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  1. #Statele #58 1/6 (100%) https://statele.teuteuf.fr
  2. Fuck off, he will be here when I depart into the wild blue yonder of heaven, he will go down through the ages as 'Tommy the Spoon" immortal, just like the Romans
  3. I was going to create a new thread for this but, just in case, I have posted it in here, a very good read in my opinion.
  4. Tommy the Spoon is getting old buddy, had to give him a shave the other day, grey hairs were showing on his red ring piece.
  5. No porn or our 2 laptops as I have blocked them, when you have 3 young grandsons and young family members visiting and want to use the laptops then there is no way they can accidentally type in the wrong words and porn will pop up.
  6. I have had that glass for years and always have wine, whisky, bacardi out of it, like a spoon I have I always use, I call it"@Tommy the spoon", he will know what I mean.
  7. And today we have mobile phones, computers & laptops to play their rough & ready antics plus all the sites like Instagram, Twitter, etc, nothing like this years ago just verbal and newspaper hearsay.
  8. Monthly pension day to day so tonight...
  9. FFS, we are just getting United back into normality thanks to ETH and you would think it is ok for him to just go back to normal playing-wise? he should be given the boot asp, there is more to this than meets the eye with all this shit and my own personal opinion is he is guilty as fuck and it's trying to be swept under the carpet.
  10. Let him move on, there is too much uncertainty surrounding this and maybe he is lucky that he has got away with it IF he did do whatever. As the saying goes 'One bitten, twice shy', that doesn't mean he could do it again and if he did then I would rather he did it somewhere else and not at Manchester United FC.
  11. Game 93: 17th minute, please. Game 94: 51st " " ".
  12. Banter, I meant me, first of a payment I make towards monthly bills
  13. And I have just Christened it with £10
  14. #Statele #57 5/6 (100%) https://statele.teuteuf.fr
  15. CaaC (John)


    Pens, I have loads of them everywhere, I love going into any shop that sells the likes of pens and whatnot and I will always come out with a pen purchased.
  16. To make matters more difficult, an ICBM can only be intercepted at certain points on its journey: when it launches, when it is out in space, and when it re-enters the atmosphere. Each of these phases “has its limitations”, said LiveScience.10 Jun 2022 https://www.theweek.co.uk/news/defence/957033/can-anything-stop-a-nuclear-bomb#:~:text=To make matters more difficult,its limitations”%2C said LiveScience.
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