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  1. CaaC (John)

    RIP Helen Reddy

    R.I.P. Helen, you recorded the song "I am a woman" which was a no 1 hit and made you and a load of ladies around the world proud to be a woman, I had that single when it was released in Melbourne many moons ago, my thoughts go out to you and all the loved ones you left behind.
  2. Arsenal must make a significant offer to convince Atletico Madrid to sell France midfielder Thomas Lemar, 24, in January. (AS, via Mirror)
  3. Arsenal is considering using French midfielder Matteo Guendouzi, 21, as part of any swap deals this summer. (Mail)
  4. CaaC (John)

    Luka Jovic - Several Clubs Interested

    Luka Jovic prefers Manchester United move Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic has been linked with a move to Manchester United this summer. The Serbian has not managed to hold down a regular starting berth at the club since his move to Santiago Bernabeu and he needs a move away in order to play regularly. According to AS, Manchester United have been negotiating with Real Madrid and the player’s agent today and discussions are thought to be at an advanced stage. Roma and Inter Milan are keen on signing the 22-year-old striker as well but he prefers a move to Manchester United. As per AS, the Premier League giants are best placed to sign the Serbian. (Sportslens)
  5. Chelsea face transfer competition from Leicester for Real Madrid misfit Luka Jovic Leicester City have joined the race to sign misfiring Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic, who has also been watched by fellow Premier League top-four hopefuls Chelsea Daily Star
  6. CaaC (John)

    Lucas Torreira to Atlético?

    Lucas Torreira's agent has landed in Madrid to meet with Atletico Madrid regarding a move to the Wanda Metropolitano, according to transfer expert Fabrizio Romano. Atletico wants to sign Torreira but Arsenal are insisting any deal is a permanent move. Romano says Atletico are set to return with a new bid for the Uruguay international. (Express)
  7. CaaC (John)

    First Goal - Season Two

    15th minute, please.
  8. CaaC (John)

    Off Topic

    Cure >>
  9. CaaC (John)

    Andreas Pereira - Lazio Loan Move?

    Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira is close to joining Lazio on a season-long loan. The 24-year-old made 40 appearances in all competitions for United last season but saw his opportunities limited after Bruno Fernandes’ arrival in the winter transfer window. The Brazilian has been with United since 2014 and previously spent time on loan in LaLiga with Granada and Valencia. The deal with Lazio would see the Serie A club pay his wages for the duration of the loan. (Independent.ie)
  10. CaaC (John)

    Ousmane Dembele - Manchester United

    Man Utd transfer news: Ousmane Dembele 'very close' to completing a move to Old Trafford Spanish outlet, AS, reported that Barcelona winger Ousmane Dembele is now ‘very close’ to signing for United in a deal with between €50m-€60m. (GIVEMESPORT)
  11. CaaC (John)

    Juan Foyth - Leeds

    Juan Foyth delivers update on his Tottenham future amid Leeds United transfer talk The defender has been linked with a move to Elland Road to join up with compatriot Marcelo Bielsa Juan Foyth has made it clear he intends to fight for a place in Tottenham Hotspur’s side next season, despite being linked with a move to Leeds United. The defender has struggled to make an impact in north London, having joined Spurs back in 2017 before making his debut that same year. The 22-year-old made just seven appearances in all competitions during the 2019/20 season, with just three of those coming since Jose Mourinho was appointed as manager. (Leeds Live)
  12. CaaC (John)

    Jig-Saw Game

    >>Turtle with fish - 110 pieces
  13. CaaC (John)

