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  1. What, nothing like these underneath? strange one.
  2. (Climate Change thread locked - Climate Change)
  3. Us old boys like @Bluewolf would have a lot to tell
  4. No, a shoulder charge with my shoulder
  5. Played that in my army days in Germany, great sport and can be very rough and ready, I dislocated a guy's shoulder in a game
  6. I just booked it on my bucket list for next month, looks good.
  7. Edge Of Darkness (2010) - Action/Adventure/Drama - Mel Gibson 8.5/10 It's not bad, quite enjoyed it.
  8. CaaC (John)

    Ladies feet

    It's his little pride and joy, it gets buried down the pages and he will bring it back up shaking all over with pleasure. Favorite Share Embed
  9. The wife just has to trip over a lump of paper and then blame me Can't say she has blamed me, though, she knows I can't stand EastEnders and the only soap I will watch is Emmerdale Farm.
  10. Genuine question is there too much sport on TV, when I say TV I am not talking about the likes of pay as you watch, Sky, BT, YouTube, etc but the likes of the TV Licence channels, BBC (1,2, etc) or ITV, C5, C4 and the others. I know of a lot of people who were getting pissed off waiting for a certain weekly show to appear but it was knocked off because a Wimbledon game was longer than anticipated or a football match going into extra time or penalty shootouts knocked a scheduled program off. I can remember when the government allowed other channels to start up which would help out being able to keep top-drawer shows on the main channel and play the likes of a sports game on the different sub channels. It doesn't bother me really unless it's a certain Rugby game that gets kicked off in place of something else, the wife was doing her nut the other night as she switched over to watch Eastenders and they had shifted it to BBC2 at an earlier time and she had to look for it on catch up TV.
  11. Man On Fire (2004)- Action/Crime/Drama - Denzil Washington, Christopher Walken, 8.5/10 Good film
  12. Not what I can recall, still a good film.
  13. Klopp yes, Poch no, Poch has won nowt as a manager, mind you my old man would roll over in his grave if Klopp got the job, Klopp being German and my old man fought them in WWll. I can remember when we lived in Australia, West Germany knocked England out of the 1970 World Cup after leading Germany 2-0 and then losing 3-2, my old man was raging and I can remember him pissed as a newt and yelling "OF ALL THE FUCKING TEAMS TO LOSE TO IT HAD TO BE THE GERMANS!!!!!" What made it worse was I was dating a young German lady at the time then and never told him, serving in WWll can do funny things to people.
  14. Binge movie night last night until the early hours... Conspiracy Theory (1997) - Mel Gibson, Julie Roberts - 7/10 - I pissed myself laughing when Gibson who was strapped to a chair and his eyes taped over went down a flight of stairs. (****Spoiler) Enemy of the State (1998) - Gene Hackman, Will Smith - 8/10 Gladiator (2000) - Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix - 9/10 Hang em High (1968) - Clint Eastwood - 8.5/10 ****Spoiler - Conspiracy Theory
  15. Well, congratulations to @Michael @JoshBRFC & @Viva la FCB for whatever, I am lost now... Anyway, it's over with now and the wife can stop moaning about how all her soaps (Corry erc) kept getting moved at a different time or date because, as she said "BLOODY FOOTBALL!!!!"
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