeadLinesman I'm free to play now.
  2. De Gea Moses Cahill Luiz Azpilicueta Alonso Kante Alli Antonio Hazard Costa Basically Chelsea with one or 2 changes. Antonio because of early season but has dropped off. Alli because i like watching him play. And De Gea is leagues ahead of other goalies.
  3. Alonso isn't a stand out player but does his job very, very well. Him and Moses, as I've said, have been worth a lot of points this season. Cahill and Azpilicueta are superb at covering also
  4. Lallana and Firminio have been impressive at times this season.
  5. A new back 4 and a (decent) striker.
  6. There's no context to this article.
  7. WhoNose

    Throwback Thursday

    Wrong shaped ball, but Cardiff Blues 17-15 Toulon was the most incredible sporting event I've been too. Only team to beat Toulon all season. Incredible last minute try
  8. No Moses or Alonso... I reckon without those 2 Chelsea's gap would be a lot shorter. Saying that many players could do their role but they've been so good
  9. @Storts whenever you want to fella
  10. Conservatives? Cheeky sod. I'd rather be hung drawn and quartered to be associated with that lot
  11. WhoNose

    Talk Football 365 All Time Starting XI

    Robben on the right surely, cutting in on his left? (Or is it the other way round
  12. Taylor shouldn't be anywhere near this Welsh squad in the first place. Shocking challenge, history of it.
  13. Wales aren't going to Russia. See you at the Euros boys
  14. WhoNose

    Throwback Thursday

    https://youtu.be/czsqb6_89bs Mobido Maiga V Southampton. Was sat directing behind the shot and the movement of the ball was incredible.