    Jig-Saw Game

    I will try this one out and see how we go, the first one is easy but can get harder, depending on what jig-saw puzzle you use. I did this one in 4m & 31seconds. Pasqueflower - Pulsatilla PLAY CLICK TO JUMBLE UP WHEN PICTURE APPEARS (if needed)
  14. Matt Ritchie: Newcastle midfielder set for 'lengthy lay-off' with shoulder surgery Newcastle midfielder Matt Ritchie is facing a "lengthy lay-off" as he is set to have an operation on his shoulder. The Scotland international, 31, came off in the 61st minute of Sunday's 1-1 draw at Tottenham. Team-mate Fabian Schar is yet to return after having surgery on a shoulder dislocation in July. "It's a very similar injury to Schar, disruption of the joint, so how unfortunate are we?" said Newcastle boss Steve Bruce. "To have one is bad enough, but to have two in a matter of weeks is incredible." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54343058
  15. Dennis Bergkamp: Ex-Arsenal forward on his football philosophy and future in the game As a player, my mantra was: practice makes perfect. It's the same now I'm a coach, but I'm not looking for the next Dennis Bergkamp. I want to improve players and it wouldn't be a challenge to coach my younger self. By that I mean I was a player who could solve problems myself - I didn't really need a manager or coach for that. I did my own thing but I was always professional about it. I was respectful enough to the manager to play in his philosophy, in his system. None of them had to ask me to change the way I played or trained. Of course, with some of them - Johan Cruyff or Arsene Wenger, for instance - it was my philosophy as well, and that helped. But when I work with players now, I always prefer a challenge - like someone who is upset with me for any reason or, technically or tactically, doesn't know what to do. I feel that I can help. I've not worked full-time since leaving Ajax in 2017 and I am not actively looking for a job in football at the moment. But, more and more, I am thinking about getting back on the training pitch again, because that is what I love the most. Whatever I do next, though, I don't want to be a head coach. It's not my ambition and I like my freedom too much. I like to spend time with my family and have a life outside football, and I don't think you can be a fully committed manager if you want to play golf sometimes as well. Seriously, though, I know certain clubs work with strikers' coaches, just like the old goalkeeper specialists who came in two or three times a week and as soon as the session was finished they were gone. But, for me, it would be too restrictive to be limited to that side of it. If someone is not doing well, I'd want to talk about the rest of his game - whether it be something tactical or a personal issue. What I have in mind is a role that worked for me at Ajax, which was a lot like the one I had as a player - a little bit in between the lines. I wasn't really a striker or a midfielder, but in between. That's how I see myself as a coach as well. I like to be involved with the first team but I think my power, my strength, is to bring players from the youth to the first team. FULL REPORT
  16. Aye, and it was 11 points I scored not 10, I didn't have my glasses on.
  17. Phew, at least I picked up 10 points but it seems to be that I am going well in Rucks German League game but I will have to pull my finger out in your 2 prediction games.
  18. Saturday 3rd October 2020 Elche 3-1 Huesca, 17.30 Porto 2-0 Maritimo, 18.30 Nice 2-2 Nantes, 20.00 Gremio 1-3 Internacional, 21.00 Orlando City 3-3 NY Red Bulls, 21.30 Sunday 4th October 2020 Sparta Rotterdam 3-2 AZ Alkmaar, 13.30 Lazio 1-3 Inter, 14.00 Rapid Vienna 2-3 LASK, 16.00 Juventus 3-0 Napoli, 19.45 Lyon 0-3 Marseille, 20.00
  19. CaaC (John)

    The Photography Thread

    The wonders of Mother Nature, this tree lost one of its branches on a stormy night on the 13th June, Leith Links Park, wee Kaiden thought it was a good place to plant his ass for a breather lol, they ended up chopping the tree down as it was unsafe. Two years later Mother Nature would never give up and look at the stump now with wee branches springing out, maybe in 40/50 years time when I am not here it might have grown again with branches the lot. 13th September 2020 14th June 2018
  20. CaaC (John)

    Space: The Final Frontier

    NASA and SpaceX Update Target Launch Date for the Crew-1 Mission to Station September 28, 2020 Commercial Spaceflight International Space Station Kennedy Space Center, NASA, NASA Astronauts NASA and SpaceX now are targeting 2:40 a.m. EDT Saturday, Oct. 31, for the launch of the agency’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission with astronauts to the International Space Station. The new target date will deconflict the Crew-1 launch and arrival from the upcoming Soyuz launch and landing operations. This additional time is needed to ensure closure of all open work, both on the ground and aboard the station, ahead of the Crew-1 arrival. The increased spacing also will provide a good window of opportunity to conduct additional testing to isolate the station atmosphere leak if required. SpaceX continues to make progress on preparations of the Crew Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket, and the adjusted date allows the teams additional time for completing open work ahead of launch. Astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker of NASA and Soichi Noguchi of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) will be carried to the station on the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft on a Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The launch will be the first time an international crew will fly aboard a NASA-certified, commercially-owned and operated American rocket and spacecraft from American soil. Following the launch, the Crew-1 astronauts are scheduled to arrive at the space station for a six-month science mission aboard the orbiting laboratory. NASA is in the final stages of the data reviews needed ahead of certification following the agency’s SpaceX Demo-2 test flight. Teams from NASA and SpaceX will provide an update on the process during upcoming media briefings beginning at 11 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, Sept. 29, hosted from the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. For more information about the mission, visit: https://www.nasa.gov/commercialcrew.
  21. CaaC (John)

    Space: The Final Frontier

    Exoplanet discovered around a neighbouring star By Paul RinconScience editor, BBC News website 14 November 2018 Astronomers have discovered a planet around one of the closest stars to our Sun. Nearby planets like this are likely to be prime targets in the search for signatures of life, using the next generation of telescopes. The planet's mass is thought to be more than three times that of our own, placing it in a category of the world know as "super-Earths". It orbits Barnard's star, which sits "just" six light-years away. Writing in the journal Nature, Guillem Anglada Escudé and colleagues say this newly discovered world has a mass 3.2 times bigger than the Earth's. "We think that this is what we call a Super-Earth - that would be possibly a mostly rocky planet with a massive atmosphere. It's probably very rich in volatiles like water, hydrogen, carbon dioxide - things like this. Many of them are frozen on the surface," Dr. Anglada Escudé, from the Queen Mary University of London, told BBC News. The Sun's closest neighbors Dr Anglada Escudé, from Queen Mary University of London, added: "The closest analogue we may have in the Solar System might be the moon of Saturn called Titan, which also has a very thick atmosphere and is made of hydrocarbons. It has rain and lakes made of methane." The planet, Barnard's Star b, is about as far away from its star as Mercury is from the Sun. It's the next nearest star to the Sun after Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri - which are much better known. Barnard's Star is an extremely dim object known as a "red dwarf"; it's about 3% as bright as the Sun, emitting far less solar energy. The planet orbits beyond a boundary called the "snow line", which is past the traditional habitable zone, where water can remain liquid on the surface. On distance alone, it's estimated that temperatures would be about -150C on the planet's surface. However, a massive atmosphere could potentially warm the planet, making conditions more hospitable to life The researchers used the radial velocity method to detect the new planet. This technique detects "wobbles" in a star which are likely to be caused by the gravitational pull of an orbiting planet. These wobbles affect the light coming from the star. As the star moves towards the Earth its spectrum appears slightly shifted towards the blue and, as it moves away, it is shifted towards the red. Team members re-examined archive data obtained over a 20-year period and added new observations with the Carmenes spectrometer in Spain, the Eso/Harps instrument in Chile and the Harps-N instrument in the Canary Islands. This wealth of data provided the accuracy needed to identify the planet to a high degree of certainty. This is the first time this technique has been used to detect a planet this small so far away from its host star. When the new generation of telescopes come online, scientists will be able to characterize the planet's properties. This will probably include a search for gases like oxygen and methane in the planet's atmosphere, which might be markers for biology. "The James Webb Space Telescope might not help in this case, because it was not designed for what's called high contrast imaging. But in the US, they are also developing WFirst - a small telescope that's also used for cosmology," said Dr Anglada Escudé. "If you take the specs of how it should perform, it should easily image this planet. When we have the image we can then start to do spectroscopy - looking at different wavelengths, in the optical, in the infrared, looking at whether light is absorbed at different colors meaning there are different things in the atmosphere." This is not the first time there have been claims about the discovery of a planet around Barnard's Star. In the 1960s, the Dutch astronomer Peter van de Kamp, working in the US, published his evidence for a planetary companion, based on perturbations in the motion of the star. However, van de Kamp's claims proved controversial, as other scientists were not able to reproduce his finding. The star is named after the American astronomer E E Barnard, who measured properties of its motion in 1916. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46196279
  22. CaaC (John)

    Countries of the World

    Aurora and rare moonbows light up the night The Aurora Borealis could be seen in the skies from parts of Scotland overnight. Also known as the Northern Lights, the displays are linked to activity on the surface of the Sun. The aurora is caused by the interaction of solar wind - a stream of charged particles escaping the Sun - and Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere. When weather conditions are favourable, Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland offer some of the best places to observe the aurora, or Northern Lights as the phenomenon is often known. Moonbows were also spotted overnight. Also known as a lunar rainbow, the rare optical phenomenon is caused when the light from the moon is refracted through water droplets in the air.
  23. CaaC (John)

    Countries of the World

    There are a lot of countries that I have not seen but this place is one I would love to visit just to see the Northern Lights, I have seen them in Scotland years ago but nothing like this, stunning and it makes me shiver just looking at this photo. Nordic Islands are seen in their 'surreal light' Stefan Forster has made more than 80 trips to Greenland, Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands, capturing some of the beauty of the Nordic landscapes. FULL REPORT AND MORE PHOTOS